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ROGUE 5/1994 ISBN: 1570960100 You, my love, are my most reckless passion. I never dreamed you were a Lady hiding in wench's garb. A buxom barmaid in a Charleston alehouse, you enchanted me with your barbed wit and ravishing beauty. Yet, when I wagered my companions that I would bed you before the night as through, little did I realize the risk to both my life and my heart and that my overpowering desires would compel me to aid you in a dangerous enterprise that would carry us across the ocean to England. But I will brave any peril just to taste the sweetness of your kiss. For you have enslaved this Rogue with a promise of ecstasy and a love that will endure forever....


A REGENCY CHRISTMAS PRESENT 10/1999 ISBN: 0451198778 Contains "Heart's Desire" by Allison Lane; "The Last Gift" by Edith Layton; "A Christmas Wish List" by Barbara Metzger; "An Object of Charity" by Carla Kelly; and "A Christmas Canvas" by Elisabeth Fairchild.

A REGENCY CHRISTMAS VIII 11/1998 ISBN: 0451197356 Features "Felicity's Forfeit" by Elisabeth Fairchild; "The Christmas Ornament" by Carla Kelly; "Second Chance" by Allison Lane; "The Hounds of Heaven" by Edith Layton; and "Three Good Deeds" by Barbara Metzger.

Elisabeth Fairchild

BREACH OF PROMISE 4/2000 ISBN: 0708944299 The village of Chipping Camp den is abuzz with gossip when the local honey merchant, Miss Susan Fairford, leases her former home to a mysterious young gentleman. Miss Fairford went from belle to beekeeper after her marriage to a cad who absconded-after just one day-with her pride, her fortune, and her faith in men....Her new tenant, who goes by the name of Philip Stone, was similarly bereft at the hands of his gold-digging fiancee, whom he caught in an act of betrayal-on the very morning of their wedding! Philip's angry flight from the scene of his humiliation brings him from Cornwall's rocky coast to Fairford Manor, where he is captivated by his landlady's wit and beauty-despite his resolution to steer clear of all tempting females. Only time will tell whether bachelor and beekeeper can overcome their mutual mistrust in order to discover how much they really have in common....

CAPTAIN CUPID CALLS THE SHOTS 12/2000 ISBN: 0451201981 Captain Alexander Shelbourne was known as Cupid to his friends for his uncanny marksmanship in battle. But when he accompanied a fellow soldier home and met the lovely Penny Foster, he himself became a target -- of scorn and gossip... The fatherless child at Penny's side had tarnished her reputation -- but for a soldier who had witnessed the worst of man's indignity to man, a child born out of wedlock mattered little when it came to love. No one knew that Penny's heart held a secret that could cost her the little girl held dear. Mired in the guilt of war, Alexander found his one chance at redemption when he learned the truth of little Felicity's parentage. He would have to face his comrade in arms in a battle of the heart -- if he wanted to save his last chance for love...

THE COUNTERFEIT COACHMAN 11/1994 ISBN: 0451181557 Miss Fanella Quinby knew where her proper duty lay. She had to find a husband with a social position to match that of her family, and with wealth enough to rescue her family from its impoverishment. Though Nell was not a dazzling beauty like her sister Auroa, who was seeking the hand of a duke, she was lovely and lively enough to be sure of success in her connubial quest. Then she met Mr. Beau Ferd, and her path to the alter took a disastrous detour. It was bad enough that he held the humble post of a common coachman, but it was worse that he might not even have that humble post. How was Nell to think of yielding to an imposter whose honor was dubious as his word? But in the arms of this stranger, whose lips kissed as skillfully as they lied, Nell found herself being driven pell-mell down the road to ruin - with no way to say whoa.

FELICITY'S FORFEIT short story in A REGENCY CHRISTMAS VIII 11/1998 ISBN: 0451197356 Christmas games unite an American Southern belle and a responsible English lord, who refuses to place his need for money above his desire for love, despite his family's mysteriously lost funds.

