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Last Updates: 04/12/2013


RELIC 1/2006 ISBN: 1586088084 (paranormal) Merlin’s Eye by Ellen Ashe...Unscrupulous book dealer, Roger Brinckworthe has made a fortune buying and selling antiquated medieval manuscripts. Following a lead on an ancient Druid Book of Verses he travels to England’s famed witch country to find that the mysterious heiress, Victoria Elwell, has her own agenda, and that Devon’s witchcraft is not confined to the pages of history. Sixth Day of the Moon by Celia Ashley... Trial by fire is not just an expression for Moira Delaney. Struck by lightning while on an archeological dig, Moira is transported thirteen hundred years into Ireland's past. Forced to seek the protection of a young warrior prince from the violent impulses of his brother, she discovers the price of guardianship is a night of pleasure, while the outcome of treachery is a soul destined to search for another through time. Lord of the Night by Annalee Blysse...Camille didn’t believe her grandfather’s claim the relic she found proved there was life on other planets. Yet, she believed that she was falling for a shape shifting jaguar. But could she trust her heart when Merrick admitted his brother claimed her first? She’d never been successful with men, so what on Earth would she do with two jaguars? Curse of the Cat’s Pawby Tracy Ranson...Some myths are real, others legendary... Sinister legends and deadly forces shroud Jamie, keeper of the mysterious mummified cat's paw, on her journey to the misty moors of Scotland. Once there, she hopes to right the wrongs of the past, counting on everything to go smoothly. What she doesn't count on is the sexy as hell Scotsman, Ian Munro. Can she return what is rightfully his without sacrificing her heart? RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Jenesi Ash

4 Rose ReadCHAIN REACTION 8/2007 ISBN: 0451221362 Who would send Amber such a provocative chain letter? She doesn't have time to spice up her sex life! But that's about to change when her boyfriend gets his hands on the scarf, because he has his own intoxicating brainstorms about bondage in the bedroom .... Someone must know about Sienna's secret passion for kinky sex—or else why would they have sent her the scarf? And now her fellow bondage enthusiast wants to push the limits of her boundaries.... Tiffany can't believe she's received the scarf ...again! Maybe this time she should double her pleasure and succumb to her overwhelming desire to take charge.... Grace thinks the scarf must be someone's idea of a practical joke because she hasn't had sex in years. Then she decides to use it on herself with some surprisingly juicy results—especially when her gorgeous neighbor catches a glimpse.... RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Kathleen Ash

BEYOND PRIDE 10/1982 ISBN: 0515066885

Pauline Ash

BEQUEST FOR NURSE BARBARA 6/1967 A wealthy patient leaves a fortune to Nurse Barbara Hyland.

A CHALLENGE TO NURSE HONOR 12/1965 A lot of people thought Jeziah Selby had been unfair to his four daughters when he left them his fortune only on condition that they first worked for two years in the hospital that had meant so much to him. Only the eldest girl, Honor, was happy to do as he wished, but were the others necessarily selfish to rebel.


DOCTOR ARNOLD'S AMBITION 11/1968 Everyone at the hospital knew that Dr Dobbington Arnold had a burning ambition, but no one could discover what it was. Nurse Sarah Page was as curious as any of them-especially as the mystery took people's minds off a secret of her own that she preferred to keep to herself.

DOCTOR NAPIER'S NURSE 12/1967 Catherine Hewson, Midge to her friends, and her cousin, Derry, another Catherine Hewson, were to start their nursing careers on the same day, but at different hospitals, and Derry had suggested, for some purpose of her own that they change places. But Midge was not at all sure that it was such a good idea.

DOCTOR VANNARD'S PATIENTS 5/1965 Camilla's selfish husband was responsible for more than the car crash which scarred her and crippled both him and their daughter Laurie. Yet he was still her husband - even though she might love Philip Ancliffe, another badly injured patient at the hospital where she worked.

A JOB FOR JANINE 1990 ISBN: 0708968694

THE MUCH-LOVED NURSE 4/1969 Was there anything she could do to change the way her felt?


STUDENT NURSE AT SWALE 12/1966 As Sister Tutor surveyed the newest bunch of recruits to the Preliminary Training School, she decided that one of them at least, Saski Lawrence --- Sandy to her friends --- was no ordinary little student nurse. And how right she was!!

