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Bea Alexander


INLET OF THE HEART 5/1984 ISBN: 0671474669

IN THE LONG RUN 1984 ISBN: 0671533851 He had to find out! Why didn't boys fit into Ginny Morgan's plan for success? Craig Walsh was running after Ginny, but she was only interested in crossing the finish line in the Chambersville Long Run. Despite Craig's persistence, Ginny was always on step ahead of him. After an unusual first encounter, Craig became Ginny's running coach, but, much to his disappointment, that was all. How could he persuade her to let him do more then just stand on the sidelines?

SOMEONE LIKE JEREMY VAUGHN 1983 ISBN: 0671533444 From the very first moment that Sharon had met Jeremy she had known that he was extraordinary, different from the rest of the crowd. When he turned out to be her leading man in the school play, she knew that her life would be totally changed.

Carrie Alexander

ALL SHOOK UP 8/1996 ISBN: 0373256981 When the heart overcomes the head... Kate Mallory: She's caught four wedding bouquets in two years, but no man. Being a science teacher, she decides to take the scientific approach to finding Mr. Right. Jamie Flynn: Being a bartender, he knows people - especially female people. It's obvious to him that Kate Mallory is repressed, to say the least. He has her pegged as a White Wine Spritzer - no kick, no imagination, no passion. His mission: To take her from spritzer to Strawberry Margarita...

THE AMOROUS HEIRESS 9/1997 ISBN: 0373440286 Augustina Fairchild knew that if she didn't find a husband soon all the good ones would be gone. Then she'd never get out from under her matchmaking grandmother's thumb. Enter Jed Kelley - her passport to freedom, her license to run wild - a sexy hunk as far from her slew of milquetoast suitors as you could get. There was only one slight hitch to getting hitched. Though Augustina was ready and willing for him to win her hand. Jed was 'just the gardener.' Grandmother Throckmorton would have been fine with a gold digger, but a dirt digger? Never!

BLACK VELVET 7/1998 ISBN: 0373257899 She has a secret that must remain secret Amalie Dove: A shy librarian causes a sensation writing very sexy stories under the name Madame X. When the media turns on the spotlight, it's her glamourous friend Lacy who plays the role of famous author of the Black Velvet books. Thomas Jericho: A cynical journalist uncovers the true identity of Madame X. But he isn't ready to expose her. Not until he first exposes those passions the obviously burn beneath little Amalie Dove's demure exterior... But it's Jericho's walls that come tumbling down.

BLACK VELVET VALENTINES 2/1999 ISBN: 0373258208 Three blazingly sexy stories to set the mood for the most romantic day of the year. Secrets of the Heart - Sensuous, arousing black velvet valentines sent by a stranger.. At first Charlotte Colfax was shocked, then intrigues...then determined to find her secret admirer. Two Hearts - Valentine's Day. A full moon. A hot tub. And a love potion. Pansy Kingsmith had it all figured out...except the part where the wrong twin succumbs to her seduction. Heart's Desire - Angie Dubonnet had no idea that her Valentine cruise would give her the chance to live out all her fantasies. Or that Nikolas Dorian would make it a voyage of sensual discovery.

COUNTERFEIT COWBOY 7/2000 ISBN: 0373440987 Some things you overlook...tight jeans on a cowboy, you don't! Signing on as lodge manager at the Triple Eight Dude Ranch was no doubt the craziest thing Molly Broome had ever done. The place was a disaster waiting to happen, with strange goings-on and even stranger people. But then there was Raleigh Tate, head wrangler and dream cowboy, whose presence-for a member of The Cowgirl Club-balanced everything out.

CUSTOM-BUILT COWBOY 4/2000 Some things are meant to be...some things are darn inconvenient! Life was good for author Jordan Phillips...then Rosemary Jenkins, the object of his high school obsession, came back to town, insisting that he was Her Destiny. Unfortunately, her determination to have The Perfect Romance with Jordan was ruining his career. When he wasn 't suffering from lust-induced writer 's block, every female character he created was none other than Rosemary!

CUSTOM-BUILT COWBOY / COUNTERFEIT COWBOY 6/2002 ISBN: 0373440987 Some things are meant to be...some things are darn inconvenient! Life was good for author Jordan Phillips...then Rosemary Jenkins, the object of his high school obsession, came back to town, insisting that he was Her Destiny. Unfortunately, her determination to have The Perfect Romance with Jordan was ruining his career. When he wasn 't suffering from lust-induced writer 's block, every female character he created was none other than Rosemary! Some things you overlook...tight jeans on a cowboy, you don 't! Signing on as lodge manager at the Triple Eight Dude Ranch was no doubt the craziest thing Molly Broome had ever done. The place was a disaster waiting to happen, with strange goings-on and even stranger people. But then there was Raleigh Tate, head wrangler and dream cowboy, whose presence-for a member of The Cowgirl Club-balanced everything out.