A FRESH PERSPECTIVE 8/1996 ISBN: 0451190297 Miss Megan Breech was only a vicar's daughter, but her striking beauty and brilliant talent made up for her humble birth. The most Honorable, if most boring, Harold Burnham wanted her for his wife. The divinely handsome and devilishly seductive Giovanni Giamarco wanted to whisk her off to his heavenly Italian homeland. And the wickedly attractive Richard Frost teased her mind with his wit and her senses with his touch. Only Lord Reed Talcott wanted to be her friend, not her lover. Only he wanted to share her passion for beauty and art and would never think of tempting her to risk all honor for a heart she never dreamed she would want.

A GAME OF PATIENCE 5/2002 ISBN: 0451206061 Patience Ballard has fond memories of her two best childhood friends - fun-loving Pip and dear, dependable Richard. But now that she is ready to marry, it is Pip she wants - and she's come to London to find him...Patience is crushed when she learns that Pip is already engaged - and not even Richard's sweet whispers of consolation can soothe her wounded heart. But there's something decidedly odd about Pip's much talked about love affair - for he does not seem the least bit interested in his intended. Patience is puzzled. And when she sees firsthand just how cruel Pip can be, she starts to wonder if Richard - calm, trustworthy, serious Richard - is the man with the key to her heart...

THE HOLLY AND THE IVY 10/1999 ISBN: 0451198417 Mary Rivers's elderly Gran has predicted a wonderful London Christmas-and a wonder is what it will take to soothe Mary's heart, lonely for her country relatives. So when their neighbor, the dashing, though usually prickly, Lord Balfour is increasingly solicitous, Gran suspects that his attention to Mary is more than merely neighborly....Neglected as a child, Lord Balfour made friends with loneliness long ago. The holidays only increase his gloom. And now there are his neighbors to contend with-notably Mary Rivers with her irrepressible, and admittedly dazzling, smile. Usually such cheer would annoy him. Why then does he find himself searching for that smile-and for her company, at every opportunity? Perhaps a country girl and a titled gentleman have more in common than first meets the eye. If the two can weather a scandalous misunderstanding and a chaotic Christmas Eve ball, they just may find out.

LORD ENDICOTT'S APPETITE 7/1995 ISBN: 0451182332 Food along with everything else had lost its savor for Lord Julian Endicott. And unless lovely and impoverished Jeannette Saincoeur could find a way .to please his palate, she would lose her position as cook and return to the life of want and wandering. It would take all of Jeannette's extraordinary culinary skill to tempt the taste buds of this handsome, world-weary lord. But it was a different matter when his rising lust for life made him look to her for pleasures of a disconcertingly different sort. Somehow Jeannette had to stifle his amorous appetite-even though it meant starving her own heart's hunger as well. ..

LORD RAMSAY'S RETURN 3/1996 ISBN: 0451182820 To Mahomed's Bath House in Brighton, where the restorative powers of Dene Mahomed's body "shampoos" have earned renown, Miss Prudence Stanhope goes in search of a sense of peace. Lord Ramsay hopes to find peace as well. Just returned from India, he discovers what little was left of his inheritance gambled away by one brother, a second brother just returned from a runaway marriage to Gretna Green, and his sister married to the very gentleman who now holds possession of his fortune. Peace, however, is not what Prudence and Ramsay find in the bath house on the day Esther Childe keels over dead in a steam tub. They are fated to find one another, to begin a strange journey of growth and growing passion that takes them from the glittering halls of the Prince Regent's Brighton Pavilion to the distant shores of the Orient.

THE LOVE KNOT 11/1995 ISBN: 0451182812 Miss Aurora Ramsay had set her sights on a moneyed marriage to save her family estate-and had found the perfect target. Not only was Lord Walsh wonderfully wealthy, he was her ideal of masterful masculinity and rugged good looks to boot. But Aurora was a novice when it came to the art of hunting for a man. She had to learn how to stir a man's senses as well as snare his heart without delay-and only one person could teach her...Miles Fletcher might be the kind of dandy she scorned, but this devastatingly handsome, exquisitely elegant gentleman knew every trick of enticement and strategy of seduction. He promised to make her irresistible to any man if she put herself in his knowing hands. He did not mention, though, what would happen when she found herself in his surprisingly strong arms. ...