TWIN NURSES 1986 ISBN: 0708962920

THE VOICE OF MY LOVE 1985 ISBN: 0708961452

WINTER HOLIDAY 1989 ISBN: 0708966500


Rosalie Ash

APOLLO'S LEGEND 1994 ISBN: 0263139271 'Do you live with him?' Yan cut in abruptly. 'No...' The proverbial tangled web, Eleanor thought as she evaded Yan's penetrating gaze. 'Are you sleeping with him?' 'That's none of your business!' 'You're not wearing any engagement ring,' Yan pointed out implacably. 'No. Not yet, but the engagement is semi-official...' 'Write him a letter,' Yan suggested indifferently. 'Tell him you are marrying the father of your child.' 'You're crazy! It would never work...'

CALYPSO'S ISLAND 9/1995 ISBN: 0373805314

DANGEROUS NIGHTS 3/1997 ISBN: 0373186525

A FRAGILE MARRIAGE 2000 ISBN: 0373174810

THE GYPSY'S BRIDE 6/1992 ISBN: 0373171110


THE IDEAL FATHER 10/1998 ISBN: 037317456X Romance blossoms at a family gathering in Tuscany...

AN IMPORTED WIFE 10/1996 ISBN: 0373186428

LAW OF THE CIRCLE 3/1993 ISBN: 0373171293

LOVE BY DESIGN 10/1992 ISBN: 0373171196

MARRIAGE VOWS 1995 Becky and Mall married as they had no choice so it seemed at the time.2 years on she wants her freedom but he's other ideas and she yearns for a marriage which will continue forever but marriage vows made in haste can last an eternity.

MELTING ICE 2/1990 ISBN: 0373170556 Julius Korda is as cold as steel and ascetic as a monk, and the only god he worships is the almighty dollar. Yet from the moment they met, young carefree Victoria was infatuated with Julius... but she wasn't his type.

MYTHS OF THE MOON 1/1998 ISBN: 0263786188

ORIGINAL SIN 2/1995 ISBN: 037311723X 'You will be my sex slave...!' Emily should have turned tail and run as soon as she heard those words! Instead she found herself falling in love with her new boss, Christian Malraux, the man who'd made that outrageous suggestion. But there was a dark and mysterious secret in Christian's past which had scarred his soul as well as his face. Did Emily dare hope that the power of her love could bring Christian out of the darkness and into the light again?

PRIVATE PROPERTY 9/1991 ISBN: 0373170947

THE TROPHY WIFE 3/2001 ISBN: 0263798143 Brad has a secret but nevertheless pursues his new wife India to France.

UNSAFE HARBOUR 6/1991 ISBN: 0373170874 They say things come in threes... And for Charlotte, it certainly seemed true. She hadn't been prepared for her father's death - nor for the state of disrepair into which his boatyard had fallen. But she was determined to salvage his business somehow. Even if it meant dealing with Drew Meredith. Drew was the one man she never wanted to see again - the man who'd inherited a sizable share of the boatyard. With all the bravura of a plundering pirate, he expected her to agree to closing it down. Charlotte, however, wasn't about to abandon ship - she was determined to weather the storm.

VENGEFUL BRIDE 1/1996 ISBN: 037318624X

THE WITCH'S WEDDING 10/1993 ISBN: 0263132714

Juliet Ashby

DREAM OF PASSION 2/1984 ISBN: 0671572792 He accused her of having no passion, yet it was her unawakened passion that frightened Samantha and challenged the great Christopher Steele.

MIDNIGHT LOVER 11/1983 ISBN: 067157258X Kim Curtis felt supremely confident as she went to meet the new publisher of the Recorder. She was an ace reporter, as good as any man on the paper, and she knew it. But all her confidence dissolved before the deep, challenging gaze of Jon Dumont...

ONE MAN FOREVER 7/1982 ISBN: 0671571621

Megan Ashe

THE LIGHTNING TOUCH 9/1984 ISBN: 0451129962

A MOUNTAIN MAN 12/1983 ISBN: 0451126319

Rebecca Ashe

MASQUE OF THE SWAN 1/1996 ISBN: 0786002123 When Caralisa dances into the arms of a masked stranger, her life changes forever. Rumored to be a devil, the seductive Count of Samothrace is the most dangerous man Caralisa has ever met. With a handsome nobleman also vying for her hand, Caralisa must make a decision that will affect not only her own life, but the future of her country. Will Caralisa become the object of a young man's heart, or the object of a driven man's obsession?

