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Aileen Armitage

CHAPTER OF SHADOWS 1990 ISBN: 0002235374

Kelly Armstrong

Top PickEXIT STRATEGY 7/2007 ISBN: 0553588192 Regulars at Nadia’s nature lodge don’t ask what she does in the off-season. And that’s a good thing. If she told them, she’d have to kill them. She’s a hit woman for a Mafia family. Tough and self-sufficient, Nadia doesn’t owe anyone any explanations. But that doesn’t mean she always works alone. One of her contacts has recruited her in the hunt for a ruthlessly efficient serial killer cutting a swath of terror across the country. The assassin is far too skilled to be an amateur—and the precision of the killings is bringing the Feds much too close to the hit man community for comfort. To put an end to the murders, Nadia will have to turn herself from predator to prey as she employs every trick she knows to find the killer. Before the killer finds her… RR@H's Novel Thoughts

STOLEN 10/2004 ISBN: 0452285933 International acclaim for Kelley Armstrong's sophisticated debut novel, BITTEN, is steadily growing. It was in Bitten that thirty-year-old Elena Michaels came to terms with her feral appetites and claimed the proud identity of a beautiful, successful woman—and the only living female werewolf. In STOLEN, on a mission for her own elite pack, she is lured into the net of ruthless Internet billionaire Tyrone Winsloe, who has funded a bogus scientific investigation of the "other races" and their supernatural powers. Kidnapped and studied in his underground lab deep in the Maine woods, these paranormals—witches, vampires, shamans, werewolves—are then released and hunted to the death in a real-world video game. But when Winsloe captures Elena, he meets his match. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Juliet Armstrong


THE FLOWERING VALLEY 5/1972 ISBN: 0893406325 Set in the West Indies island of Santa Ria.




NURSE AT STE. MONIQUE 12/1966 That foggy London morning, when someone tried to snatch her handbag was to have far-reaching consequences for Nurse Maura O'Shea, sending her winging across the seas to a new life in the sunny West Indies. It was indeed a far cry from the renowned St. Matthew's Hospital in London to the little nursing home of Ste. Monique, but Nurse Maura was to find that the emotional problems facing her there were far, far greater than ever they were in London.

NURSE IN INDIA 1962 Can one bury the past? Put it behind one forever? Nurse Stella Hantley, travelling in India as secretary-nurse to kind Miss Jellings, would have answered 'Yes' to that question. She found it hard to believe that she had ever danced on the stage and dreamed of becoming a star; and the episode which had shattered her career was little more than a shadowy memory. She was safe now and could reach out to take the happiness which Roger Fendish, she knew, was on the point of offering her - and then Allegra, lovely and treacherous, came suddenly back into her life, seeking for a second time to rob her of all she valued.

ORANGE BLOSSOM ISLAND 5/1971 ISBN: 0263712095 Irene made a complete break with the past when she went with her nine-year-old sister to work for her grandmother at the Hotel Hermes in Nicosia.


THE TIDELESS SEA 6/1973 Diana Morton had gone to Cyprus to escape. Her life with Ralph had ended tragically and with bitterness, and it was hard to believe she could ever be interested in a man again. But soon she was to become involved with more than one man, with George, and with the gay Michael, and with Paul Demetrios to whom she was to say, "With one exception you're the most infuriating man I've ever met."

WIND THROUGH THE VINEYARDS 8/1969 It was two years since Laurence de Windt had hurt and humiliated Debbie, and now she was home again she was still determined to avoid him. But as his small orphaned nephew needed her so much, wasn't this going to be rather difficult??

Lindsay Armstrong

ACCIDENTAL NANNY 10/1998 ISBN: 0373119860 Outback Cattle Station - Father and Daughter in Need of Love... How could Chessie prove to Raefe Stevenson that she wasn't spoiled? The handsome Outback cattle rancher needed a nanny for his small daughter, Jess, and suddenly Chessie saw her chance... It was a daring thing to do, but Jess soon accepted Chessie as her new nanny, and Raefe had no choice but to keep Chessie on. In fact, she fitted so perfectly that Raefe suggested she become his wife!