MARRIAGE à LA MODE 12/1997 ISBN:0451193342 Dunstan Hay, Earl of Erroll, confirmed bachelor, is unexpectedly captivated by the mysteriously veiled Englishwoman he encounters at the much touted medicinal spring in Tunbridge Wells. If Dunstan persists in his pursuit of her, his children will be bastards, his fortune lost to a distant cousin. His own mother encourages him to make the scandalous Lady Bainbridge his mistress. It is unlikely she will ever be free to marry him. Lady Bainbridge is a woman prepared to laugh at life's ironies, willing to face society's censure and the loss of all fortune rather than remain locked in a brutal, loveless marriage. The law renders divorce an almost impossible goal. The King and Queen themselves cannot master the art of an amicable separation. And yet, Lady Bainbridge persists. What hope have a gentleman skeptical of marriage and a young woman bound and determined to rid herself of that very institution? A triumph of optimism, love and law--a Marriage 'a la Mode.

MISS DORTON'S HERO 2/1995 ISBN: 0541180704 It was lovely young Miss Margaret Dornton's first London season. That was why she knew nothing of the fearful reputation of the dark and handsome Evelyn Dade until it was terribly too late. To be seen in this notorious gentleman's company meant scandal and social disgrace. To be on close terms with him was to court the most dreadful of dangers. And to fall in love with the bitter and brooding Lord Dade went beyond folly into the realm of ruin. But this inexperienced, impressionable young lady did even more. She awoke the passions of this man driven by private demons, for whom love and war were one and the same. Which meant she not only had to fight her own desires but defeat his as well - in a battle to save what was left of her good name even after she had lost her heart...

THE MISTLETOE KISS 11/1997 short story in A REGENCY CHRISTMAS CAROL ISBN: 0451193873

A PASSIONATE IMPROPRIATY 1994 ISBN: 0451181557 A passionate impropriety.... Miss Fanella Quinby knew where her proper duty lay. She had to find a husband with a social position to match that of her family, and with wealth enough to rescue her family from its impoverishment. Though Nell was not a dazzling beauty like her sister Aurora, who was seeking the hand of a duke, she was lovely and lively enough to be sure of success in her connubial quest. Then she met Mr. Beau Ferd, and her path to the altar took a disastrous detour. It was bad enough that he held the humble post of a common coachman, but it was worse that he might not even have that humble post. How could Nell think of yielding to an impostor whose honor was as dubious as his word? But in the arms of this stranger, whose lips kissed as skillfully as they lied, Nell found herself being driven pell-mell down the road to ruin -- with no way to say whoa...

THE RAKEHELL'S REFORM 2/1997 ISBN: 0451191226 Selina Preston knew her father loved her and that he was determined that his hard-earned wealth buy her happiness in the form of a highborn husband. Unfortunately, the man he chose to press on her was everything she found hateful in aristocratic society. Jack Ramsay might have had the bluest of blood, but he had the most scarlet of reputations-as a wastrel, a womanizer, and a gambler whose only chance of rescue from financial ruin was marriage to a moneyed miss like her. Selina vowed that she would never surrender to the practiced charms and seductive skills of a rakehell like Ramsay-only to find that she had never met a man who made all that she tried to loathe so easy to love...

THE SILENT SUITOR 4/1994 ISBN: 0541180704 Beauty or the beast? Miss Sarah Wilkes, Lyndle was stunningly lovely. Nonetheless, she was startled to have two of the leading lords of the ton drawn to her on her very first visit to London. One was the handsome, elegant, utterly charming Stewart Castleford, known in society as "Beauty" for reasons obvious to every lady. The other was his cousin, the arrogant and imperious Lord Ashley Hawkes Castleford, nicknamed "Beast" for reasons that were equally evident. Faced with suitors as different as day from night, though pledged to wed a third far away, Sarah found herself on the horns of a most devilish dilemma. For she could yield to only one, and she knew all too well that the one who made her heart beat faster was most certainly the wrong one... The Silent Suitor.....