Bridget Asher

4 Rose ReadMY HUSBAND'S SWEETHEARTS 8/2008 ISBN: 9780385341899 When Lucy discovered that her charming, cheating husband was dying, she came home, opened up his little black book, and decided she wasn't going through this alone. After all, Artie's sweethearts were there for the good times—is it fair that Lucy should have to manage the hard times herself? In this wise, wickedly funny new novel, Lucy dials up the women in Artie's black book and invites them for one last visit. The last thing she expects is that any will actually show up. But one by one, they do show up: The one who hates him. The one who owes her life to him. The one he turned into a lesbian, and the one he taught to dance. And among them is a visitor with the strangest story of all: the young man who may or may not be Artie's long-lost son. For Lucy, the jaw-dropping procession of women is an education in the man she can't forgive and couldn't leave. And as the women find themselves sharing secrets and sharing tears, they start to discover kindred spirits—and even something that's a lot like family. But Lucy knows one thing for certain: the biggest surprises are yet to come…. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Deanna Ashford

DOCTOR'S ORDERS 2/2000 ISBN: 0352334533 When Dr. Helen Dawson loses her job at a state-run hospital, she is delighted to be offered a position at a private clinic. As it turns out, the staff not only cares for the medical needs of clients, but caters to their every sexual need. Helen soon discovers other, far darker secrets.


AFTER TWILIGHT 9/2001 ISBN: 0505524503 Three of romance's hottest bestselling authors -- Amanda Ashley, Christine Feehan, and Ronda Thompson -- invite you to explore the dark side, to taste the forbidden, to dive into danger with heroes who fire the blood and lay claim to the soul in these striking tales of sensual passion. A man hunts for a woman. Yet what if he is no ordinary male, but a predator in search of prey? A dark soul looking for the light? A vampire, a werewolf, a mythic being who strikes fear into the hearts of mortals? When day fades into night, when fear becomes fascination, when the swirling seduction of everlasting love overcomes the senses, it must be after twilight.


MIDNIGHT PLEASURES 12/2003 ISBN: 0312987625 Handsome and sensual, surrounded by an aura of danger, mystery, and the forbidden, a lover steps from the shadows. But is he mortal? Or is he an ancient god, a sorcerer, or a mythical beast who can possess a woman's heart...and her very soul? Four of romance's most popular authors have created this spellbinding collection of stores filled with dark passion and desire. Under the cover of darkness, their heroes inhabit worlds haunted by ageless hungers and deadly forces stronger than any seen by day...and vanquished only by the power of love. Now travel into realms where dazzling wonders roam the night, where magic replaces reason, and where a kiss unleashes a raging fire in the blood. And here, if you dare, discover the seduction that begins at the bewitching hour when a man and woman partake in...Midnight Pleasures. RR@H's Novel Thoughts


CHRISTMAS CARDS FROM THE EDGE 10/2005 ISBN: 0505526573 One wannabe dominatrix. A sexy Scotsman. Twenty-seven relatives. An ex-convict uncle on the lamb. A sheriff hot on his heels. A Christmas pageant decorated like a department store white sale. A Tony award-winning actor better known for his Heat-n-Eat Meat Pie ads. A town conspiring on Christmas Eve to keep Manhattan refugees from escaping back to the city. What are three nice girls to do? Play naughty. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Amanda Ashley

DEEPER THAN THE NIGHT 8/1996 ISBN: 050552113X There was something otherworldly about Alexander Claybourne. With his mesmerizing eyes, the seductive stranger looked every inch a vampire. No matter what secrets Alexander hid, Kara Crawford felt drawn to him, compelled to join him beneath the light of the moon, where they could share a love in the night...

SUNLIGHT, MOONLIGHT 1/1997 He came from across the universe--a tawny, powerful stranger more perfect than any mere mortal. Yet when Micah crash-landed on earth, not even his boundless strength could help him resist the temptations of one stunning beauty. Trapped on a world not his own, tracked by enemies bent on destroying him, Micah fought to preserve his very life even as he ached to claim the love that would take him to heaven and beyond. Long had Navarre dwelt in darkness, yearning to end his cursed solitude. A vampire doomed to eternal night, he had searched through the ages for a woman brave enough to desire him, a lover bold enough to embrace him. And when Navarre at last found her, he swore that together they would savor the joys of undying ecstasy and surrender the dawn.

