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Barbara Andrews

ADD A DASH OF LOVE 11/1985 ISBN: 0440100178

A DIFFERENT KIND OF MAN 4/1986 ISBN: 044012039X She wore white linen. He wore blue jeans/ She was a member of an elite country club, polishing her golf game for the upcoming tournament. He was assistant groundskeeper. Yet Tony Dunn was the most devastating man April Quinn had ever set eyes on. It wasn't long before a confrontation on the golf green led to a secret tryst in Tony's isolated cabin. It was heaven. But April was bound to the world of her possessive, wealthy father; to memories of the marriage she'd made to please him--a marriage that had ended in bitterness and divorce. Tony had little to offer but love...the love that April needed to make her life complete. But her father would never accept Tony. Torn between the two men who meant the most to her, April struggled to find a resolution. What would it take to convince her father that Tony deserved to possess her heart, body and soul?

EMERALD FIRE 8/1983 ISBN: 0440123011 Everyone, it seemed, wanted to take charge of her life! One moment Kelly Valentine was safe in her modest Ann Arbor jewelry shop, thrilled at the chance to set an emerald for Brian Fort, heir to a fabled fortune. The next, they were being swept from civilization, kidnapped at gunpoint.

ESCAPE FROM THE STORM 2/1987 ISBN: 0440124247

HAPPILY EVER AFTER 10/1984 ISBN: 0440134390 She wrote sexy romance novels. Everyone expected Brenda Storm to look and act as if she'd stepped out of the pages of one of her own books. Eric Sheffield, president of a national bookstore chain, was no exception. From the moment his lips unexpectedly claimed hers at the New York Romance Conference, Brenda knew she had a lot to learn. He was willing to teach her. He transformed her, glamorized her, then took her on a three-week publicity tour of his bookstores. She was a sensation. But weaving fantasies was one thing; being Eric's bedroom playmate was another. So why did her heart tell her to turn her back on fantasy and take a chance on real live love?



LOVE TRAP 10/1982 ISBN: 0440146011

LOVING LESSONS 6/1985 ISBN: 0440151082

MIDNIGHT MAGIC 2/1984 ISBN: 0440156181

MY KIND OF LOVE 1/1985 ISBN: 0440162025 Landing a job as assistant to one of New York's leading antique dealers was a dream come true. Yet Kate Bewan, fresh out of Nebraska, soon discovered that working for Alex Gilbert was more than a nine-to-five job--it was an open invitation to a glittering, sophisticated world. Elegant, irresistible, he plundered her senses as swiftly as he captured her imagination. Suddenly she found herself passionately bound to a man she barely knew......a man whose life-style offered everything yet left no room for marriage. The last thing Kate wanted was a broken heart. How could she convince him that love was worth the risk--especially when it was forever?

A NOVEL AFFAIR 3/1985 ISBN: 0440160790

PASSIONATE DECEIVER 9/1983 ISBN: 0440169194 She was an imposter in paradise, not a model but a reporter assigned to infiltrate Bishop's camp and get inside information on a rumored merger...

REACH FOR THE SKY 5/1985 ISBN: 044017242X

SEDUCED BY A STRANGER 2/1986 ISBN: 0440176352

SHADY BUSINESS 4/1984 ISBN: 0440177979

STAND-IN LOVER 9/1985 ISBN: 044018276X

STOLEN PROMISES 1/1983 ISBN: 0440175224 She had dreamt of burning kisses, of sizzling honeymoon nights in the hot glitter of Las Vegas. Now Gina stood on the edge of an icy mountain stream, miles from civilization, and glared at her new 'husband. ' Many marry in haste to repent at leisure, but Gina had been so very sure. Deaf to every warning, she had agreed to marry Bruce Kenyon after one short week and flown to meet him. But from the moment she arrived, nothing had gone right. And now she knew why. She had been kidnapped. She was the prisoner of Jonathan, Bruce's identical twin brother. Trapped and tricked by a total stranger, she had married the wrong man!