SUGARPLUM SURPRISES 11/2001 ISBN: 0451204212 When her father the baron died, Jane Nichol thought she had lost every chance at happiness - and her newly widowed stepmother's plans for Jane made things frightfully worse. Now, having escaped the baroness's clutches by running away, Jane lives a double life. By day, she powders and pads herself into the form of middletown's best seamstress. By night, she sheds the costume and becomes herself once again, the lovely Jane Nichol. So it is that her life's path crosses with that of a young duke, who also bears the weight of a great secret. For Jane and the duke, the Christmas season holds many surprises - surprises as lucky and unexpected as silver trinkets in a Yuletide plum pudding. But with rumors rippling in their wake, and secrets neither will divulge first, the two wonder if they can ever have their cake and eat it too...

VALENTINE'S CHANGE OF HEART 1/2003 ISBN: 0451207726 Valentine Wharton has been drowning is sorrow ever since he lost his beloved Penny Foster to the town gossips. But Wharton no longer cares what the members of the ton have to say-not since high society scorned his beloved Penny. Now his sole care is for his nine-year-old daughter, Felicity, who his one and only love left behind and who he cherishes more than life itself. Miss Elaine Deering is, in young Felicity's opinion, the best part of boarding school. So when Wharton arrives at the school to take his daughter on holiday, he arranges for Miss Deering to join the two as a temporary governess. Unfortunately, his reputation has preceded Wharton, and the handsome lord scares Miss Deering to no end. But when he begins to take delight in the skeptical schoolteacher, there may be luck for both of them-and hope in store for his broken heart....

Sarah Fairchilde

DANCE OF DESIRE 1/1986 ISBN: 082171757X Virginia's first impression of Lord Sherbourne was somewhat less than favorable. First he almost ran her down as he came thundering through the forest on horseback. Then he silenced her indignation with a most ungentlemenly kiss. Obviously her black haired neighbor had mistaken her for a kitchen maid, and had no idea she was the new mistress of Robinswood Manor. And it was no wonder -- considering her shocking response to his embrace before she could summon the presence of mind to break away. Just when she had managed to put the mortifying incident out of her mind she overheard Sherbourne talking to his sister -- plotting to marry Virginia for her newly inherited fortune! Seething with outrage, the lovely heiress decided the insufferable lord was in need of a royal setdown. And she knew just the way to go about it.

Zabrina Faire

ATHENA'S AIRS 8/1980 ISBN:0446944637 Named for a goddess and just as beautiful, Athena Penrose was bound for Greece, the land of her dreams…Gladly foregoing a season in London, she embarked on a trip to the Parthenon to fulfill her parents' dying request that she carry their ashes to the temple. Athena and her brother employed as their guide an expert -- Sable Herriott, cool, indifferent, arrogant in his scholarship. Athen bristled at his manner and resented his disdain… little dreaming that soon she must rely on him as her sole protector -- even pretend that she was his wife!

BOLD PURSUIT 12/1980 ISBN:0446944645 A young man and woman are deserted at the altar by their fiancées, who have shockingly eloped together!

ENCHANTING JENNY 11/1979 ISBN:0446941034 Fate decreed that Jenny must become the Comtesse de la Garde, but even the power of Fate could not make her love the Comte... Jenny said "No!" But everyone else insisted that this was the right marriage for Jenny. The Comte was the scion of a noble family, said Jenny's mother, pointing out that both Jenny's sisters' chances would improve when she became the Comtesse. The Comte agreed because his mother's secret plan to use Jenny's inheritance was irresistible. Even Jenny's clairvoyant grandmother declared it had to be... Only Jenny herself was opposed to the match. Only Jenny and the Comte's half-brother who viewed the marriage of convenience -- and Jenny -- with contempt. ....