Faye Ashley

BESIEGED 8/1987 ISBN: 0373252676

LOST IN MY DREAMS 1/1996 ISBN: 0312956916 Roseanna Bentley Tait didn't know that something was missing from her Houston-society lifestyle - until an ordinary trip to her closet turned her world upside down. She didn't find the dress that she planned to wear to another dull social affair. Instead, she found herself falling through space, landing in a meadow, where she appears to be 20 years younger. Roseanna assumes she's dreaming, or crazy...or both. So when she finds herself staring into the emerald-green eyes of the most gorgeous man she's ever seen, she decided to explore this fantasy dream world. But then she discovers that Nathaniel Knight is all too passionately real. As she moves back and forth between her world and his, she begins to fall under the spell of true love. But will fate step in and close the door to this world...and to her heart?

SEPTEMBER VALENTINE 9/1997 ISBN: 0312962797 Too Young To Die... Valentine Townsend hadn't begun to live when her life ended in a plane crash. She'd been too timid to follow her dreams and search for the one perfect love. But her guardian angel, Elisse, has arranged for Valentine to have one last chance to reach for her destiny. Heaven Gave Her A Second Chance... There is only one problem: her second chance comes with a time limit. Valentine has only a year to find her true love and she's fallen for handsome, enigmatic Jordan Wyatt, the one man in Texas she can't have. Fortunately, Elisse is still watching in the wings.

Jacqueline Ashley

THE GIFT 6/1989 ISBN: 0373162995

HUNTING SEASON1/1984 ISBN: 0373160402

IN THE NAME OF LOVE 1/1986 ISBN: 0373161360 She'd moved to Tulsa, disguised her features and changed her name. She'd carefully chosen time and place so that the encounter would seem perfectly innocuous. Now she found herself staring at a face that was shockingly like her own, the face of the woman who'd given her life, then given her up. Anne hadn't wanted Althea Adamson to recognize her, for she didn't want to interfere with her mother's life. Still, Anne couldn't suppress the stab of disappointment as the woman turned away...That was when Althea's escort introduced himself and spoke the words Anne had never imagined during all her months of planning.

LONG JOURNEY HOME 1/1987 ISBN: 0373161824 As Cassy studied Bram Palmer's contented smile, she wasn't sure what she'd gotten herself into. No Stewart would invite a Palmer home for coffee, and no Palmer would accept. The mill-owning Stewarts and the pro-labor Palmers of Barton's Corner, Missouri, were bitter rivals-one only had to witness the explosive exchanges between Cassy's brother and Bram's sister.

LOVE'S REVENGE 8/1983 ISBN: 0373160208

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR 10/1989 ISBN: 0373163169

THE OTHER HALF OF LOVE 11/1984 ISBN: 037316078X

A QUESTION OF HONOR 7/1987 ISBN: 0373162081


SPRING'S AWAKENING 7/1986 ISBN:0373161573

Jennifer Ashley

CONFESSIONS OF A LINGERIE ADDICT 6/2005 ISBN: 0505526360 The fixation began on New Year's Day: Silky, expensive slips from New York and Italy. Camisoles and thongs from Beverly Hills. Before, Brenda Scott would have blushed to be caught dead in them. Now, she'd ditched the shy and mousy persona that had gotten her dumped by her rich and perfect boyfriend, and she was sexy. Underneath her sensible clothes, Brenda was the woman she wanted to be. After all, why couldn't she be wild and crazy? Nick, the sexy stranger she'd met on New Year's, already seemed to think she was. Of course, he didn't know the old Brenda. He didn't know about her brother and his failed life. He didn't know about her mother's embarrassing new boy-toy. How long before Nick stripped it all away and found the truth beneath? And would that be a bad thing? In life, it seemed, it was all about what you put on and what you left off. And, of course, who you were wearing it for. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Sarah Ashley

CHERISHED MOMENTS 7/1983 ISBN: 0515072214 Joy Osoff never regretted rejecting marriage to pursue a glamorous public-relations career. But her vague longings take shape...and her dreams of romance are fulfilled...when she encounters raven-haired Bill Birke. They meet in glorious Paris and love in seaswept Cannes, reveling in a passion as reckless as the pounding surf...sharing tender moments in dappled forests and on sun-kissed beaches. Then, in the playground of the rich, Joy is offered the job of a lifetime. Bill is furious, and she is torn. Determined to lead her own life, she may risk the very love that has filled her world with magic and her heart with ecstasy.