FANCY-FREE 4/1995ISBN: 0373256361 There's a naked woman on Main Street! Things have gotten interesting since Fancy O'Brien came to town. (She's the naked woman. But don't worry - she made strategic use of some bubbles.) Now the whole town's in an uproar... Some of the residents don't approve of her taking a bath - literally - to publicize the opening of her bath boutique. But others are glad the sassy and sexy Fancy has arrived. Especially Jeremiah Quick. He's a leading citizen and drop-dead gorgeous to boot. And he thinks Fancy's the right woman for him. Too bad Fancy thinks he's the right man for her mother...

HENRY EVER AFTER 9/2002 Blue Cloud, Pennsylvania is a nice quiet town, and Sheriff Henry Russell likes it that way. Unfortunately it's much easier keeping the peace when he doesn't have a tempting Gypsy named Jana stirring the pot. WIth a set of crown jewels in town, Henry needs to stay on his toes. But how can he expect Jana to keep her hands off the jewels when he can't keep his hands off her!

HIS MISTRESS 12/1993 ISBN: 0373832834 When rich and handsome William Justice asks Calla Quinn to be his mistress, an indignant Calla sets out to convince her beloved William that they should get married.

KEEPSAKE COWBOY 10/2000 ISBN: 0373441045

THE MADCAP HEIRESS 11/1996 ISBN: 0373440081 First night on the job baby-sitting his Uncle Rocco's P.I. business and Tony Farentino gets a client. He's not supposed to take clients but, hey, she's offering big money. And she's a gorgeous, incredibly sensuous woman...dressed up as a peacock. She's Chicago's own madcap heiress, April Pierce. She's looking for a tough, hard-boiled Sam Spade to find her missing friend, and Tony can't help slipping right into character. But when April announces she'll play his buxom sidekick, Lola, he has to draw the line. Except, what Lola wants, Lola gets...

THE MAVERICK 2/2002 ISBN: 0373710429 Sophie Ryan was a girl from the wrong side of town, pregnant, uneducated and alone... Now she's a sheriff's deputy and has managed to put the past behind her. It's been a long time since the gossips of Treetop, Wyoming, have speculated on the identity of Joe Ryan's father, and Sophie would prefer that didn't change. But on a crisp fall day, Sophie's past comes back - in the form of Luke 'Maverick' Salinger, the man who abandoned her when she needed him most. It's Sophie's job to arrest Luke on an old warrant, even though she knows the rumors will start to fly as soon as she gets the cuffs on him. The citizens of Treetop think they know who Joe's father is, but the truth is a mystery - even to Sophie.

NORTH COUNTRY MAN 12/2002 ISBN: 0373711026 A few years ago, Noah left the woods of Michigan, ready to make a difference in the world. After a tragic accident, he came back - blamed by some, pitied by others, misunderstood by all. Now the only thing he wants is to be left alone. Then one night, Claire Levander stumbles across his path. Claire's not made for the backwoods - she's a businesswoman whose idea of the perfect vacation spot is a well-stocked resort. And although he doesn't know it, she has a plan that could change the lives of the few people in his hometown he still cares about. Even worse is the fact that she just might change his.

ONCE UPON A TIARA 9/2002 Princess Lili Brunner can't wait to be all-American while at a museum opening in the U.S. Although she does have some royal duties to attend to, they aren't that important. But instead of falling for hot dogs and cotton candy, Lili's more intrigued by museum curator Simon Tremayne. She knows there's more to this frog than meets the eye. Could a kiss from a princess awaken the prince beneath...?

ONCE UPON A TIARA / HENRY EVER AFTER 9/2002 Princess Lili Brunner can't wait to be all-American while at a museum opening in the U.S. Although she does have some royal duties to attend to, they aren't that important. But instead of falling for hot dogs and cotton candy, Lili's more intrigued by museum curator Simon Tremayne. She knows there's more to this frog than meets the eye. Could a kiss from a princess awaken the prince beneath...?/Blue Cloud, Pennsylvania is a nice quiet town, and Sheriff Henry Russell likes it that way. Unfortunately it's much easier keeping the peace when he doesn't have a tempting Gypsy named Jana stirring the pot. WIth a set of crown jewels in town, Henry needs to stay on his toes. But how can he expect Jana to keep her hands off the jewels when he can't keep his hands off her!

PLAYING WITH FIRE 12/2001 ISBN: 0373790244 Lara Gladstone liked to play games - sexual games. And the moment she set eyes on Daniel Savage, she sensed that this virile man did, too. He would be the ruthless hunter and she would be his prey. But first, he had to catch her, and oh what a sensuous chase it would be! Daniel knew he was being teased - what this woman could do to his body with just one look! It inspired his competitive spirit, made him want to cause her the same restless heat, the same throbbing desire that was driving him crazy. She thought she had him right where she wanted him, but he'd played a few games in his time. And he never lost.