LADY BLUE 4/1979 ISBN: 0446940569 He was an enfant terrible...yet the pranks that little Lord Algernon visited upon his patient governess, Meriel Hathaway, were borne by her with good grace, until the morning he deliberately spilled blue ink over Meriel's pale gold curls. She slapped him, and she was dismissed with no references - and blue hair. But all was not lost. The handsome Lord Farr had a job for a blue-haired lady; and since Meriel had a secret love for Lord Farr, she could not refuse him, no matter how bizarre, perilous, unconventional - and heartbreaking - the assignment was.


THE MIDNIGHT MATCH 9/1979 ISBN:0893402540 He saved her honor! Charles, Lord Langford, had burst into that vile room at the inn where Major Savage held Carola Severance captive and saved her from dishonor. She saved his life! Thank heaven, Carola had been with Charles when the highwaymen attacked his carriage. She had pushed Charles to one side so that the highwayman's bullet had merely wounded him. But would he live to see another day? Did she not owe him the kind favor of making his last hours happy? It was the least she could do. So Carola consented to the wedding that would change her life.

PRETENDER TO LOVE 10/1981 ISBN:044694467X Julia was just too beautiful. More than once she had lost a position as governess for refusing the unwelcome advances of the men of the house. Now she was unemployed again, without funds and with out hope. How then could she refuse this opportunity? All she must do to earn her pay was pretend to be the fiance' of a young man whose real fiancee' would never be acceptable to his uncle, the Earl of Combe. In a month or so, the ailing Earl would succumb, leaving his fortune to the young man--and no harm would be done. At least this was the plan.

PRETTY KITTY 2/1981 ISBN:0446944653 She was the Major's Lady!... And how gallantly Major Quentin had offered for Kitty. He was a British Army officer and she a red-haired Southern belle when they met during the war in Washington. He saved her from certain dishonor and brought her here to London's mad whirl of balls and masquerades. But in England Kitty was a foreigner, and the love he had professed for her seemed to vanish from Quentin's heart. He had made another promise long ago...to another woman. Yes, Kitty was the Major's lady, but for how long?

THE ROMANY REBEL 10/1979 ISBN:0446942065 Lord Roxbrough had taken charge of young Easter Hazeltyne's life and he decreed she was to be presented in town. He watched her carefully, lest she commit some indiscretion. He had been hurt by love, and now she must be protected from it. But Easter had found a man to love, a wild, undisciplined, romantic man. Together they would rearrange the plans, and the life of the cold Lord Roxbrough.

TIFFANY'S TRUE LOVE 7/1981 ISBN:0446944661 The unwritten code of the Ton decreed she could never be his--but love makes its own rules..And although she's loved Peter since childhood, Tiffany can't win him until he forgives her for leading him to the lovers' tryst that proved his fiancé untrue...

THE WICKED COUSIN 3/1980 ISBN:0446941042 Her cousin Stephen was just the right man for her, Bryony's mother insisted. A fine figure of a man-who pledged his undying love. But Bryony often thought of her absent cousin Lucas. He'd not been handsome: in fact, he'd been much too fat. Still, she thought, what fun they'd had! Bryony's brow crinkled-where was Lucas now? She sighed a deep sigh, and prepared herself to marry...

Ann Fairfax

ANNABELLE 8/1980 ISBN:0515053996 It's a maiden's miracle! Annabelle Quennell, daughter of a poor country parson, gets a chance at a London Season to snare a well-to-do husband. But before she sets off, Mad Meg the Gypsy predicts woes ahead! For she was pledged to one blade - but in love with another!

HENRIETTA 10/1979 ISBN:0515051284 Even the inhabitants of secluded Nethercote looked pityingly upon young Henrietta. The Vicar's sister, her plain features seemed set to guarantee a solitary future. And yet, she had spirit -- and those magnificent hazel eyes...So when Great-aunt Hester left her unexpected wealth, Henrietta set out to conquer London's glittering high society and confound them all. But the fashionable elite was less than warm in its welcome -- especially when the "bold minx" voiced her intention of carrying off its most treasured possession: the irresistible, extravagant, heart-stopping Lord Beau Reckford, a prize wildly beyond her lowly desserts..