SUMMER OF PROMISES 6/1987 ISBN: 0440184118 Some people like nostalgic walks down memory lane. Not Gail Nolan. She lived in the present. She was young to be head nurse, but she loved her work. She was content with her life, with dating Dr. David Bendict, a man at ease with traditions of wealth, a patient, a steady, reliable man...Until Mack Kelsey's appendix troubles landed him in one of her hospital beds. Once he'd been her high school sweetheart. Poor and pressed for commitment, he'd broken her heart with the words: "I love you, but..." Now he was back, romantic, unpredictable--irresistible. Could one breathless kiss turn her sensible life upside down? Was she risking a lifetime of peace and security for a carefree summer of promises?


TRAPPED BY DESIRE 9/1986 ISBN: 0440190568 They were victims of a robbery, strangers linked by passion and fear. Matt Nichols offered her comfort, protection, arms too strong to resist. Easily hurt and slow deal, Jennie Martin had vowed never to risk her heart again. But Matt took charge from the first, igniting a wild desire that melted and her resistance. Until she awoke to reality--and found herself pitted against him in a Court Of Law. Would her feelings for Matt make her deny the truth, persuade her to identify and innocent man as a suspect when nagging doubt held her back? How could she follow his lead in love without letting him dominate her life?

Carolyn Andrews

THE BLACK SHEEP 5/1997 ISBN: 037325735X Rebels and rogues... A wolf in sheep's clothing...Nick Heagety-Loner. Rebel with a cause. Accused of a crime he didn't commit, he left town. But now he's back. Andie Field--private investigator. Cool. Collected.and absolutely gorgeous. She'll be watching every move Nick makes

C.J.'S DEFENSE 7/1994 ISBN: 0373255985 Drama in the court... C.J. Parker: Gorgeous, fiery lawyer. Shrewd. A winner. Could make mincemeat out of men like Roarke. Roarke Farrell: Stunning looks. Hotshot opposing lawyer. Equally shrewd. Also a winner. Wanted C.J., badly. Roarke was determined to tear down all the defenses around C.J.'s heart while knocking a hole in her legal defense a mile wide! But first he was going to delight in stripping away those sexy little suits she wore to court...

THE LAST BACHELOR 9/1998 ISBN: 0373258003 Sheriff Mac Delaney couldn't believe it--he'd lost all his poker buddies to matrimony! All over Barclayville, bachelors were dropping like flies. But not Mac. Never Mac. After all, as the only law enforcement in town, he was too busy to fall in love. That was until he met the only woman for Mac. 'Frankie' Carmichael was smart, brave..and breathtakingly sexy, too! But Frankie was running from her past--and it had just caught up with her. Wasn't that just Mac's luck? The Last Bachelor was finally ready to commit..to a woman who wouldn't stick around long enough to say 'I do.'

MANHUNTING IN MANHATTAN 3/1998 ISBN: 0373257732 After two years of studying the mating habits of a primitive tribe, Carly Carpenter needed a man...badly. So when she came home to New York for her sister Jenna's wedding, she was determined to find one! Little did Carly suspect that her sister would have a groom picked out for her - gorgeous Holt Cassidy, Jenna's fiance... Holt Cassidy, CEO of Carpenter Enterprises, wasn't happy about his upcoming arranged marriage. So when his intended eloped with another man, he considered the contract broken. But now Carly - captivating, tempting Carly - was determined to take her sister's place. Which left Holt wondering if he'd be able to put business before pleasure...

THE MARRIAGE CURSE 4/1996 ISBN: 0373256817 A ghost was one thing; a curse was another... Mattie Farrell's restaurant had a ghost...one who played the harpsichord and opened the front door to a few select people. Her gorgeous landlord, Grant Whittaker, was one of them. And he was very much alive... The ghost was his great-aunt, he said, and her curse had driven everyone of marrying age out of Barclayville. Everyone but him...and her. Mattie refused to believe it. Why would their ghost put a hex on marriage and then matchmake so determinedly from the grave?