RISKY MOVES 3/2002 Smart, pretty, personable Julia Knox has always played it safe. Dangerous Adam Brody, her first love, is the only risk she's ever taken...with disastrous results. But that's about to change! Adam is back in town and Julia is ready to make some moves and break some rules....

SMOOTH MOVES 7/2001 ISBN: 0373259395 Legendary bad-boy Zack Brody comes home and the women of Quimby are on the warpath. The charming rogue has broken every heart in town...except one. Newcomer Cathy Timmerman is just the bait they need to get even - they'll give her a sexy makeover, help her seduce Zack and then, according to plan, she'll dump him in the most embarrassing way possible. But Cathy has a secret - she's no stranger to Zack Brody. In fact, she probably knows him better than any other woman in Quimby. And so the seduction goes very wrong...or possibly very, very right.

A TOUCH OF BLACK VELVET 10/1998 ISBN: 0373258046 She never took no for an answer... All long luscious legs and blond hair, Lacey Longwood was Madame X - every man's fantasy. And Alec Danieli's nightmare, because he couldn't touch her and still do his job. Lacey wasn't happy about that. She wasn't used to being ordered around, nor was she used to being turned down when she wanted someone as badly as she wanted this intense and simmering ex-marine. He was sexy as black velvet - and Lacey was, after all, the black velvet vixen.

Donna Alexander

IN FROM THE STORM 12/1979 ISBN: 0897721446


A LOVER'S QUESTION 10/1979 ISBN: 0897721160


RED ROSES, WHITE LILIES 10/1979 ISBN: 0897721160

Hannah Alexander

THE HEALING PROMISE 6/1998 ISBN: 1577483200 Leaving behind practically everything she owns and treasures, Amity Hudson Edmonds flees her home for the safety and comfort of her Aunt Enid's bed-and-breakfast in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Even there she is a hunted woman, but why? What does she know about her husband's sudden death by drowning? They said he committed suicide. Then why is she being stalked? Reluctant to trust anyone, Amity tries to live one day at a time, looking over her shoulder. Little by little, Amity relies on the strong and compassionate shoulders of the handsome Titus King, an actor in the Great Passion Play, to help her find her way out of this dilemma. But how can she trust him...another man who could be just as abusive as her dead husband, yet willing to sacrifice so much for her?

A LIVING SOUL 2/2001 ISBN: 1586601482 A disturbing phone call sends Dr. Serena Van Buren into the nighttime wilderness in search of Kirby Acuff, a suicidal teenager. Serena discovers that Kirby is crying out against the abortion her parents forced on her two years ago-a procedure they'll demand again when they discover she is once more pregnant.

NECESSARY MEASURES 11/2002 ISBN: 0764225294 Dr. Grant Sheldon's move to Dogwood Springs is not turning out as he had planned. The ER is in an uproar, and drug use and trafficking has become an ever-increasing problem. In addition to taking on more shifts in the ER, Lauren McCaffery agrees to stay with Grant's twins when he is called out of town. But she soon discovers that keeping track of two headstrong sixteen-year-olds carries some unexpected dangers. After the hospital administrator falls ill, the ER is left under the questionable leadership of an unhappy doctor with his own private agenda--and a painful personal life. In the midst of the turmoil both Grant and Lauren are forced to come to terms with the pain of loss. Can they also find the joy of hope renewed?

OZARK SUNRISE 8/1999 ISBN: 157748617X Once, Kimberly Bryant was a sixteen-year-old runaway rebelling at life after her parents were killed in a car wreck. Now, at twenty-two she is coming back to Sunrise Christian Retreat to try to rectify her past by working with troubled teenagers. But has she grown enough to handle the challenge. Kim faces many struggles: forgiving herself for her own past and accepting the obvious love of Adam Patterson, her best friend from childhood, whom she also abandoned years ago. Adam is the assistant director of the camp and has a great gift of preaching...but is he everything he says he is? What does he know about the mysterious nighttime airplane drops on the Sunrise Retreat property? And why is he trying to keep Kim away?

Jean Alexander


Kathryn Alexander

THE FOREVER HUSBAND 10/1999 ISBN: 0373870787 All her life Hope had loved Eric Granston. The gentle childhood friend he'd been. The handsome high school sweetheart he'd become. the magnificent man who'd married her and fathered her beautiful daughters. So how had the unthinkable happened? How had near tragedy and terrifying doubts sundered their unshakable bond, divided their loving family and left Hope aching, and homesick for her place in Eric's heart.

HEART OF A HUSBAND 10/2000 ISBN: 0373871228 In Jake Barnes's strong arms, Joanna Meccord had once found pure bliss...until he'd left, shattering her soul. Now he was back, and so were Joanna's unsettling feelings for a man who had little faith in himself - or anything else.... All Jake had ever wanted was to do the right thing for Joanna. After all, she'd been too young to know better than to fall in love with him. Now she was older, wiser - and so was Jake. He had spent a lifetime learning how love could hurt. Did he dare believe it could also heal?