ALL THE TRIMMINGS 12/1998 Short Story

THE AUSTRALIAN'S CONVENIENT BRIDE 2004 ISBN: 0373124260 Rough, handsome cattle-station owner Steve Kinane needs a temporary housekeeper--and Chattie Winslow is perfect for the job. Chattie and Steve try hard to resist the intense sexual chemistry between them. Then Steve discovers the reason for Chattie's presence in the Outback, and he has a proposal to make: a marriage of convenience. Now that Steve knows the secrets Chattie's been keeping, she's forced to become his bride....

THE BRIDEGROOM'S DILEMMA 4/2000 ISBN: 0373806256 He wants her as his wife! Nick Hunter had proposed to Skye Belmont believing her to be an independent career woman. When Skye admitted, three weeks before the wedding, that she longed for children, Nick was shocked! Faced with his reaction, Skye decided to call it off and walk away. But their relationship had been intensely passionate, and Nick was determined to get her back. There was only one thing for it - he had to convince Skye to give their love a second chance!

BY MARRIAGE DIVIDED 2/2002 ISBN: 0373122349 The heiress bride and her rough, tough husband...Angus Keir, a self-made millionaire, considers Domenica to be a social butterfly. Her privileged background is in direct contrast to his own. But their fortunes are reversed when he saves her family from bankruptcy. And this tough Australian makes it clear that Domenica is in his debt! Keir seems determines to keep Domenica at his side, and gradually he discovers the passion behind her cool, sophisticated exterior. But they're worlds apart, surely marriage between them is out of the question?

A CAREFUL WIFE 2001 ISBN: 0373187653

AT THE CATTLEMAN'S COMMAND 3/2006 ISBN: 0263847977 Coming home to the country offered Kate the chance to make a settled, secure life for herself. But there was a complication - in the shape of her ex-fiance, millionaire Jack Logan. He was still the gorgeous man who had swept her off her feet before - and the attraction between them was electric! It would have been easy for Kate to let Jack seduce her. But not so simple to explain the secret she'd kept hidden for years. If Jack learned the truth, would he be so keen to reclaim his runaway bride?

DANGEROUS DECEIVER 3/1997 ISBN: 0373118740 Simon made no secret of the fact that we was still attracted to Martha, even if he did think she was no lady.

A DANGEROUS LOVER 4/1993 ISBN: 0373115466 He was either a saint or a brigadier general! Anyone who expected to exert any control over unconventional advertising genius Brad Morris had another think coming. Only Verity, a colleague, was able to handle the attractive Australian with a measure of success. But that was before Brad transferred his attentions from his glamorous girlfriend, Primrose, to Verity herself! There had never been any doubt that Brad could charm a woman. He was even an instant success with Verity's daughter, Maddy. But Verity had been hurt in the past and she had no intention of becoming involved with a dangerous lover.

DARK CAPTOR 7/1993 ISBN: 0373115695 Family loyalty had placed Stephanie in Dominic Rayburn's power and past history had created a complex web of emotions. Dominic had insisted on marriage for reasons which had nothing to do with love and everything to do with power. Stephanie couldn't deny his potent attraction, yet she was determined not to give in to his outrageous demands. It was time to break free - if she wanted to.....

A DIFFICULT MAN 10/1994 ISBN: 0263782557 Artistic people, as Juanita knew only too well from her own family life, were unpredictable folk, given to moods and strange fantasies. And Gareth Walker, the author, was certainly running true to form. When he made it clear that the spark of physical attraction she felt for him certainly hadn't passed him by, Juanita had more problems on her hands. Was a casual affair what she wanted or were his intentions more serious? But, if so, what about his declaration that he wasn't the marrying type?

THE DIRECTOR'S WIFE 3/1992 ISBN: 0373114397 'Why did you marry me? ' Cathy's voice was accusing. 'You shut me out of every part of your life except your bed and your home. You don't share any of your dreams with me. ' When she married glamorous film director Tom West, Cathy had been very young, but very much in love with him. Now, two years later, Tom's casual affection was no longer enough. She wanted the whole man--to share his triumphs and his failures. Cathy was determined to fight for her happiness, although she stood to lose everything--especially with Tom's old love, Bronwen, waiting in the wings. But this time, at least, the director's wife would control the final scene..