MY DEAR DUCHESS 1979 ISBN:0515051292 Sloe-eyed, winsome Frederica Sayers, fresh from the schoolroom, married the Duke of Westerland--and set the Ten-thousand a-twitter! All because her social climbing stepsister, Clarissa, missed her chance to snare him, never guessing he would soon claim a coronet. Now the beautiful Clarissa again casts her shimmering nets for his lordship. And jet-haired little Frederica, wed in haste, must win her young Lord's love...before he succumbs to Clarissa's golden charms

PENELOPE 1/1982 ISBN:0515054003 Penelope has stolen the heart of the fabulous Earl of Hestleton - rich beyond words, handsome beyond compare, the most eligible lord in the realm - who thought he could toy with the pretty country miss, bring her out at Almack's, then toss her to the haunt ton! But when the earl learns that he is the prize in her Aunt Augusta's social-climbing scheme, he begins to doubt Penelope's love. Can the belle keep her beau - or will her aunt's ambitious plans force Penelope to flee in the desperate disgrace?

Jeffery Farnol

THE AMATEUR GENTLEMAN 1913 When Barnabas Barty, son of a famous retired boxing champion, inherits a fortune, his one ambition is to go to London and be a "Gentleman of Fashion". Thus he plunges into adventure...only to eventually learn he's not the son of whom he thinks...

BLACK BARTLEMY'S TREASURE 1920 Martine Conisby, Lord Wendover, embittered by his five years of slavery on the Spanish galleon Esmeralda, escapes during a sea fight to an English ship and makes his way back to England, determined to avenge himself on Richard Brandon, who was the cause of his father's death and his own ill-treatment. Broken in body and spirit, he arrives home one night disguised as a tramp, just in time to save from the hands of robbers a beautiful girl, Lady Jane Brandon, the daughter of the man whom he has sworn to punish. In a tavern he meets a pal, Adam Penfeather, who unfolds to him the story of Black Bartlemy, an infamous pirate, and his treasure buried on an island-- treasure of fabulous value that has been the dream and hope of roving adventurers along the Spanish Main for many years.

THE BROAD HIGHWAY 1910 A story of country ways and a romance set in rural Kent, England.


THE GESTE OF DUKE JOCELYN 1919 A romance of the days of brave knights and fair ladies in prose and blank verse.


MY LORD OF WRYBOURNE 1948 The great house of Wrybourne Feveril, and all within it, were at peace. The Earl of Wrybourne had retired from his seafaring life, and was happy to have his charming wife and young heir about him, content to devote his time and energies to the upkeep and care of his lands and tenants. But dark days lay ahead for the earl. Sir Robert Chalmers, having lost his right hand in a duel with the earl, was sworn to vengeance. He plotted to destroy the peace of Wrybourne, to sow jealousy between the earl and his wife, and to kidnap the boy heir. One by one, in this evil design, the earl loses his dearest friends: his cousin, Lord Scrope, believing Wrybourne to be in love with his wife, vows to kill him; twice his murder is attempted; in pride, the earl dismisses his closest companion, and finally his child is kidnapped, and his wife, though devoted, flies from him.

OUR ADMIRABLE BETTY 1918 And 19th century swashbuckling romance .

PEREGRINE'S PROGRESS (aka DIANA OF THE DAWN) 1922 Peregrine Vereker, in the eyes of his aunt Julia, who brought him up to the mature age of nineteen, was a polished young gentleman, an incipient artist and poet. In the opinion of his two uncles he was an ignorant mollycoddle, a ladylike nincompoop, unacquainted with manliness. Stung by their scorn, Peregrine "ran away" as many a lad before and since, to learn the world and prove his worth, and ran the gamut of happiness and misery, of fear and courage, of loneliness and love before he matched up to the requirements of his two uncles.

Alicia Farraday

THE SUITABLE SUITOR 3/1992 ISBN: 0373311699 She was like a breath of fresh air... Only just turned eighteen, Melody Maitland had had little choice but to become a runaway in order to avoid a loveless marriage. When discovered by Lord Dake, who in no uncertain terms advised her he meant to return her to her guardian, Melody used her charm and imagination to advantage. In no time at all, Melody had convinced Lord Dake to assist her in her escape. Little did he know his heart was already captured.