THE RELUCTANT BRIDE 2/1998 ISBN: 0373870183 With her generous heart and dazzling smile, beautiful Micah Shepherd was Rob Granston's dream come true. The handsome attorney knew that Micah felt drawn to him, too. But why did she avoid him at every turn? Micah hinted at a tragedy that had torn her family apart. But Rob suspected untold secrets remained hidden in her heart. Despite her strong faith, Micah seemed to be searching for a deeper peace. With his own faith faltering, Rob wondered if he could help her overcome the past. Yet he couldn't imagine the future without Micah as his wife...

TWIN WISHES 3/2000 ISBN: 0373871023 Julianne Quinn had always dreamed of finding the perfect man and having children. She found every reason to surround herself with toddlers, but was devastated to learn that she couldn't have children of her own. No amount of goldfish or stray pets could appease Julianne's loneliness. When handsome widower Luke O'Hara moved to town with his twins, Julianne found herself falling in love with the man's reluctant smile and his children. Luke's sudden marriage proposal offered Julianne everything she had always wanted - or did it? Though their devotion to the twins was at the heart of their union, would Julianne and Luke admit their deep love for one another?

Lacey Alexander

4 Rose ReadSEVEN NIGHTS OF SIN 4/2008 ISBN: 9780451223142 Brenna Cayton doesn't need a man. At least that's what she keeps telling herself. Then her boss sends her on a business trip to Vegas to make sure Damon Andros the sexiest man in the entire music industry doesn't live up to his bad boy image. But before she knows it, business turns to extreme pleasure as Damon brings out her naughty side, fulfilling every one of her wildest fantasies. Now, she has just seven sultry nights to commit every sin in the book. Because once Damon discovers her dirty little secret, he'll surely never indulge their lust again... RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Top PickVOYEUR 5/2007 ISBN: 0451221192 Suffering from writer's block and with no lover to speak of, novelist Laura Watkins is in a funk. She needs a getaway and a release. Fast. Fortunately, she finds both in the retreat of a friend's isolated Colorado home. It's hers and hers alone for as long as she needs it. Then she comes upon the webcam, and her curiosity is aroused. So is her secret fantasy-to be watched by a stranger. His screen name is Flyboy. He likes what he sees. He wants to open up for her, too. Now, they're only one click away from exploring an after-hours game of exhibitionist and voyeur where anything goes. But now it's time to take it one step further-by meeting in the flesh. This time, no rules, no limits, and absolutely nothing to come between them. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Lois Carnell Alexander

HEART ON A STRING 12/2002 ISBN: 0803495625 Fun-loving puppeteer Adrienne Madill is graduating from Arkansas University. With her Aunt Maida's help, Adrienne has successfully put herself through college conducting puppet shows for children and plans to turn the sidework into a full-time career. Adrienne meets guest speaker Dr. Gerald Rowland at the ceremony, accidentally spewing him with water from a drinking fountain. Stifling her laughter, she backs off, later to realize that he is the aeronautical engineer she wrote for advice on her planned aerospace puppet show. The two meet again in the century old Crescent Hotel in the Ozark Mountains. Gerald is conducting a seminar and Adrienne is hired to entertain the children and guests of the hotel for the summer. To her further surprise he remembers her inquiry and the drinking fountain incident. Soon, their hearts become entwined and their emotions become confused like tangled marionette strings, until all is settled happily.

Marsha Alexander


ALL MINE TO GIVE 9/1981 ISBN: 0671435396

ROYAL SUITE 9/1982 ISBN: 0671451413 Lauren Wells was young, beautiful, and lucky in love--with Anthony DeGiacomo, the darkly handsome composer in whose arms she had becomes a woman. Soon they would marry, and every night would be theirs to explore again and again the ever-new, all-consuming passion that bound them. Until, out of the blue, Lauren inherited the fabulous, world-renowned chain of luxury hotels--the Regis-Royale. Suddenly, she felt driven to meet the dizzying challenge of managing the enormous company...Could she allow her own burgeoning ambition to threaten the love she held precious above all else? For with the wealth and power came terrifying doubts...Was Lauren destined to lose Anthony--just when she had found herself?

WHISPERS IN EDEN 11/1985 ISBN: 0373701896 Even whispered lies couldn't erase the truth that was in their hearts.

Megan Alexander

BLOSSOMS IN THE SNOW 1/1984 ISBN: 0263747352

CONTRACT FOR MARRIAGE 4/1982 ISBN: 0373700172 They weren't supposed to fall in love but passion made a mockery of their vows.