DON'T CALL IT LOVE 11/1984 Working her way around Australia, Anna had goat as far as Queensland when she found herself the nicest job of them all-as governess to little Chrissy Gillespie.

AN ELUSIVE MISTRESS 11/1986 ISBN: 0263753794 Not that I care! She tried to tell herself. At 19, Hillary had been a little girl trying to keep up with a husband light years ahead of her. When the marriage ended, She built a wall around the memory of Clive Eastman. Six years later, Hillary had grown up. She had made a name as Brisbane's for most interior designer, and she had found a man she thought she could share her life with. Then Clive returned. And one chance meeting was all it took to reawaken feelings Hillary thought she'd succeeded in hiding.

ENTER MY JUNGLE 7/1983 ISBN: 0263740773 Nick Barrett had stated his low opinion of Miranda so loudly she had overheard him even in a noisy courtroom. But instead of being put off by the handsome young lawyer, she was hopelessly attracted to him. New to the city, lonely and adrift, Miranda knew she must not let her guard down. Yet when Nick challenged her defenses, she couldn't resist him. Even if his amorous advances clearly meant his original opinion of her was unchanged!

FINDING OUT 4/1986 ISBN: 0373108710 Would they ever have a happy anniversary? David Marchmont had forced the beautiful Lineesa Creighton, Australia's top model, to marry him a year ago-as restitution for the death of his younger brother. Lineesa had suffered her own guilt over the tragedy. The added punishment of being caught in a loveless marriage was almost too much to bear. Although Lineesa should have hated David, she found she couldn't. But with so much guilt and misunderstanding between them there seems scant hope for a happy marriage. And yet, deep down, Lineesa was sure David wanted one.

HAVING HIS BABIES 10/1999 ISBN: 0263816834 The baby surprise! Clare was an independent career woman, and then her life was turned upside down. Her relationship with Lachlan Hewitt had started out as a business affair, but their passion had resulted in pregnancy. Lachlan immediately insisted they get married, but was this just for the sake of their babies? Clare would do anything to safeguard the future of the twins, but she wanted to marry for love, not convenience. Did Lachlan feel the same?

THE HEART OF THE MATTER 12/1987 Could she stir passion where once she stirred pity? For the intensely shy Clarry Kingston, life would have been unbearable without her very special friend, Robert Randall. In every crisis he had been there to run to. Even when they married, it seemed only natural, because by doing so, Robert saved Mirrabilla, the Australian homestead Clarry?s family had been in danger of losing. But now it was time to grow up. Her husband needed more than a little girl to protect, he needed a real wife.

HEAT OF THE MOMENT 7/1989 ISBN: 0373111835 She was truly out of her depth! Perhaps Serena had rushed into accepting work in a nightclub just shy of respectable. But she'd been desperate. And wasn't her new job as governess at an isolated grazing station more dangerous still? The fatherless boys were handful enough, but their arrogant guardian uncle, Sean Wentworth, was the kind of challenge her troubled past made her ill-equipped to deal with. Sean was forceful, probing, mockingly intent on keeping Serena off balance. And when her rash behavior and a violent storm forced them to spend the night together in his Land Rover, Serena was lost ....

HE'S MY HUSBAND! 7/1999 Marriage in jeopardy. Nicola was married to Brett Harcourt, but only just! She had some strong competition, his first wife wanted a reconciliation, and his new female colleague had designs on him too. Nicola had the law on her side, but did she have Brett's love? He'd married her out of convenience, he'd never even taken her to bed! In view of the competition, it seemed Nicola didn't have a look-in. But she loved Brett, their home and his children, and the time had come to show everyone, including Brett, exactly whose husband he really was.

