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Last Updates: 04/12/2013

Elizabeth Ashtree

A CAPTAIN'S HONOR 10/2002 ISBN: 0373710895 Chief Warrant Officer Rachel Southwell has been an absentee mother for too many years. So she jumps at the chance to work for a general at the Pentagon and live fulltime with her eight-year-old son. But her new assignment has as many perils as a war zone. Because Captain Nathan Fordham, the general's aide, wants her to help him entrap the abusive older man - a risky undertaking that could derail Nathan's and Rachel's careers if they fail. Nathan will be around to help Rachel out. But that quickly becomes as dangerous as the general's proximity - and the mysterious stalker Rachel can't shake. Both Rachel and Nathan had sworn off love. Now they've tumbled into it...way deeper than either of them want.

THE COLONEL AND THE KID 1/2002 ISBN: 0373710364 She hated her assignment...until she met him. There's something about a handsome man who speaks with an accent and wears a foreign military uniform. Add an air of mystery and a young child he's raising on his own, and that man becomes irresistible... But resisting him is exactly what Captain Natalie Wentworth's career demands. As an army protocol officer, her duties - showing Colonel Viktor Baturnov around, making sure he's properly introduced to his American counterparts and getting him settled into his training program at the Pentagon - call for professional detachment. Things go smoothly until Natalie learns the real reason for the colonel's visit to America. Suddenly she's embroiled in the struggle of a father to save his son. And her feelings for both could cost her dearly.

INTO THIN AIR 2005 ISBN: 0373712642'I don't know what happened to the body... Captain Kelsey O'Roark has stumbled across a corpse - at least, that's what she thought she saw before someone hit her over the head. When she comes to, there is no body. Having no other choice, she reluctantly takes her story to Major Julian Fordham - a member of the Criminal Investigations Division. It's not that she's worried that Julian isn't good at his job. It's just that they dated a year ago - and things didn't end well. Julian believes her - and he's the only one. Despite the tension between them, can these two work together to discover what happened that night?

A MARRIAGE OF MAJORS 2004 ISBN: 0373712162 Major Kristen Clark shows a brave face when her husband, Major Anthony Garitano, returns from Afghanistan. Her proud warrior husband would hate to be on the receiving end of pity. But Anthony is nothing like the strong, carefree man she married. In fact, he's as much of a stranger to her as he is to eighteen-month-old Amy, the daughter he's never met. Kristen is determined to save their marriage, even though Anthony seems ready to give up. Until a terrorist out for revenge threatens his home and his family. Then Kristen notices that it's not just the soldier in Anthony that responds. It's the father and husband. He'll do anything to protect the people he loves.

AN OFFICER AND A HERO 3/1999 ISBN: 0373708289 The Officer: Captain Kaitlin McCord, an attorney in the U.S. Army's Judge Advocate General's Corps. The Hero: Master Sergeant Daniel Wilson, a paralegal assigned to Captain McCord. The Problem: The captain meets the handsome enlisted man before she knows he'll be working for her. But as a JAG attorney, she's well aware that a relationship with a subordinate is a court-martial offence. The Passion: Despite everything, Kaitlin can't help falling in love with him - a Gulf War hero, a man who values family, a man of honor. A passionate lover... The military code of conduct requires them to stay apart. Their own feelings drawn them together. It's the greatest conflict they'll ever face.

Phyll Ashworth

ONCE MORE WITH FEELING 4/1998 ISBN: 0821760939 Jamie Campbell is the only female stockbroker in her firm--and she's thoroughly professional. The pretty young widow keeps her mind strictly on her work...until investor Marshall MacRae walks into her office, and Jamie is forced to sit up and take notice. Mac is distractingly sexy...and his expertise in money matters is a match for her own.

TROPICAL NIGHTS 6/2000 ISBN: 0821769812

Nan Asquith







THE GIRL FROM ROME 11/1973 ISBN: 0373017340 Jane had had a wonderful summer in Rome with Gino but now, unhappily, it was all over. Would it help to solve her problems if she accepted Vance Morley's invitation to go with him to Corfu - and its unusual condition?

THE HOUSE ON BRINDEN WATER aka THE DOCTOR IS ENGAGED Dr. Kate Baron's old love arrives in town the day her new engagement is announced.


ONLY MY HEART TO GIVE 3/1969 ISBN: 0373012845 Liz deeply loved her work as a vet, and she found it galling to have the most interesting jobs taken away from her by a newcomer to the firm on the grounds that they were 'unsuitable for women'. All the more trying as she badly needed an absorbing occupation to take her mind off a love affair that wasn't going too well, for her rival was rich and Liz had only her heart to give.

TIME MAY CHANGE 2/1974 ISBN: 0373017537 Off on a glamorous Mediterranean cruise as guest of the parents of a charming man who was determined to marry her, Rowan had not a care in the world. But the idyllic prospect was very soon to be shattered...