DILEMMA 11/1987 ISBN: 037370285X

SILVER GIFTS, GOLDEN DREAMS 7/1990 ISBN: 0373704135 Erica Hunter had big plans. Now that the children had flown the nest, she and Brad would build their dream house. Erica would launch her interior design career. And, after twenty-five years of marriage, she and Brad would finally have their privacy. What could go wrong? Plenty. Brad wanted a condo, not a house. He wanted to support her, not let her work. And, he let his mother move in with them. So much for their privacy. Worst of all, Brad seemed attracted to the shapely phys-ed instructor down the block. Erica's golden dreams lay in tatters. She loved Brad. But would their silver anniversary be their last?

WORDS OF WISDOM 10/1989 ISBN: 0373703775 He'd broken their engagement and he hadn't said why. All Jenny knew for sure was that men like Luke ought to come with warnings tattooed on their foreheads...


HONK OF YOU LOVE REAL MEN 6/2005 ISBN: 031233916X Naughty Girl by Carrie Alexander...Estrella has never really taken a chance on anything risky in her life, so when her boss goes out of town and leaving her swanky apartment and her hot little sports car in her care, Estrella finds that she has also briefly developed a taste for the daring. So when she catches the of a gorgeous construction worker she has been lusting after for months, she musters up the courage to invite him to a delicious afternoon tryst that turns out to be so much more. WANTED: One Hot Blooded Man by Pamela Britton... When Breanna Miller decides to cure her fear of physical intimacy by bedding a former high school flame, she gets more than she bargained for in the hot blooded hunk who has every intention of not only curing her, but exploring every erotic fantasy known to a woman's soul. Have Mercy by Susan Donovan... Lucy Cunningham is a hot writer who can’t her novels to be. . .well, hot. The passion seems to have fizzled, right along with her last failed relationship. So when her agent sends her up to the Berkshires to get her head together, she feels that it is just what the doctor ordered. That is until she meets her new neighbor who sets more than her imagination on fire. Reno's Chance by Lora Leigh... Raven Richards has secretly pined and seriously longed for her best friend’s older brother ever since she was a little girl and she walked in on him with his girlfriend. And when he went became a Navy SEAL, she waited anxiously for him to come home from each and ever mission. What she didn’t realize was that Reno had long ago noticed when the little girl became a woman. And now that he’s home, his only mission is to get her into his arms, his bed and into her heart. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Serena Alexander

RAPTURE REGAINED 8/1981 ISBN: 0515057762

Susan Alexander

THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT 9/1984 ISBN: 0373107196 She was willing to gamble everything! After the callous way he had disowned her mother the last thing Roseanna Dunham wanted was to deal with her wealthy autocratic grandfather. But she was desperate for money-money that meant saving her mother from certain death. Our grandfathers terms, though, were outrageous: go to Sicily were he live, marry the man chosen for her, and give him an heir. She would then be free. Roseanna agreed, positive she could handle such a marriage...but that belief vanished when she discovered the unpredictable passion of her new husband...

TEMPORARY HUSBAND 8/1985 ISBN: 0373108079 Kate had been practically engaged to a charming young Frenchman when she learned that another man held a temporary lease on her future. Apparently, wealthy film director Blake Templeton had been financing her family's colossal debts for years...

WEDDING IN THE FAMILY 5/1982 Davina hadn't been home for two years, not since a serious family quarrel. Now she was invited back for her sister's wedding—the perfect chance to heal the break. But how could she face them all, especially when her sister was marrying Davina's ex-boyfriend? She need a buffer, a pretend fiance of her own. Even though that was the coward's way out...Jake Humphries—her rich, handsome sophisticated boss—was the perfect candidate. To her amazement he volunteered to play the role. But when the wedding was over he wasn't willing to end the charade.

WINTER SUNLIGHT 12/1987 ISBN: 0373110316 Sophie Carter was good at her job, the best her agency had to offer. When the von Hartogs, an eminent Austrian family, needed a substitute nanny, she was asked to fill in...


A CHRISTMAS GIFT 11/1995 ISBN: 0821751409 Features The Perfect Gift by Thelma Alexander - An unusual Hanukkah present - enrollment in a dating service - brings a wonderful man into Jean's life during this very special Festival of Lights. Magic and Mistletoe by Betty Cothran - Karen joins her best friend on a Hawaiian cruise, where she meets a man she once dated...and thought she never wanted to see again. But things have changed. A Miracle in Miami by Stacey Dannis - Refusing to sit around feeling blue during her first Christmas as a divorcee, Lillian jets off to Miami - alone. Yet 'tis the season for miracles... Sun, Sand, and Santa by Phoebe Gallant - When divorce ends Lucy Allen's marriage, she plans a most untraditional family Christmas on Sanibel Island...never guessing that a handsome Santa is also heading South. A Picture of Love by Diane E. Lock - Linda is only 40-something, but she doesn't believe any man will look at her twice. Until a car accident on Christmas Eve brings a tender, surprising man into her life. Let Nothing You Dismay by Linda Swift - When lonely Kala enrolls in an auto-repair course, she discovers that her instructor's heart needs fixing, too. Then he arrives at her Kentucky mansion and shows her that even a broken heart can learn...to love again.