SERVICE WITH A SMILE  2/1995 ISBN: 0373256280 Who is Sunny Caldwell? And why did she fire the nanny? Sunny Caldwell is a determined to succeed woman who owns a grocery-shopping service. She has two rules: 1. Business first. Personal life second. 2. Never get involved with a client. She followed those rules right up until the day she fired the pinch-faced nanny Chase Monroe, her newest client, had hired sight unseen. That meant she had to help Chase take care of his orphaned nephew and niece. Of course, she reasoned, then Chase could introduce her to all the right people. The only problem was that Chase and his ready made family made her forget all about her rules.

WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING 6/1999 ISBN: 0373258356 She met the man of her dreams... Hopeless romantic Daisy Hanover was desperate to find some happiness in her upcoming marriage of convenience. So, when she discovered a quaint country inn, boasting a bed that promised wedded bliss to the couple who shared it, Daisy arranged for her fiance to meet her there. After one night, Daisy definitely found bliss. Only, the man in her bed wasn't her fiance... While he was sleeping. P.I. Logan Campbell specialized in finding people. But this was the first time he'd woken up beside a suspect! Gorgeous Daisy Hanover made his head spin and had his libido working overtime. But she was in trouble and needed his help to clear her name. Logan knew he'd do anything to save her. But first, he planned to take her back to bed...

Jo Andrews

GALE FORCE 8/1989 ISBN: 0373055145

Lisa Andrews

DANGEROUS DECEPTION 3/1998 ISBN: 1854878662 Emma gazed at the photograph. It showed a man--the man now sitting opposite her--in a dinner jacket with a blonde sophisticated woman. The woman's dress was elegant and expensive and her hair was shorter, but the face was the exact image of Emma's own. They could have been twins! 'So, ' the man said. 'My fiancee and I had an argument last week and the engagement is cancelled. Now I need to travel to Spain, so that my grandfather, who does not have long to live can meet my fiancee. You will accompany me instead. I will pay you to act the part of my fiancee. ' Emma despised the man for his money, and herself for even considering his offer. 'Do you always get what you want? ' she flashed, not attempting to conceal her feelings. He answered softly, 'Everyone has a price.'

TOO LATE FOR LOVE 12/1998 ISBN: 1854875914 When Gemma Davenport hears that Blake Adams is going to buy her glass company, her heart sinks. Ten years ago they had a passionate affair which left Gemma broken-hearted and with a permanent reminder of Blake. As soon as she sees him again, it is clear that Blake is enjoying every moment of the take-over. He makes it apparent that he has never forgiven her for what he sees as her 'betrayal' in marrying another man. Gemma is soon wondering (and hoping?) if Blake is so intent on getting his own back that he's trying to rekindle their once 'fatal attraction'...

Mary Kay Andrews

HISSY FIT 3/1998 ISBN: 0060564644 Keeley Murdock's wedding to A. J. Jernigan should have been the social event of the season. But when she catches her fiance doing the deed with her maid of honor at the country club rehearsal dinner, all bets are off. And so is the wedding. Keeley pitches the hissy fit of the century, earning herself instant notoriety in the small town of Madison, Georgia. Even worse is the financial pressure A.J.'s banking family brings to bear on Keeley's interior design business. But riding to the rescue -- in a vintage yellow Cadillac -- is the redheaded stranger who's purchased a failing local bra plant. Will Mahoney hires Keeley to redo the derelict antebellum mansion he's bought. Her assignment: decorate it for the woman of his dreams -- a woman he's never met. Only a designing woman like Keeley Murdock can find a way to clear her name and give her cheating varmint of an ex-fiance the comeuppance he so richly deserves. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Nicola Andrews

FORBIDDEN MELODY 8/1983 ISBN: 0515072273 When Mark Haggard offers lovely Susannah James the chance to become an international model, she vehemently turns down the opportunity...and anything else he has in mind.

HEAD OVER HEELS 6/1984 ISBN: 0515078166

RECKLESS DESIRE 3/1984 ISBN: 0515075957 Tall, beautiful Sandra Mandrell demands to be treated as a professional first and a woman second, whether she's running a marathon or proving herself as a dynamic management consultant. Then she's thrown into competition with Hank Donnell, her company's major rival for a multi-million-dollar account. And the chase is on - professionally, and romantically.