Diane Farr

DUEL OF HEARTS 10/2002 ISBN: 0451207203 Lilah Chadwick thinks she’s the apple of her father’s eye--until he announces his plans to marry. Hoping to counter his decision, she rushes to London. Adam Harleston, the ninth Earl of Drakesley, is a man possessed. His young cousin has been seduced by an older gentleman, and he’s determined to save her honor before it’s too late. But wedding bells are about to ring for Lilah’s father and Drake’s cousin. Joining forces, Lilah and Drake vow to stop their loved ones from making a drastic mistake--only to discover that falling in love is never a mistake....

FAIR GAME 10/1999 ISBN:0451198565 A young woman of unearthly beauty. Her unscrupulous mother. A powerful womanizer demanding repayment of a large debt. All amount to a most peculiar sojourn in the country, a tangle with a hat pin, and a shocking barter that leaves everyone fair game...

FALLING FOR CHLOE 4/2000 ISBN:0451200047 Dashing Sylvester "Gil" Gilliland would no more think of ravishing--much less marrying--his comely childhood friend Chloe than he would his own sister. But Gil's mother happily sees more to their bond than either yet realizes. And when the two innocents are caught in a deceptively compromising situation, she wastes no time in using it to her advange--and theirs.

THE FORTUNE HUNTER 4/2002 ISBN:0451205650 Desperate and destitute, the devilish Lord Rival has drawn up a list of wealthy women who might be willing to wed - and Lady Olivia Fairfax is one of them. But when he finally meets the mysterious spinster, she is hardly the lonely naïf he expected. Her quick wit, sweet temper, and passionate predilection for charity work completely entrance him - and make it most difficult to bring his heartless seduction to its conclusion.

THE NOBODY 1/1999 ISBN:0451197712 Publicly humiliated by the tongue of a snobbish society dragon, a comely young country girl flees unescorted into the dark London streets. Unwittingly, she becomes the savior of an enigmatic man who suddenly approaches and kisses her to evade the violent scoundrels stalking him. Terrified and aghast at his audacity, she abandons him to his fate, only to discover his identity as a roguish nobleman engaged to the very woman who insulted her! She finds herself drawn into a web of frightening intrigue, in which the only way out is to trust the desire in her heart.

ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS 10/2000 ISBN: 0451201620 After a tragic loss, Celia Delacourt accepts an unexpected holiday invitation-which is, in fact, a thinly veiled matchmaking attempt. For the lonely Celia and a reluctant young man, it turns out to be a Christmas they'd never forget....

UNDER A LUCKY STAR 4/2004 ISBN: 0451211707 They shared a kiss that seared his soul...but can it melt her icy heart? Cynthia, daughter of the Earl of Ballymere, is known as the Frost Fair, for she is as cold as she is lovely. But Derick Whittaker is different from the suitors she has turned away––he has already held her in his arms and felt the passion between them. Denied his family's fortune by birthright, he knows that true wealth lies in love––and he was rich beyond his wildest dreams for that fleeting moment . .Derrick does not know the secret Cynthia kept––that the cut she dealt him tears at her heart as well. But sometimes the heavens grant lost love a second chance...and even the coldest hearts can thaw beneath the warm light of a lucky star.…RR@H's Novel Thoughts

UNDER THE WISHING STAR 9/2003 ISBN: 0451210239 Malcolm Chase's fortunate chance encounter with a kind young neighbor, Natalie Whittaker, gives the recent widower reason to fire his daughter's cruel governess and hire Natalie instead. With her household duties usurped by her brother's new wife, Natalie longs to accept Malcolm’s offer. But it would be unseemly for a woman of her station to move into a bachelor's household. Though the obvious solution is to marry, Natalie desires a union of love, not convenience—a wish that just might come true when fate gives her feminine wiles a fighting chance…RR@H's Novel Thoughts