HIS CONVENIENT PROPOSAL 2/2003 ISBN: 0263832112 Emotional rescue...The sexual tension between Ellie and wealthy, gorgeous doctor Brett Spencer is overwhelming, but Ellie is dismayed when he proposes a marriage of convenience. How can she marry a man she is sure could never love her, while she is so desperately in love with him? Ellie is convinced that Brett wants to marry her for all the wrong reasons, and she refuses to put her heart, and that of her son, on the line. But if he keeps kissing her the way he does, she doesn't know how long she can resist

THE HIRED FIANCÉE 12/2000 ISBN: 0373806310 Passion for hire ....Vivian Florey will do anything to win the new advertising account with Lleyton Dexter's company - even if it means getting up close and personal with the infuriating Lleyton! He needs a temporary fiancee to keep matchmaking relatives at bay and considers Vivian perfect for the role. Vivian accepts, sure that nothing can persuade her to make their professional arrangement more personal. But spending so much time with Lleyton could prove to be her undoing ....

IN BED WITH A STRANGER 8/1998 The night before... The handsome stranger looked down on his luck. He'd arrived on Louise's doorstep looking distinctly disheveled and down right disreputable, claiming his brother Neil had invited him to stay. Yet something didn't quite fit - for he had no trouble attracting women, including Louise! and the morning after... Richard Moore, scion of the wealthy Moore family, couldn't resist playing up to Louise's mistaken impressions of him. Until, only hours after they met, the spontaneously made love - and neither of them knew quite how to deal with the aftermath!

LEAVE LOVE ALONE 9/1992 ISBN: 0373114877 Phillippa mistrusted the male sex--and with reason! And nothing Mark Learmouth could say would make any difference. In fact, he was just a kind of arrogant, womanizing man she despised. It was a pity she had to work with him, even temporarily. With her " disguise " to protector her, however, she was sure Mark would discover the "real" Phillippa. But Mark kept needling her. For some reason, he seemed unusually determined to find the sensual, loving woman within her...

A LOVE AFFAIR 1/1991 She was free at last to do what she wanted. Family pressures had forced Ashley at nineteen to give up the man she loved. Now, six years later, she wanted to put the family farm back on its feet. She hadn't counted, though, on Ross Reid, now an up and coming lawyer, having the ultimate say in how she spent her inheritance. Nor had she counted on the strength of the attraction that still existed between them. Ross, however, wouldn't conceal his low opinion of Ashley, and she wouldn't discuss the past.

LOVE ME NOT 6/1986 ISBN: 0373108877 "So, what am I going to do? " It was a question Leonie couldn't quite answer. But suddenly, she knew she couldn't go through with her plans of revenge against Guy Richardson. She'd been going to try to make him fall in love with her and then turn him down flat-walk away from him as he had her sister. Now she knew she hadn't taken into account that Guy was likable-that her sister had lied-that the warm, fragile relationship between herself and Guy could grow into something real and permanent. If only he could forgive her!

MARRIAGE ON COMMAND 5/2002 ISBN: 0373122829 The wedding contract! Lee was happy to have hot-shot Australian tycoon Damien Moore helping her family. He was a brilliant lawyer, as well as drop-dead gorgeous. Lee admired him, but she was stunned when a legal loophole forced her into marrying him! Damien was equally surprised, and assured Lee it would be temporary and in name only But there was nothing pretend about the passion between them. They were husband and wife in public and in private Was their marriage turning into the real thing?

MARRIAGE ULTIMATUM 1/2000 ISBN: 0373120753 Marriage or nothing!... Neve was used to difficult assignments, but interviewing millionaire Rob Stowe was her toughest yet! Her first challenge was Rob's obvious dislike of talking about himself. Her second was far worse: Rob was incredibly good-looking and Neve was shocked by her attraction to this strong-willed, difficult man...Even more shocking was Rob's sudden declaration that he wanted their relationship to be more than professional. He wanted marriage

MARRIED FOR REAL 12/1997 ISBN: 0373119259

THE MARRYING GAME 11/1989 ISBN: 0373030134

A MARRYING MAN? 1/1999 ISBN: 0373186959

A MASTERFUL MAN 10/1995 ISBN: 0373117701 'Mr. Irresistible... !' Steve Warwick makes it clear to Davina from their first meeting that he wants her in his bed! Davina has other ideas .... The last thing she needs right now is a tough, masterful man who thinks he can organize her life for her....But Steve has never met a woman yet who is immune to his charm, and he's decided that Davina will be no exception. So when Steve gets that determined glint in his glittering hazel eyes, Davina knows she's in for trouble!