Thelma Alexander

THE PERFECT GIFT 11/1995 Short Story in A CHRISTMAS GIFT 11/1995 ISBN: 0821751409 An unusual Hanukkah present - enrollment in a dating service - brings a wonderful man into Jean's life during this very special Festival of Lights.

TRUE TEXAS LOVE 8/1994 ISBN: 082174657X The widow of a distinguished senator, Leigh Wright decides to leave the limelight of Washington, D. C. , to return to the University of Texas to pursue her doctorate and unexpectedly falls for her charismatic professor, Brad Gilmore.

Trisha Alexander

A BABY FOR REBECCA 12/1996 ISBN: 0373240708 Rebecca Taylor saved Kyle MacNeill's life - and fell deeply, secretly in love with the sexy scoundrel. Alas, to Kyle, Rebecca remained the prim, ladylike savior he'd vowed to repay. He'd promised her the world. But what would he think of her scandalous wish to bear his child? Dare Rebecca make her shocking proposition? Ask Kyle to give her a baby - no strings attached? Demand a life for a life - have Kyle's child if not his heart? Deep down Rebecca was a fiery Texas Taylor. And Rebecca dared...

A BRIDE FOR JOHN 8/1996 ISBN: 0373240473 Desperately Seeking Daddy Little Missy Broome really wanted a father. Her hardworking mom, Shelley, could also use a husband. And what better candidate than rich, handsome neighbor John Taylor? The widower's son was Missy's best buddy, his daughter an adoring sidekick. The three would make a perfect brood! Too bad John got on Shelley's nerves - big-time. Too bad Shelley got under John's skin - with a vengeance. Still, maybe three pint-size Cupids could fan that grown-up friction into flames of love...and a family!

A BRIDE FOR LUKE 4/1996 ISBN: 0373240244 Wedding bells were in the air - but best man Luke Taylor refused to believe the bells were tolling for him! For years he'd leashed his rebellious streak, playing dutiful dad to his six fatherless siblings. Now it was time to shed his shackles, not find his own ball and chain! Still, his brother's new bride had a penchant for matchmaking...and a most provocative sister. Sassy, shapely Clementine Bennelli soon had Luke hungering for some wild, unwedded bliss. But was Clem the woman who'd make Luke say 'I do"?

CINDERELLA GIRL 12/1990 ISBN: 0373096402 The costume ball held all the enchantment of a fairy tale, and courtly Dusty Mitchell seemed truly a prince among men, sweeping Victoria Jones clear off her synthetic glass slippers. For the Single mom used to moonlighting to make ends meet, playing princess on the moonlit veranda was breathtakingly magical...Until Victoria detected something hauntingly familiar in her mysterious Cowboys resonant voice-and fled into the night. Left holding a solitary shoe, dusty pursued his Cinderella with the vigor of a storybook hero. But when his quest led him to the woman who'd just put a curse on his career, he wondered if a happy ending was, indeed, the stuff of fairy tales-grim fairy tales.

THE CONSTANT HEART 9/1996 ISBN: 0821754009 When photo journalist Sam Robbins is reported killed while on assignment, his fiancee Amy and his best friend, Justin Malone, turn to each other for a comfort that slowly turns into love.

FALLING FOR AN OLDER MAN 2/2000 ISBN: 0373243081 Her Brother's Best Friend... That's all handsome hunk Jack Kinsella should be in Sheila Callahan's eyes. But she'd had an incurable crush on him for as long as she could remember. And for just one magical moment, it seemed the feeling was mutual. Yet when it was over, all she had left was heartache...and nine months later, a little something more... His Best Friend's Kid Sister... When it came to Sheila, Jack had had a strict hands-off policy for years. But for just one night, he'd bent the rules. And now he was thinking crazy things - like marriage. And forever. Why, with thoughts like that, a man could get committed...

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR 6/1995 ISBN: 0373099657 The man was impossible! Infuriating! Maddeningly blind! Sure, freewheeling bachelor Simon Christopher was Jenny Randall's best friend, but when would he stop ogling busty blondes and start seeing her as more than just plain Jenny, the wholesome girl next door? Clearly, drastic measures were required. So Jenny transformed herself. From predictable to...provocative. From straitlaced to...sensual. From sweetly domestic to downright dangerous! And Simon began to sweat. Began to see...red. Darn it! He wanted his Jenny back! But would he ever admit he wanted all of her?

HERE COMES THE GROOM 10/1993ISBN: 0373098456 It had been four years since Kent Sorensen had been stood up at the altar - and he was a wiser man for it! He no longer believed in happy endings and eternal love or in giving Allison Gabriel another crack at his heart. She'd jilted him once, and Kent wasn't about to play the fool again...although there was something about this 'new' Allison that had him humming the wedding march. Time had changed Allison in many ways. A widowed mother, she'd returned to seek help for her young daughter and to try to find forgiveness from her former fiancee. Allison's devastating first marriage had taught her that Kent was the only man for her. But convincing the would-be groom was another matter...