Steven Ashley

LOVE OUT OF TIME 7/1985 ISBN: 0425079678

Suzanne Ashley

BITTERSWEET BETRAYAL 10/1989 ISBN: 0373095562 When her unscrupulous boss demanded she spy on the competition, computer specialist Tannis Robbins faced a tough choice. Though her conscience said no, she desperately needed funds to care for her critically ill sister. The added threat of blackmail left Tannis no alternative - she had to unlock the secrets of handsome electronics genius Zachary Spencer. Reluctantly, cleverly, Tannis infiltrated his firm, earning Zachary's trust and admiration. But she never expected to become the object of his passion! Torn between loyalty to her sister and newfound desire for Zachary, Tannis considered the cruel reality of her charade: could she possibly betray the only man she'd ever wanted?

Ann Ashton


Elizabeth Ashton

AEGEAN QUEST 6/1977 ISBN: 0373020767 When Prunella Paterson disappeared, in Greece, shortly before her wedding day, her sister Priscilla instinctively knew whom to blame--Nikolaos Palaeologus, head of a proud family that was actually descended from the Byzantine emperors. Nikolaos certainly didn't think a little English nobody, from the doubtful world of show business moreover, was a fit person to marry his younger brother. Priscilla flew off to tackle him, confident that she would win despite his wealth, power and brains. What she had not bargained for was his immense attractiveness..

ALPINE RHAPSODY 9/1973 ISBN: 0373017138

THE BENEVOLENT DESPOT 2/1970 Lina was about to marry boring George for money, but would exciting Barton make a better offer?

BORROWED PLUMES 4/1981 Janet couldn't match her beautiful cousin. She'd always lived in Renata's shadow, so when Renata decided against eloping with Alex Leandris, Janet had the unenviable task of telling him.


BRIDE ON APPROVAL 10/1987 ISBN: 0373028636 Sancia longed to be free from the restrictive atmosphere of her father's house--but her loveless upbringing had convinced her that she'd never be able to respond to a man's lovemaking. So, when escape was offered in the form of an arranged marriage--along with a lovely Venetian palazzo home--she feared she would still be unhappy. Giovanni...embodied all the sophistication and excitement any woman could desire. But could Sancia be like other women, especially when it was her heart, not just her body, that needed fulfillment?

COUSIN MARK 10/1971 Damaris loved her home, Ravenscrag, more than anything else in the world. She had lived there happily with her grandfather, and never wanted to live anywhere else. But then her grandfather died--and Damaris was told that under the terms of his will the only way she could keep Ravenscrag was to marry the heir, the new baronet--her unknown Cousin Mark. This Damaris was quite prepared to do; whatever Cousin Mark Treherne was like, she would marry him and be a good and faithful wife to him--but it did mean that she must be very careful not to fall in love elsewhere. So it was unfortunate, to say the least, that even before Mark had arrived on the scene, Damaris found herself falling in love with the attractive Christian Trevor. Would she be strong enough to nip the affair in the bud? And meanwhile, what were Cousin Mark's feelings on the subject likely to be?

CROWN OF WILLOW 2/1976 ISBN: 0373019467 To regain his family's chateau and fortunes, Raoul Comte de Valpres, had only marry the more-than-willing Mariette Dubois, spoilt daughter of the chateau's present owner. But how could unimportant Halcyon Grey, who loved him, stand by and see him do it?

DANGEROUS TO KNOW 12/1974 ISBN: 0263717143

DARK ANGEL 12/1974 ISBN: 0373040865 Francesca Temple came to Italy to stay with her parents and to introduce them to her fiance Desmond. But fate decreed that her visit was to end in her marriage to another man --- the very disturbing Angelo Vittorinni. Could Francesca ever understand the enigmatican who was her husband? Couid she ever love him???

ERRANT BRIDE 6/1974 ISBN: 0373040350 Antoine de Mericourt was going to turn Sylvie into a great star of the ballet --- which was why he had married her, just to ensure hat no romantic distractions would interfere with her career. He had no intention of allowing the marriage to become a real one --- but what about Sylvie's feelings??