RULES OF THE GAME 9/1984 ISBN: 0515080748

Susan Andrews

FAIR GAME 7/1987 ISBN: 0373162065

Vicki Andrews

LIGHTER SHADE OF BROWN 12/1999 ISBN: 1885478755 Handling the most explosive case of her career, Danithia Gilberts finds herself representing Patricia Griffin, a victim of clinical testing. As the case moves to trial, she is targeted for sabotage. Enter security officer Alex Powers. Amidst the perils of the case, distrust and anger turn into mysterious thing called love.

MIDNIGHT PERIL 4/1998 ISBN: 1885478275

Janice Angelique

ANGEL'S PARADISE 2005 ISBN: 1585711071 After shooting and killing the notorious gangster and Rastafarian tribe leader who fatally wounded the man she may have married, Ashley finds her destiny: A man named James and his daughter. They would become a family, but "happily ever after" could be a myth for someone whose life is in the hands of a ruthless and powerful gang.

HIDDEN PAST 4/1998 ISBN: 156315112X After years of humiliation and abuse by her wealthy husband, Alice Vaze decides to reclaim her life and end her unhappy marriage. In spite of her uncertain future as a single-parent, she vows to begin a new life while providing a loving and stable home to her beloved twins.

Kate Angell

CRAZY FOR YOU 4/2005 ISBN: 0505526166 From the moment she spotted his hamburger-and-french-fry emblazoned boxers with the word supersized on them, Bree knew Sexton St. Croix was trouble. Here was a man with just one thing on his mind, but Sex had hired her to do a job and she'd let nothing get in her way. Not even a sudden insatiable craving for fast food, the hotter the better. Sexton St. Croix had a big problem. His luxury ocean liner was haunted—by the ghost of an unflappable flapper named Daisy. Now, in an effort to persuade Daisy to "cheese it," he'd opened the ship to a veritable psychic circus. With every type of paranormal phony swarming the decks, he was counting on Bree's "clairsentience" to save his bacon. Her exquisitely sensitive fingers could detect the emotional vibrations of an 80-year-old love triangle and the unsolved murder that had resulted, while her tender touch unlocked secrets in his own heart. Here, at last, was the woman to convince the pleasure-before-promises playboy of the virtues of good, old-fashioned romance. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Top PickCURVEBALL 6/2007 ISBN: 0505527073 The bad boys of baseball, they are the top power hitters of the Richmond Rogues, and the team’s best hope for a shot at the World Series. But when all three have to be benched for brawling, it’s the beginning of a whole new ball game. PSYCHO hits a home run with a decorator who manages to dress up his derelict Colonial while undressing him. ROMEO slams it out of the park with a female reporter who is the first woman to throw hardballs at the third baseman known for his sweet talk and bedroom eyes. CHASER almost strikes out with the girl next door, the one he always took for granted until he discovers she's known where his sweet spot was all along. In the bottom of the ninth, with the bases loaded, each man realizes that happiness is just within reach, even when love throws a…Curveball. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

DRIVE ME CRAZY 3/2004 ISBN: 0505525593 Cade Nyland didn't think that anything good could come of the new dent in his classic black Sting Ray, even if it did happen at the hands of a sexy young woman. He was determined to win his twelfth road rally race of the year. Little did he know he would soon be in for the ride of his life. TZ Blake only entered Chugger Charlie's tight butt competition to win enough money to keep her auto repair shop open. What she ended up with was $2,500 and a position as navigator in a rally race. All she had to do was pretend she knew where she was going—despite the fact that she could read a road map about as well as she could resist the male heat emanating from the bad boy behind the wheel. It was the SunCoast Run, a four-day race across balmy Florida, and Cade and TZ were stuck with each other in the close quarters of a vibrating '67 Mustang with a mind of its own. All factors indicated that the unlikely duo was in for a bumpy ride...and each eagerly anticipated the jostling that would bring them closer together. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