TURN THE PAGE 7/1970 ISBN: 0373014112 After Cathie lost all her money, her fiance's domineering mother did her best to break off the engagement. Should Cathie take the hint - especially as another equally attractive man was taking an interest in her..

WITH ALL MY HEART 12/1968 ISBN: 0373012616 Stevie Hylton found herself content with life, and a congenial job at a riding school on the unspoiled Norfolk coast.

Cynthia Astin

LOVE'S WILD ROSE 1980 ISBN: 0897722213

Syrie A. Astrahan

THE SKY'S THE LIMIT 2/1987 ISBN: 0373053347 Grant Pembroke was everything Kelli Harrison wanted in a man--intelligent, hardworking, attractive. Professionally they made a wonderful team, but privately their strong personalities clashed. He was too much a leader, a planner, an organizer--to much like her. Kelli had just said goodbye to everything--her hometown, her job, her domineering ex-boyfriend--to start a new life in inviting Lake Tahoe. Choosing between her independence and her growing love for Grant wasn't going to be easy. But in an all-or-nothing situation, the sky's the limit.

SONGBIRD2/1986 ISBN: 0373503989 Desiree had a voice that could bring the male population of California to its knees. As a radio DJ, she had a sultry voice but all were surprised she was so petite. Desiree was also dumbfounded that the winner of the radio contest wasn't the balding executive she expected but a very handsome businessman from Seattle.

Daphne Atkeson

BABY MAKES THREE 7/2000 ISBN: 0821769456 A Assistant Principal Zoe Balboa has no intention of getting involved with her new roommate, Alex Masters--although the thought of running her hands through the handsome inventor's unruly hair is very tempting. Zoe's determined to keep things strictly business.until one of her students leaves a present on her new doorstep--a baby girl! Alex may be an absent-minded inventor, but, as the oldest in a big family, he's a total pro at soothing crying babies--a talent Zoe obviously missed out on. He can't help but smile at how inept his pretty, straight-laced roomie is at the basics of motherhood. But he's got a feeling that with a little tutoring, the secretly soft-hearted cutie will make a fabulous mom--and wife..

GETTING ZACK BACK 12/1998 ISBN: 0821762508 Attorney Zack Stone thinks the new cyclist is a knockout ...until she knocks him off his bike and lands him in the hospital. When she shows up as his private nurse, sparks fly. Allison's afraid to fall for her handsome patient because of her jinx of being attracted to "taken" men and Zack has an ex-girlfriend who's a little too friendly for everyone's good.

Jane Atkin

FLIGHT OF FANCY8/1986 ISBN: 0440126495

A FRAGILE DECEPTION 5/1986 ISBN: 0440126959

KNIGHT OF ILLUSIONS 3/1987 ISBN: 0440145961 He appeared mysteriously on England's misty cliffs and swept her off her feet. Jacqueline Lacey knew she was in trouble. Reluctantly she included Mitch Corey in her agency's fabulous King Arthur Fantasy Tour. Lost in her own dreams of Camelot, she surrendered to her shining knight...until Mitch shattered all illusion with the shocking truth. A private eye, he was on the trail of a jewel thief. And she was his number one suspect! If he loved her, how could he think her guilty? And how could she prove her innocence to the passionate deceiver who'd already stolen her heart?

A MOMENT'S ENCHANTMENT 2/1986 ISBN: 0440157927

NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY 11/1986 ISBN: 0440164265

Dawn Atkins

ANCHOR THAT MAN! 6/2002 ISBN 0373441436 Renata Rose is supposed to help couples find happily ever after . not make them crash their love boats on the rocks of love! But she's lost her belief in marriage, jeopardizing her job hosting a TV relationship show. Enter too-charming, too-sexy co-anchor Hawk Hunter. Hawk's ideas for the show are all wrong. And Renata plans on telling him so.just as soon as she finishes falling for him.

THE COWBOY FLING 3/2002 ISBN 0373259719 Lacey Wellington is out to change her life. And sexy cowboy Max McLane is the perfect man for the hot fling she has in mind. Problem is, he seems to be the noble kind and is resisting her advances. She'll just have to prove that she likes footloose and fancy-free cowboys. Funny thing, though, the more she knows about Max, the less cowboy-like he seems. Max would rather wrangle a spreadsheet than a steer. And he'd give almost anything to never see another saddle again. But he gave his word to her overprotective brother that he would keep an eye on Lacey and keep her out of trouble. So somehow this former accountant has to pretend he's the cowboy he's not.while keeping his hands off Lacey!