LET'S MAKE IT LEGAL 11/1994 ISBN: 037309924X John Appleton had never once regretted stepping off the fast track. His responsibilities as a single father came first, and that was something he'd just have to make clear to his most difficult client, a beautiful lady lawyer who was driving him to distraction-in more ways than one. There was no room in Sydney Scott Well's life for a man-especially not for this man, who made it clear he wanted no part of her world. And yet it was this sensitive, passionate and very sexy man who had awakened the woman in her-for the first time...!

A MOTHER FOR JEFFREY 11/1998 ISBN: 0373242115 The child she always wanted... Once, Leslie Marlowe had had high hopes for her future - a man to love and lots of babies. But when those dreams faded, she tried to convince herself that she didn't need a family of her own. Then eleven-year-old Jeffrey Canfield walked into her life - followed quickly by his handsome father... The woman he couldn't forget... Brian Canfield knew that his son's friendship with Leslie spelled trouble. Only problem was, when he tried to put an end to it, he found himself falling for her as well. And that was something this veteran of heartbreak just couldn't let happen. Because it was bad enough that Jeffrey was starting to look on Leslie as a potential mother - but was Brian starting to see her as a second-chance bride?

MOTHER OF THE GROOM 3/1993 ISBN: 373098014 Wedding bells were ringing, though not for Diana Sorenson. This time around, it was the divorcee's son who was tying the knot...but it was the bride-to-be's father Lee Gabriel, who had Diana feeling like a newlywed.

THE REAL ELIZABETH HOLLISTER... 2/1995ISBN: 0373099401 The locket found clutched in her hand years before was the only clue Grace Gregory had to her past. But that alone had led her to a family of great wealth and power - and to a man who, despite his unconcealed suspicion. made her long for far more than the truth of her identity... Paul Hollister had seen too many fortune hunters try to exploit his family's long-ago tragedy to believe this woman's claims. And yet he could not escape the feeling that she was what he had been searching for all his life...

SAY YOU LOVE ME 3/1994 ISBN: 0373098758 If she were granted three wishes, timid piano teacher Tess Collier would take only two: to wed David Bannister and mother his darling daughter. But David was glorious and virile, making Tess feel old-fashioned and drab by comparison. Never would she bask in the Bannisters' golden glow....Yet David watched his lonely little girl blossom under Tess's warm tutelage-and he magically granted Tess's two wishes! Tess began to sparkle inside-but David's pure pragmatism left her wanting. For her glittering marriage could never be gold...unless some sweet sorcery granted her David's love. ' She wanted him to kiss her. Kiss her thoroughly. Kiss her until her blood heated to an impossible pitch. Tess's heart thundered in her chest, and her knees felt weak. Her desire was so strong, she was sure David could sense it. The very air seemed to throb with her need. He reached out, and for one impossibly long moment, Tess thought he was actually going to fulfill her wish. But his fingers just brushed her cheek, and he said gently, "It's cold. You'd better go inside. " After he left, Tess wondered if the bargain she'd struck would have far too high a price tag. She had once thought not being married to the man you loved would be the most devastating thing that could happen to a woman. Now she wondered if that was true. Perhaps being married to the man you loved when he didn't love you was even worse.

STOP THE WEDDING! 4/1997 ISBN: 037324097X When the woman he has always loved decides to marry another man, a sexy stockbroker heads home to stop the wedding. But even as they rekindle their affair, their second chance at love is threatened by a devastating secret from their past.

SUBSTITUTE BRIDE 7/1997 ISBN: 0373241151 'I now pronounce you husband and wife.' Rachel just couldn't tell David that her twin, Roxanne, had left him at the altar, so she took her sister's place, with no one the wiser. Now Rachel was on a very unplanned honeymoon, with the man she'd secretly loved for years. David's strong embrace and tender smiles made her think that maybe the groom of her dreams could become her forever husband. If only he grew to love her as much as she loved him. But when the truth was finally told, would David realize that this wedding could be the start of a love for a lifetime?

THIS CHILD IS MINE 10/1995 ISBN: 0373099894 Eve DelVecchio grew up poor, but even as a teenager she had big dreams - and then Mitch Sinclair walked into her life, and everything else flew out the window. Two months later he left her with a broken heart and a secret she dared not share with anyone in Maple Hills...especially him. Even as Eve achieved all she'd ever dreamed of, she was haunted by the man who left her behind. And now she was back in town, and Mitch was talking about second chances. But what about the child he never knew he had?