FLUTTER OF WHITE WINGS 11/1972 ISBN: 0373016360

THE GARDEN OF THE GODS 4/1979 ISBN: 0373022565 He had risked his life to save hers! Cass Dakers had rescued Rachel from drowning off the coast of Corfu. He had taken her into his home, and suggested that they get married so that she would have someone to protect her from her pursuers. Rachel was so attracted to him that she happily agreed. She knew that Cass didn't love her, but she was sure that given time they could be happy together. And then Panos Simonides, the original cause of all her troubles, turned up to spoil everything.

THE GILDED BUTTERFLY ISBN: 0263717615 When Selina went out to the tiny South American country where her father lived she soon got into the bad books of her father's friend Alastair Grainger. Alastair thought her a silly, frivolous playgirl who would be better advised to leave as soon as possible and get back to her jet-set friends. In fact, Selina was forced to leave the country almost immediately, when she unwittingly got herself into a difficult and dangerous situation. As it was Alastair who had saved her from it, perhaps it was inevitable that she should have fallen in love with him. But he was not for her, he told her firmly; apart from his ingrained disapproval of her there was too great a barrier between them. She must go away and forget him. Was it going to be easy as that, though?

THE GOLDEN GIRL 8/1978 ISBN: 0373021925 All I want from you is that gold medal. Adrian Belmont, the great running coach, had never trained a woman before. So, when he told Rosamund that he wanted to coach her to win an Olympic gold medal, she was pleased and flattered. She soon found out that Adrian didn't see her as a woman, but as a running machine, a collection of bones and muscles that moved faster than any other female! How could she have allowed herself to fall in love with him?

GREEN HARVEST 11/1977 ISBN: 037302116X Toni forced herself to face the truth. Either Julian would marry the nice woman she detested, or he'd go off for years on an overseas assignment. Toni had been a girl when she'd first declared her love for Julian --- too young to handle her emotions. Now she was a woman and it was too late. Well, she would survive. But, Julian would take a part of her with him and she would never be entirely whole again!!

THE HOUSE OF THE EAGLES 7/1974 ISBN: 037301869X Lois had tried to make herself believe that her romance with Val Daventry was only a holiday affair, but she knew in her heart that it was much more than that; that she would never love any other man. But unfortunately Val didn't seem to feel the same way.

THE JOYOUS ADVENTURE 2/1980 ISBN: 0373023111 "Here's to a joyous adventure, Suzanne!" Susan responded eagerly to Raoul Sansterre's toast. Was she toasting the adventure of opening up Thurston Hall as a high-class restaurant, or the exciting prospect of getting to know this suave, handsome Frenchman who was to manage it? Gradually, Susan realized that without Raoul nothing would be an adventure, but she couldn't help thinking that he was more interested in Thurstan Hall than in her. Surely she wasn't destined to fall in love with the wrong man again?

LADY IN THE LIMELIGHT 5/1976 ISBN: 0373019726 Averil was whisked from obscurity to potential stardom by the celebrated director, Philip Conway. But already she had been foolish enough to fall in love with him; and even if he returned her feelings, what could she do about her engagement to John?

MISS NOBODY FROM NOWHERE 12/1975 ISBN: 0373019335 She had no idea who she was or where she came from --- only that she had been in an accident somewhere in the remote northwest of India and that Clive Stratton had rescued her. He found a name for her --- Angela --- and took her under his wing. Back in England, in the peaceful surroundings of Clive's Dorset home, they both hoped that gradually memory and happiness would return to Angela. But what chance of happiness had she when she found herself living with the glamorous ghost of Clive's first wife?

MOONLIGHT ON THE NILE 12/1979 ISBN: 0373023006 Miles was like a desert mirage! Working in Egypt, Lorna met the fascinating Miles Faversham, who rescued her from the burning sands. Despite her hardened cynicism, Lornal feel in love with him.

MOORLAND MAGIC 12/1973 ISBN: 0373017413 Charity wanted to work with children, and the chance of becoming nanny to Frances, the granddaughter of her sister's friend, seemed too good to miss. But how was she to receive the attentions of Gabriel, who made it obvious that he found her attractive? And what would Jason, the strong-willed head of the household, think?