LIPSTICK ON HIS COLLAR9/2002 ISBN 0373259956 A year ago Nick Ryder and Mirand Chase shared a steamy night that left more than just a few lipstick marks on his collar. When she didn't return his calls, Nick got the message loud and clear ... this high-class woman wanted nothing more from a lowly cop. Yet they've met again, and Miranda needs his investigative talents. He can't refuse the tempting Miranda, but he can stay out of her bed. Or at least try ... Miranda struggled to forget gorgeous Nick Ryder--he didn't call and she thought he wasn't interested. Now he's back--as sexy and irresistible as ever--and his hot glances are saying he wants another night. But he keeps insisting that this is strictly business. That means Miranda is going to have to sharpen her lipstick and entice him ... because she's not about to let him get away twice!

WEDDING FOR ONE / TATTOO FOR TWO 1/2003 ISBN 0373441576 Running out on her own wedding years ago is coming back to haunt Mariah Monroe. Now she needs to go home to persuade ex-groom Nathan Goodman to keep running her family's company. But he's determined to free his inner wild man. And even worse, it seems their attraction didn't fade when she drove off into the sunset. To her family, Nikki Winfield is a successful store owner who's married to a doctor. Truth is, she's a tattoo artist with a commitment issue. A family emergency calls her home and she has to produce a husband. Enter Hollister Marx. He's a dentist--sort of a doctor, right?--who owes her a favor. Too bad her fake husband's kisses are a little too real.

Melanie Atkins

PRIME SUSPECT 2/2006 ISBN: 1933471808 New Orleans Assistant District Attorney Marisa Cooper prosecutes murderers for a living—-but the tables are turned when her ex-husband is found dead in her garage. To prove her innocence, she must team up with her former fiancée, Slade Montgomery, the detective who risks his career--and his heart-—to help her find the real killer. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Kat Attalla

CLASS ACTION 4/1999 ISBN: 0821763652

Kathryn Attalla

THE BABY BARGAIN 7/1999 ISBN: 082176280X Can one night of desire... On the eve of a yearlong transfer to Singapore, fabric designer Caitlin Adams threw caution to the wind. Spending a soulful night in the arms of sexy Andrew Sinclair made her want to put hard-won cynicism aside and believe in dreams of a future together. Until she discovered Andrew had lied to her about their chance encounter. A year later, only her cherished baby's face was a reminder of the man she was still trying to forget. ...Become a lifetime of love? Falling for a spirited woman like Caitlin was the last thing hard-headed businessman Andrew Sinclair meant to do, especially after she'd stormed out of his hotel room before he could explain himself. Now she's back in the States, and he's determined to be a father to their child, even if it means filing a custody suit. Desperate to avoid a legal battle, Caitlin agrees to live in his house for six months - time enough for him to bond with his son and create a family. But Andrew is about to learn that love can't be negotiated...unless he's willing to make his heart part of the bargain.

HOMEWARD BOUND 3/1993 ISBN: 1565970527

WORTH THE WAIT 6/2000 ISBN: 0821766260 Abandoned to foster homes as a child, beautiful Charlotte 'Charlie' Lawson is steel and velvet on the outside, but on the inside, she's vulnerable and lonely. Even though, deep down, she longs for romance, Charlie decided long ago that she wouldn't give anyone a chance to hurt her again...until sexy, compassionate Damian Westfield makes her believe she can let down her guard. Everything about Charlie haunts Damian, including her mysterious friendship to his half-brother. It isn't long before Damian's search for the truth uncovers his family's hidden past, and brings him closer to Charlie. But an act of betrayal will soon force the woman he loves to choose between revenge against the people who hurt her - and trusting him with her heart.

JUST BUSINESS 10/2000 ISBN: 0803494378

SILENT HEART 9/1997 ISBN: 080349243X

Rosemary Aubert

FIREBRAND 6/1986 ISBN: 0373702167 Over the years Jenn had nursed a fantasy about the charismatic man she had once known, and now she had the chance to make the dream a actuality. Her fantasy came with an ending, but only the strongest love could shape it into reality.

A THOUSAND TO ONE6/1996 ISBN: 0803491735

Joel Audrenn


HOUSE OF LIES 1980 A beautiful vacation...a holiday of terror.... Sylvia had been looking forward to her canoe trip for months. Armed with tents and sleeping bags, she and two girl friends were setting out to explore one of the loveliest rivers in France. But the idyll was suddenly shattered. Three men, Sylvia found out, were following them--or more specifically, following her. And she had no idea why. What should she do? Almost recklessly she cast her die.... The resulting game of cat and mouse led her halfway across the country--and straight into a trap."

Aa-Ai  Adams  Ak-Alf  Alexander  Alg-Alli  Allen  Allr-Amb
Ame-Andre  Anderson  Andrew-Anz  Ap-Arl  Arm-Arne  Arno-Art
Ash-Ashto  Ashtr-Aud  Aug-Az

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