SQUEEZE PLAY 6/2006 ISBN: 0505526670 Risk Kincaid was finding out that the life of a pro baseball player wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The fame, the fortune, the fans—what good were they when he kept striking out with the one woman who really mattered to him? Jacy Grayson was sassy and spirited, but she only saw him as her rebound lover—the man who picked up the pieces when her heart was broken. Yet Risk had never stepped down from the plate before, and he certainly wasn’t going to start now. The bases were loaded—all Risk needed to do was show her that the diamond he had in mind wasn’t found on a baseball field. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Top PickSTRIKE ZONE 4/2008 ISBN: 9780505527080 Faced with the love of her life waiting at the altar, thrill-seeking adventure guide Taylor Hannah lost her nerve and ran. Three years later, the gutsy blonde is back in Richmond to reclaim handsome Rogues pitcher Brek Stryker before he makes another trip down the aisle. From dressing as a giant baseball to pummeling the other team’s mouthy mascot, this former fiancée is pulling out all the stops. Trouble is, her ball player refuses to believe she’s finally ready to play by his rules. Stryke hasn’t forgiven the woman who left him on their wedding day, but he can’t ignore the chemistry that sizzles every time he and Taylor meet. The fireworks between them could light up the ball park, but Stryke won’t lose his heart again unless he knows the score. If Taylor steps into his strike zone, she’d better be ready to go past third base and all the way home. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Joyce Anglin

FEELING THE FLAME 1/1990 ISBN: 0553440098 Convinced she was trespassing, KJTX-TV's new owner, Nicolas Estevis, yanked a woman from his helicopter. Once she convinced him she was his new pilot-reporter hired to boost ratings, he was shocked and mesmerized by the fiery auburn-haired woman. Jordan was determined to resist the gorgeous scoundrel, but Nicolas was persistent and romantic. Yet early heartbreak had left her scared to trust her hopes....

OLD DEVIL MOON 5/1992 ISBN: 0553442015 Mac... He Looked Too Good in the Morning to Push Out of Bed .... Dr. Kendra Davis was having a terrible vacation so far - no heat in the ski lodge, a noisy party in the next room keeping her awake - but she felt even worse when she pounded on their door in her flannel nightgown only to be greeted by the handsomest hunk in town! MacKenzie O'Conner's eyes sparkled with warmth as he called her - darlin' - in a dangerous drawl and invited her to join him. A Mouth Made for Mischief... When Mac's bold foray down the ski slope left him with stitches and a concussion, Kendra played angel of mercy - but spending the night in his room was just too seductive. Mac's kisses made her dream of black velvet nights and tangled sheets, but shed never learned how to be spontaneous, reckless... until her passionate patient taught her how much fun it could be! Could she believe that he'd want her always, not just one night?



Barbara Ankrum

I'LL REMEMBER YOU 12/1999 ISBN: 0373079729 A Dangerous Game.... He stumbled into her steadfast life with no name, no memories and nothing but trouble etched into every inch of his well-muscled body. The bullet lodged in his shoulder told Tess Gordon somebody wanted him dead. She just wanted him..needed him...enough to put her life on the line for him. A brooding stranger whose gentle touch moved her. A fugitive who matched the description of a dangerous criminal, inch for perfect inch. She was betting against the odds when she dared to love again, trusting her heart to the man she called Jack - and praying he wouldn't break it.

THIS PERFECT STRANGER 9/2001 ISBN: 0373271735 For Maggie Courtland, a widow struggling to keep her husband's ranch - her beloved land - the answer was crystal clear. She needed a man, preferably one who was big and strong, and not afraid to take risks. And then, out of the rainy Montana sky, this perfect stranger rode up on his Harley, looking for work... Cain MacCallister hadn't belonged anywhere in so long, he'd forgotten what it felt like. In the four months since his conviction was overturned, he'd drifted. And now this fragile-looking beauty with sadness in her eyes was asking him to be her temporary husband. Could he ever go down that road again?