WEDDING BELLS AND MISTLETOE 12/1999 ISBN: 0373242891 Years ago two innocent young Texans stole one night of fire and wonder in each other's arms. But they'd betrayed a beloved friend to do so, and remorse drove Keith Callahan clear to Alaska, drove Susan into matrimony...and motherhood. But now Susan was widowed. And her young son with Callahan eyes uncannily adored prodigal Keith Callahan. Still, the couple's impossible past flared brighter than Christmas. But with such secrets behind them, dare Susan and Keith wish for more than one long-ago night of love?

WHAT WILL THE CHILDREN THINK? 8/1994 ISBN: 0373099061 Caleb Mahoney was as seductive as sin - and entirely too tempting for widowed mom Margaret Desmond. The handsome bachelor was a few years younger than she, but no less mature when it came to other matters. With Caleb, Maggie suddenly found herself letting her hair down and experiencing romance the way it was meant to be. It wasn't long before her grown children started asking if their usually conservative mother had lost her senses. Maggie knew she was breaking every rule she'd ever lived by...and eventually, she'd pay a price. But wasn't the man of a lifetime worth any risk?

WHEN SOMEBODY LOVES YOU 6/1992 ISBN:0373097484 His beloved brother's tragic accident reeled renegade Neil Cantrelle in from exile, back to the Louisiana bayou and face-to-face with Laura Sebastian. From the moment he saw her, he coveted this woman his brother hoped to wed...

WHEN SOMEBODY NEEDS YOU 12/1992 ISBN: 0373097840 It had to be Elise. The beautiful young Cajun woman standing in the rainswept New Orleans street simply had to be the key to the dark mystery that had brought journalist Jack Forrester all the way from Texas. And whatever Desiree Cantrell said - and whoever she claimed to be - he wasn't leaving until he knew the truth about her. And so he followed her, down a tangled path that led deep into the heart of Louisiana's bayou country-and deep into the past. And there, in a world that could not have been more different from his own, he found something beyond the simple truth. He found a woman he wanted as he had never wanted anything, a woman who brought light into his shadowed life...


WITH THIS WEDDING RING 4/1998 ISBN: 0373241690 Beautiful young widow Emily Pierce had been in love once, only to find it all gone in the blink of an eye. So she was determined never to marry again - until the safety of her unborn child was threatened. And then, with her handsome, supportive boss as her groom, she once again found herself saying 'I do.' To Matt Thompson, having Emily as a wife represented a second chance at all those roles he'd thought were lost to him forever...Husband. Father. And yes, they had a deal to keep the marriage in name only. For now. But were some deals made to be broken?


THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS 11/1996 ISBN: 0505523183 Promises to Keep by Victoria Alexander-After a trip to see a department-store Kris Kringle, a lonely business woman is swept back to a long-ago Christmas--and given a second chance to share a passion that will prove to her it really is a wonderful life. Naughty or Nice by Sandra Hill-When a young beauty sets out to steal some Yuletide cheer, she expects to end up with a stocking full of coal. Instead, a run-in with Santa's most virile helper brings her the best gift of all: a heart full of love. Santa Reads Romance by Dara Joy-During a snowstorm, a romance writer is surprised when a handsome stranger dressed as Jolly Old St. Nick arrives at her isolated cabin--and stirs up a blizzard of desire. A Gift for Santa by Nellie McFeather-With a dash of Father Christmas's magic, a generous widow saves her town's holiday celebration--and teaches the man she loves the true meaning of the season.

Victoria Alexander

PARADISE BAY 10/1999 ISBN: 0505523507 In the early seventeenth century, a group of women were transported to an uncharted island as punishment for crimes ranging from poor housekeeping to promiscuity. Within several years of their arrival, a British ship, under the command of mutineers, stumbled onto the island to be greeted enthusiastically by the marooned females. Thus was born Paradise Bay. Today, its pristine golden beaches and sweet tropic climes are the perfect place to ring in the new millennium. For four hundred years the magic of the island has brought people together with a fiery sunset, the scent of coconut sweetening the evening breeze. Who can resist the passion? Not Trish and Jack, and certainly not you. Come to where the day begins. Give yourself to Paradise Bay.

PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM 2/1998 ISBN: 0505522470 When the Viscount and Pippa meet, it looks like it'll be Bogey and Bacall all over again--a kiss that doesn't happen every day. It is the start of a beautiful friendship--or something hotter, according to Sam, the old-fashioned dog.

PROMISES TO KEEP Short Story in THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS 11/1996 ISBN: 0505523183 After a trip to see a department-store Kris Kringle, a lonely business woman is swept back to a long-ago Christmas--and given a second chance to share a passion that will prove to her it really is a wonderful life.


SANTA PAWS 11/1997 Included are Victoria Alexander's Shakespeare and the Three Kings, Nina Coombs's Athena's Christmas Tail, Annie Kimberlin's Away in a Shelter and Miriam Raftery's Mr. Wright's Christmas Angel.

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