MOUNTAIN HERITAGE 2/1977 ISBN: 0373020449 Young Mea Marlow met Lucian Becker in Switzerland --- the first man she had met, in fact, since leaving school --- and she lost no time in falling in love with him. But Lucian, it was clear, had been earmarked by Mea's beautiful mother as her next husband, so Mea would just have to forget him. But how could she do that when he was impossible to avoid??

MY LADY DISDAIN 7/1976 ISBN: 0140238182 Jacqueline had always loved Gino, and when he asked her to marry him she gladly accepted. But she knew he wasn't marrying her for love, only because he wanted a competent helpmate. Then her glamorous sister came along and announced that she and Gino were in love. Should Jac let him go; or should she stick to her rights as his fiancee?

A PARADE OF PEACOCKS 2/1973 ISBN: 0373040512 It was only by chance that Charmian had met the worldly Alex Dimitriou in Paris, and it was only a brief meeting, but it was long enough for her to learn his philosophy --- "Love and marriage are two very different things." She would never have the chance to prove him wrong, for he also said, "We shall never meet again." But they did!!

PARISIAN ADVENTURE 8/1970 It was a great thrill for Renee when she was 'spotted' by the famous couturier Leon Sebastien and found herself transported from her modest career as a photographer's model to the excitement and glamour of Paris and the world of haute couture. But she soon began to suspect that there was more to the situation than met the eye, when she realised that she had an uncanny resemblance to Monsieur Sebastien's former star mannequin, the beautiful Antoinette. Perhaps he had simply wanted a replacement for his famous model - but it was not long before Renee heard the rumour that he needed a replacement for Antoinette in more ways than one!

THE PIED TULIP 2/1970 ISBN: 0373513739

THE PLAYER KING 10/1975 ISBN: 0373019181 The famous actor Dorian Armitge had been a hero of Jocelyn's ever since she had once worked with him. Now, quite by accident, she had the chance to be part of his private life as well --- as companion to his motherless small son. Although she was now closer to her idol than she ad ever dared to hope, could she compete with the glamorous girl friends he already had aplenty??

THE QUESTING HEART 7/1978 ISBN: 0373021798 Aren't you going to kiss me good night?" Clare blurted out the words awkwardly. His first reaction of surprise was not entirely flattering. Clare's lifelong ambition was to write a romantic novel, but how could she when she had absolutely no experience of love or romance? Then she met Christopher Raines, a famous sophisticated playwrite, romantic and experienced. Suddenly her heart began to pound in panic. What on earth had made her think she could handle the situation her words had provoked.

REBEL AGAINST LOVE 12/1981 ISBN: 0373024444 We've met before, Mr. de Savigny." Josephine's words startled the snobbish French aristocrat, who had earlier mistaken her for a stable boy. The error was understandable, for Jo liked her tomboy image and scorned feminine things like elegant clothes and makeup, and romance. "Sooner or later," Marcel de Savigny stated with a challenging gleam in his eyes, "your womanhood will catch up with you." Fearfully, Jo looked back at him. She prayed that marcel wouldn't be around when that happened!

THE REKINDLED FLAME 8/1980 ISBN: 0373023472 She had thought herself in love. That was two years ago --- and Shane Riordan had proved unfaithful. Now Lynsey planned to marry Norman Melville and share his quiet, undemanding life. Unfortunately, Shane's untimely reappearance shocked Lynsey into admitting she was still influenced by his magnetism. And her young niece, Debbie, made no secret of her infatuation. Somehow Lynsey had to protect her niece from such a heartbreaking entanglement. But how could she ignore her own rekindled love??

RELUCTANT PARTNERSHIP 4/1980 ISBN: 0373023243 Sonya would never succeed on her own! But for her father's sake she had to keep trying. Sonya had been raised in the world of figure skating. Her parents were famous before the accident that claimed her mother's life and left her father crippled. Now all Eliot Vincent lived for was to see his daughter become a champion. Then Sven Petersen, a star in his own right, asked Sonya to partner him in his return to pairs skating. It was a chance she couldn't afford to turn down.

RENDEZVOUS IN VENICE9/1978 ISBN: 037302200X Shelagh's holiday romance in Venice with young Camillo Barsini soon became much more, and they were planning to marry when Camillo changed his mind. So when his father asked her to marry him instead, Shelagh accepted almost before she realized what she had done.