TO LOVE A COWBOY 1/1998 ISBN: 037307834X

Diana Anthony

ONCE A LOVER  1983 ISBN: 0671421832 He had never seen the woman he loved. He did not know she carried his child. Lainie's artistic talent was the toast of New York. But she would have traded all her success for the golden beauty of her sister. Then she met Jean Paul, the sports superstar with a jet set reputation for fast living and fast women - now trapped in a sightless world. Only Lainie's love could reach him, and as their passion grew, she blossomed. Then Jean Paul recovered his sight...

OUT OF A DREAM 1983 ISBN: 067146728X Michelle was lost, alone, a woman in a dream, a violet eyed woman without memory, but with a wedding ring on her finger. For her there were no hushed midnight calls, no yearnings for the passionate, burning touch of one man, no morning kisses to start the day. Then she met Josh Free. He was young rich, dynamic, a publishing magnate of dazzling power. Her astonishing beauty held him in a spell. Yet he will risk losing Michelle, his love by searching for the truth, discovering whose hand placed the ring on her finger.

SWEET INDULGENCE 1986 ISBN: 0006172512

Evelyn Anthony

THE DEFECTOR 6/1981 ISBN: 0698110641 A man and a woman have arrived at an English country house to spend a quiet weekend in the depths of Wiltshire. Surrounded by magnificent formal gardens they relax with drinks before dinner. The man is top KGB agent Ivan Sasanov. The woman is Davina Graham, one of British Intelligence's key operatives. Between these two very different people a strange, emotion-charged relationship has developed. Sasanov, the defector, finds his new life in England alien and confining. The intense loneliness of anonymity, the betrayal of Russia, the absence of his family - he loathes it all. The only person with whom he feels any rapport is Davina, his debriefer and interrogator. Davina Graham, isolated from her own family by the secrecy of her job, is a professional to her fingertips. She falls in love with Sasanov knowing that the only way to persuade him to co-operate now is to bring his wife and daughter out of Russia for him. What she does not immediately realize is that in that almost impossible mission, ringed by treachery and counter-treachery, she will have to play the key role...

EXPOSURE 3/1994 ISBN: 0060177748 Tough-minded investigative reporter Julia Hamilton uncovers high-level government and corporate corruption for her newspaper column "Exposure". Julia and her brilliant colleague Ben Harris now must risk their lives to root out a scandalous secret shared by two powerful tycoons.

THE PERSIAN PRICE 10/1975 ISBN: 0698106946 With its stunning evocation of the splendor of the court of the Shah of Shahs, its authentic inside view of life at the corporate summit, and its unforgettable story of unlikely lovers brought together by fate.

THE RELIC 8/1991 ISBN: 006109062X Shortly before his death, Lucy Warren's Ukranian emigre father leaves her a legacy with the power to change the course of history - St. Vladimir's Cross, a jeweled relic whose owner, by time-honored tradition, has the right to rule Russia. His final instructions are to locate Dimitri Volkov, a Ukrainian dissident of great renown living in exile, who will return to their motherland with the relic and set their people free. But as Lucy discovers, Volkov the legend is quite different from Volkov the man, now an apathetic alcoholic carefully manipulated by the KGB. Soon, however, Volkov finds his passionate spirit revived by Lucy's intensity and beauty, and their shared political fervor is matched only by the rising heat of their passion for each other. Mere steps ahead of a vicious killer out to stop them, they prepare to sow the seeds of revolt in Russia together, with only the remarkable powers of the relic - and their love - to protect them.

THE RENDEZVOUS 1964 In 1944, Alfred Brunnerman of the Gestapo interrogated Terese Masson of the French Resistance, facing one another as enemies. But in another time and place, they could have been lovers. 20 years later, Alfred and Terese meet again. Now he is a wanted war criminal and she is an honored war heroine. The love that was impossible before now becomes the prelude to a nightmare of fear and destruction...

THE SCARLET THREAD 1991 ISBN: 0061099295 Angela. The tender English girl who finds her secret marriage tainted by violence and raises her child alone, yet can never love another man. Clara. The Mafia princess, whose elegance and culture mask consuming jealousy and pitiless vengeance. Steven. Scion of the Falconis, raised in a world of bullet-proof cars and debts of honor, a world he learns to hate, as he's beckoned by happiness he can only seize secretly. For war-torn Sicily to the green lanes of Sussex, from New York's Little Italy to the gambling glitterati of Monte Carlo, runs The Scarlet Thread.