MELT A FROZEN HEART 1/1983 ISBN: 0373105592

THE MILLIONAIRE'S MARRIAGE CLAIM 3/2005 ISBN: 0263841340 Wanted: wife and mother. First he took her hostage, then he asked her to marry him! Jo Lucas's captor is none other than Gavin Hastings IV, millionaire homestead owner, who's suffering from a case of mistaken identity. Somehow the arrogant but sinfully rugged bushman has found his way into Jo's heart - even though he kept her prisoner.all night! And now that Gavin's got her, he wants Jo for his bride. It seems he won't let her go until he has made her his. But the question for Jo is: does Gavin want to keep her because he's fallen in love with her.or as a mother for his little child?

MY DEAR INNOCENT 9/1982 ISBN: 0373024975

ONE MORE NIGHT 9/1990 ISBN: 0373112955

OUTBACK MISTRESS 2/1999 He wanted her on his terms! Olivia was shocked to find a gorgeous stranger unconscious on her property, especially as he'd lost his memory and only knew his name was Benedict! Equally disturbing was the powerful chemistry between Olivia and her unexpected guest as she nursed him back to health, and Olivia soon regretted her kindness when she discovered Ben was about to buy her home. Olivia loved Wattle Creek, but it seemed the only way to keep it was to accept Ben's proposition to become his mistress.

PERHAPS LOVE 11/1983 ISBN: 0373025823 She would never be immune to him... Just when she thought she'd recovered from an adolescent crush on the handsome journalist Heath Townsend, Sasha found herself under his spell again. He was one of the most eligible bachelors in Australia, and that was all the more reason she should heed his warning, "I'm the kind of man who perhaps won't ever be ready to be tied down to one woman." Then the unexpected happened, and Heath needed Sasha. But he didn't need, or want, the one thing she was longing to give most--her love!

PLAYBOY LOVER 9/1998 ISBN: 0373825757 Thrown together in the steamy tropics of Australia's Gold Coast, Rory and Dominique felt a magnetic attraction that flared into an obsessive passion. Had Dominique found her Mr. Right or fallen for a playboy?

A QUESTION OF MARRIAGE 8/2001 ISBN: 0263825175 A matter of blackmail. Aurora had always poured her most intimate secrets into her diaries, so she was horrified that, through an infuriating mistake, Luke Kirwan now had them in his possession. And he'd only return them on condition that Aurora agreed to go on a date with him! But one date led to another and Aurora realised she didn't want Luke's teasing blackmail to end. He'd made it clear, though, that marriage was out of the question. Maybe she'd have to play Luke at his own game if he wanted to keep her, it would have to be on one condition

RELUCTANT WIFE 5/1988 ISBN: 0373110715 "We made a bargain," Adam reminded her! Roz knew that Adam had married her without loving her. He needed a poised and beautiful hostess--but her need was even greater. A fire had killed her beloved grandfather and destroyed her home, leaving her alone and vulnerable. As an adolescent she had woven fantasies about Adam Milroy, never expecting her dreams would come true, but she dared not let him know her feelings. His first disastrous marriage had left him cynical about women, and the role she was expected to play did not include loving him.

SAVED FROM SIN 7/1985 ISBN: 0373108060 She'd rushed into marriage. Clay Forrester had swept his starry-eyed Australian bride off her feet. He'd made her feel special. witty and rather daring. a person who existed only for him, when al along existed only as his instrument of revenge!

THE SEDUCTION STAKES 2/1994 Objection! True to her profession, Jane Mathieson argued that a few days? rest, even for an ambitious lawyer approaching burnout, was unnecessary, mainly because sharing a house, albeit temporarily, with Liam Benedict was no way to relax. His joking, laughing, take life as it comes attitude was poor tonic for a woman who took life, love and the meaning of the universe very seriously. Jane's traitorous desire tried to overrule her outrage at his teasing and Liam?s ready smile made her feel somewhat like a shrew. Especially because he?d made it clear that the idea of taming her was very appealing.