THE ROAD TO THE BORDER 2/1975 ISBN: 0373018533 Mavis had grown accustomed to the fact that men found her glamorous sister Aline more attractive than her nondescript self. But when David MacAuchie came on the scene for once she felt like competing with her sister for his favour. She had got off to a head start, since her first meeting with David led her to travel with him by road to Scotland--a long journey that gave her plenty of time to get to know him--and fall in love with him. That, however, didn't meant hat David returned her feelings--and once they arrived in Scotland Aline would be there. What chance would Mavis ever have of gaining his love once Aline decided that this was yet another man who would not escape her clutches?

THE ROCKS OF ARACHENZA 9/1974 ISBN: 037301810X Lorena encountered the domineering Mario Marescu in Sardinia--and from the first he made it clear that he disapproved of her way of life. How dared he presume to judge her? Lorena had never met such an exasperating, arrogant male. Yet why did it seem so important to her to gain his approval? Perhaps his opinion counted for something after all?

SANCTUARY IN THE DESERT 3/1977 ISBN: 0373101791 "I don't regret helping you," Teo said gallantly. "You're still like the boy you pretended to be--and a good companion; I appreciate you." Peta listened to his assignment with mixed feelings. Apparently she possessed so little feminine allure that he could easily forget she was a girl. For the first time in her life she wished to make emotional impact as a woman-and Teo was blandly telling her he was relieved she was unable to do so!


SCORCHED WINGS 7/1975 ISBN: 0373706790 Julie was in Provence to visit her French grandfather and perhaps heal the breach between them, but instead she had managed to fall in love with the elusive Armand Beausset. But what would come of that? As Armand's rejected girl friend said: "Does the wind marry? Does the sun form an alliance?" What could a girl like Julie ever expect from such a man?

SICILIAN SUMMER 5/1981 ISBN: 0373024010 Niccolo Mmartelli was the most exciting man Lucy had ever met, yet she had no illusions about him. He was a rich, aristocratic Sicilian; Lucy was an English children's nurse. Then she learned the match was even more unsuitable. For Niccolo was merely using her to conceal his affair with Lucy's employer, the sultry contessa. Lucy had nothing but contempt for a man, however attractive, who could so easily switch his attentions!

SIGH NO MORE 3/1974 ISBN: 0373017626 "Men were deceivers," Imogen told herself bitterly when Raymond let her down. She was never going to let it happen again. Her resolve might have weakened when she met Christian Wainwright and knew she could easily fall in love with him, but Christian had another love, with which Imogen couldn't possibly compete.

SILVER ARROW 9/1981 ISBN: 0373024258 His proposal came as a complete surprise. Frances was flattered by it. After all, Gray Crawford was a prominent figure in the speedboat-racing world. Frances hadn't minded working as a domestic in his Scottish Highlands house, but it wasn't a career. Marriage to Gray would mean a different future. Anyway, she didn't want to refuse him; she loved him devotedly. And even knowing Gray's ruling passion was his speedboat, Silver Arrow, couldn't prevent Frances from following her heart.

VOYAGE OF ENCHANTMENT 8/1977 ISBN: 0373020937 The conversation Audrey had overheard still sang in her ears. Her golden dream dissolved like mist. What a fool she had been! The thought of how easily she had been deceived with sweet words and tender glances made her wince. Damon had agreed to marry her only because it had been worth his while. Well, Audrey decided grimly, the welcome he was expecting on his return was not the one he was going to get!

WHITE WITCH 10/1982 ISBN: 0373025033 Laurel wanted to keep her nephew, Peter, after the death of her sister and her sister's husband, Pedro de las Aguilas. For Peter's sake, however, she felt compelled to take him to his father's family in Spain. The family's hostility over Pedro's marriage was understandable. Unexpected was the bitter enmity that the arrogant Luis de las Aguilas directed at Laurel personally. It was inevitable that their passions would flare out of control.

THE WILLING HOSTAGE 3/1979 ISBN: 0373022476 Rosalie had kept her identity secret she'd been wooed for her prospects before. Now she was suspicious of any man who took an interest in her. But Don Rafael's interest in her was revenge. He knew her as a hotel waitress, sister of the waiter who had eloped with the Don's wealthy bride-to-be. "Don't pretend you weren't in on the plot, " he accused her angrily, when he took her as hostage. Rosalie had little sympathy for Don Rafael. Certainly she never expected to fall in love with him.

Lorayne Ashton

ASPEN 10/1988 ISBN: 1558020233

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