THE SILVER FALCON 9/1977 ISBN: 0451082117 The death of Charles Schriber, a wealthy Kentucky racing owner and breeder, imposes on his young widow the duty to carry out his life's wish - to win the Derby. Why, with his last words, does Charles give Isabel his terrible warning against her stepson Richard ('don't ever trust him - he'll try to stop you running the Falcon'. .. don't let him near you, Isabel') ? And what really happens on the rails at Longchamp, and, in a marvelous climax on Derby Day, on the turf just before the steep angle of Tattenham Corner?

VOICES ON THE WIND 6/1985 For years Katharine Alfurd had lived alone. But after a few gins and tonic at the village pub she liked to talk about the past... especially her times during occupied France, the struggle against the Nazi's. Her loves and the treachery.

Laura Anthony

BABY BUSINESS 8/1997 ISBN: 0373192401 How much trouble could one infant be?


HONEY OF A HUSBAND 9/1998 ISBN: 037319322X With his arrogant devil-may-care attitude, Kael Carmody was for women what honey was to a bee--a sweet necessity. But he was after only one woman--the one he hurt years ago.

I MARRIED THE BOSS! 6/1999 ISBN: 0373193726 Memo TO: The single women in the office. From: Sofia Shepard, Cinderella secretary RE: The mailman is a millionaire! The man I thought was Mike Barr, Office mailman, is none other than new president and CEO Rex Michael Barrington the III! How dare he woo me with his kisses--and then not tell me he's a millionaire in disguise? So what if he gives me a heart-stopping smile and I can't sleep without dreaming of marrying my boss? It's going to take more than a come-hither look for me to open my heart to him again. Well, at least I hope it does...

LOOK-ALIKE BRIDE 4/1997 ISBN: 0373192207


SECOND CHANCE FAMILY 11/1995 ISBN: 0373191197

STRANDED WITH A TALL, DARK STRANGER 12/1998 ISBN: 0373193408 Snowbound at Christmas. The tall, dark stranger needed Wren Matthews help--and the shy schoolmarm couldn't turn away from a man in distressed. She didn't know why Keegan Winslow was out in the middle of a snowstorm, but the spirit of the holidays compelled her to open her home to him. And although she had sworn off men, she couldn't deny the sparks that crackled between them. Tendon Winslow was a cop on a mission when sweet, lovely Wren rescued him from the storm. But the haven--and the love--he found in her arms was a happiness he knew couldn't last. Especially when he couldn't offer her the one thing she wanted; his heart.

THE STRANGER'S SURPRISE 11/1997 ISBN: 0373192606 Perpetual do-gooder July Johnson's latest cause was no straggly alley cat but six feet of pure male. And though the stranger was surely hiding secrets, something told July that beneath Tucker's gruff exterior was a soul longing to be loved. Undercover lawman Tucker Haynes had chosen July's apartment as his hideout. But cozying up with the exasperating July had the cool cop seeing stars. For his feisty housemate had him dreaming of a future that could never be.



Robyn Anzelon

THE FOREVER SPELL 1/1983 ISBN: 0373700490 Their love was a precious island in a tumultuous sea. Blain could never fall for an oil man. She just couldn't risk it. Her father and brother had lived in pursuit of the liquid gold... and had died in a rig blowout...

THE GOBLIN TREE ISBN: 373501374 She couldn't believe he would harm anyone. Brooke Williamson returned to her beloved California to photograph the coastline for a book of poems. Or so her story went. It reality, it was the trouble at Seafog, the house on the cliffs, that drew her back. Four years earlier she had left Scott Stewart there, knowing their love would never win against the hatred his family bore her. But now a woman had died on Seafog's cliffs, and Scott was accused of murder. No one believed the distraught child who accused him. Even Brooke refused to listen, until she had no choice.

SANDCASTLE DREAMS 6/1984 ISBN: 0373701209

SEARCHING 2/1986 ISBN: 0373701985

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