SOME SAY LOVE 9/1986 ISBN: 0373027850 Alex Cameron rescued Hannah for the first time before she realized he was the very man she'd come to Surfers Paradise to look up. Rescuing her became a necessary habit. The trouble was that Hannah was nineteen, painfully honest, naive--and to top it off, she fell deeply in love with Alex. And somehow she couldn't quite believe he loved her, even when he insisted that they marry. So when the woman he'd once loved appeared to be coming back on the scene, Hannah panicked and ran...

SPITFIRE 12/1981 ISBN: 0373024436 How could she bear to stay with him? Bobbie hadn't even really got over her parents' death and already she had to face losing Greentree Farm. When Rod Simpson offered not only to buy the farm but also to let her stay on, Bobbie wasn't grateful. In fact, she was furious. He might be the best horse breeder and harness racer in the country, but he was just a bit too high-handed for her. So she ran away from him. And she intended to keep on running....

STANDING ON THE OUTSIDE 6/1987 ISBN: 0373109830 She didn't expect a happy ending... Tallitha Jones practically trembled when she heard she was being sent to replace Miles Gilmour's secretary. The Brisbane businessman's unpredictable temper was well-known. But after her initial crash entry into his office, Tallitha found Miles to be surprisingly kind. He helped his red-haired "Tally-ho" to face and forget her traumatic past.

SURRENDER, MY HEART 2/1987 ISBN: 0373109512 India found love in the arms of an enemy! Gilles Ballantyne, heir to Ballantyne enterprises, had treated India with contempt since the day she'd married his father. A fortune huntress, he Calder, and worse. Suddenly, a year after her husband's death, Giles attitude to India changed. On a trip to a gorgeous resort island off the coast of Australia the year resistible passion they shared stirred untouched depths of feelings in India. But, try she might, she couldn't quite quell her uneasy doubts about Giles and the reason for his sudden transformation.

TRIAL BY MARRIAGE 3/1996 ISBN: 0373117981 Sarah Sutherland: Twenty-six years of age, wears horn-rimmed spectacles and works as aa schoolteacher: 'I suppose you could say I fit everyone's picture of a typical spinster. I wish, though, that the fact I've taken a job in the outback of Australia didn't automatically lead to the assumption that I'm out here because I can't find a man...or worse, don't want one! Cliff Wyatt certainly seems to think he just has to whistle and he can add me to his harem. Luckily, I'm immune to his charms. Or at least I thought I was. Now he's started taking me seriously...and I know I'm in big trouble!'

THE UNCONVENTIONAL BRIDE 2003 ISBN: 0373123590 Melissa Ethridge agreed to a marriage of convenience with Etienne Hurst to keep her family property from being sold. But what about giving up her freedom? Mel decides to be an unconventional bride and retain her independence - and that includes in the bedroom! But marriage to Etienne isn't what she'd expected. Her new husband wants her, and she finds him incredibly attractive. Should she abandon her marriage rules and become a conventional wife?

THE UNEXPECTED HUSBAND 1/2001 ISBN: 0373121563 Lydia had been thrilled by her temporary assignment on an Australian cattle station--until she came face-to-face with Joe Jordan on her first day! Tough, sexy Joe: the man Lydia's impulsive sister had planned to seduce...Only, Joe made it clear that it was Lydia, not her sister, who intrigued him. And he wanted to do more than work with her--he wanted to marry her! Joe's passion overwhelmed and excited Lydia, but did he just want a convenient wife?

AN UNSUITABLE WIFE 1/1995 Sedonie was a novice when it came to matters of the heart. Perhaps it was inevitable that when she met Mike Brennan she was immediately bowled over by his irresistible charm. Mike soon made it clear thought that he wasn't interested in romance, so what made tomboy Sidonie sure she was the one woman for him? Then the time came for Sidonie to leave, but Mike refused to let her go! Did that mean he actually felt something for her? Or was Sidonie always destined to be "an unsuitable wife" for Mike?

AN UNUSUAL AFFAIR 10/1993 Fair Game? Rachel wondered if months of living among primitive tribes had left her somewhat unbalance. Or was it just Mel Carlisle's sheer arrogance and devastating attractiveness that prompted her to assume this charade? Mel had mistaken her for another man's mistress, and she wasn't about to forgive or disabuse him of his hasty conclusion. But the touch me not technique she had perfected all of her life now seemed a poor fail-safe measure when challenged by Mel's and her own demanding desires.

UNWILLING MISTRESS 6/1994 ISBN: 037311656X After hours... Briony couldn't disagree with Grant Goodman--they did work well together. They parted ways on the idea that it stood to reason they should therefore play together. As the new owner of the scenic resort Briony managed, Grant was hard to avoid. Especially since he'd invaded her life so completely--his knowledge of the scandal that had exiled her to the wilds of Tasmania and his ruthless methods of character-testing put her in a state of ceaseless rage. And one of yearning. Grant wanted to make her pleasure his business, and although the offer was tempting, becoming his mistress would not be enough ....

WHEN ENEMIES MARRY... 3/1998 ISBN: 0373119461 You made it very plain that I could lose everything if I didn't marry you! And so Lucy agreed to marry Justin Waite, a man who was her enemy. Justin claimed only to want a marriage of convenience but soon made it clear that he would be happier with a wife in the fullest sense of the word. Too late Lucy realized the reason she was tempted by Justin's suggestion and that she couldn't, any longer, view Justin as her enemy...

WHEN THE NIGHT GROWS COLD 3/1988 ISBN: 0373028938 Kate Wiley hated to admit it, but singlehandedly managing the large Australian ranch was too much for her. That's when Grevil Robertson appeared on her doorstep with his offer of help. Kate soon learned his interest was more than neighborly, for he stirred feelings within her that, as a widow, she had longed to reawaken. She knew she needed a man. And, somehow, the fact that her husband had once saved Grevil's life made Kate believe it was destiny...

WHEN YOU LEAVE ME 8/1988 ISBN: 0373110952 She was not in the entertainment business. Two weeks on Australia's Great Keppel Island as paid companion to ten-year-old Simon Matthews afforded Nyree a timely escape from a misguided love affair. Roaming the glorious untouched beaches in the sweet company of a delightful little boy who needed her did wonders for Nyree's heart and soul. Until Reid Matthews, the boy's father, unexpectedly joined them. The cynical and sexist tycoon at least had the sensitivity to ask Nyree to stay for Simon's sake. But Nyree had her doubts that Reid would remember just whose companion she was!

WIFE IN THE MAKING 11/2001 ISBN: 0263825507 A wedding waiting to happen! Bryn Wallis chose Fleur as his new assistant because she insisted marriage was definitely not on her agenda! That suited Bryn perfectly. They'd be working very closely together in the tropical Australian resort he owned and the last thing he wanted was any romantic complication Only he began to find Fleur irresistible. Perhaps it had been a mistake to warn her against getting any romantic ideas

WILDCAT WIFE 4/1999 ISBN: 0263155595 Saffron Shaw, a successful interior designer in Queensland, is used to picking her own clients--and dates. But Fraser Ross isn't about to take no for an answer, especially when Saffron arouses his male instincts. Saffron believes he's looking for a quiet, serene wife, not a wildcat like her--or is he?

Patricia Armstrong

KATE 10/1995 ISBN: 0373706650 Kate Bainbridge is hopping mad. Someone's set fire to the old logging mill that her grandfather won in a game of gin rummy and bequeathed to his only granddaughter. And the man in charge is being singularly unhelpful. Manger Locke Martyn has no time to teach the new owner--a city woman, who knows nothing about logging--how to run a mill or how to deal with the eccentric locals in Gracious Boon, Oregon. He thinks Kate should simply stay where she belongs--in L.A. --and forget about the place. Of course, Locke hasn't met Kate--yet!

Tillie Armstrong

JOY RUNS HIGH 7/1980 ISBN: 0440142733

Angela Arney

SECRETS 1/1999 ISBN: 0750514027 Louise thought her love for Robert was the best secret she'd ever had, but others also had their own secrets to keep. Michael had married Louise because he loved her -- so why was he still seeing Veronique. She might be Michael's ex-wife, but seemed to have a powerful hold over him, even though she desperately wanted Daniel. He was innocent and irresistible, yet he was the force that controlled all their lives. Could Robert break the threads, which held all these people together without losing Louise, the woman he loved? Only he could decide...

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