Marjorie Farrell

AUTUMN ROSE 9/1994 ISBN: 0451168747 To the ton, Honora Dillon was a person beyond the pale, soiling her hand with ink to pander to popular taste. To the haughty Countess of Alverstone, Honora was an adventuress, trying to snare the Countess's son. To Miranda, Honora's adoring daughter, Honora was a saint, giving and giving up all to raise Miranda in comfort. To the devastating Viscount Marcus Vane, Honora was the only woman with the beauty and brilliance to make him want to wed. But only Honora knew the truth about herself - the truth too shocking to tell no matter what its cost to hide...

CHRISTMAS ROSE short story in A REGENCY CHRISTMAS IV 11/1992 ISBN: 0451173414

HEARTLESS LORD HARRY 9/1993 ISBN: 0451177339 Sensible Kate Richardson saw the danger that Lord Harry Lifton posed to the honor of her exquisitely beautiful and naive sister, Lynette. The poor girl's unblemished virtue would be no match for the lascivious lord--so Kate springs into action, and is swept off her feet.

LADY ARDEN'S REDEMPTION 3/1992 ISBN: 0451171942 Lady Arden Huntly was beautiful, highborn, and wealthy. Her entry into the marriage mart should have been a stunning success. Instead it was a disaster. For Arden was as arrogant as she was exquisite. No lord was good enough for her. And all were easy targets for her wickedly barbed tongue. Certainly Captain Gareth Richmond should have stood no chance with her. But this officer did not play the game of love like a gentleman. And the only way Arden could keep the upper hand on him was not to lose her heart...

LADY BARBARA'S DILEMMA 3/1993 ISBN: 0451171942 Lady Barbour Stanley had the perfect husband-to-be in Lord Peter Rushcliffe, Marquess of Wardour. She had the perfect platonic friend in Sir David Treves and the perfect musical companion in the secretive Alex Gower. In short, Lady Barbour had the most perfect of lives in the best arranged of all worlds--until she discovered that what she wanted was not perfection, but love . . .

LORD ASHFORD'S WAGER 5/1994 ISBN: 0451180496 Lady Joanna Barrand knew all the terrible things about Lord Tony Ashford. It was bad enough that the dazzlingly handsome, dismally impoverished earl looked on Joanna as a childhood chum, not the lovely young woman she had become. It was even worse that he was a confirmed gambler, and was seeking the hand and fortune of a beautiful older widow to rescue him from ruin. And worst of all, there now was shocking evidence that the outrageous Ashford was guilty of a crime that made all his other sins seem innocent. To come to Ashford's aid was folly. To folly into his arms was madness multiplied. But Joanna did have one reason for taking the plunge with all the odds against her. What did she have to risk the odds against her. What did she have to risk when she already had lost her heart?

MISS WARE'S REFUSAL 1990 ISBN: 0451164725 Lovely Miss Judith Ware was proud. Too proud to feel sorry for herself when her family's loss of fortune forced her to earn a living. And too proud to accept the marriage proposal of the handsome, wealthy Simon Ballance, Duke of Sutton, who offered her everything but love. The duke was just as proud. Too proud to expose his grievous war wound to society's scorn. And too proud to open his heart to any woman's painful pity. With pride so powerful, could passion & love ever prove stronger . . . ?

RED, RED ROSE 2/1999 ISBN: 0451408179 In Regency England, the conventional daughter of an army major finds herself rescued from roving bandits by a dashing officer from General Wellington's staff. But even as the officer courts the young lady, he is haunted by his status as a bastard son to the Earl of Farringdon, and considers himself unworthy of her affections. When his half-brother dies, he is overcome with grief and allows himself to find solace in her arms. Will her love inspire the necessary courage within him to claim his birthright and his place among the aristocracy?

SWEET AWAKENING 5/1995 ISBN: 0451404920 Soon after lovely Lady Clare Dysart met Lord Justin Rainsborough, the darkly handsome aristocrat won Clare's heart and hand. He dazzled her with his charm and intoxicated her with his passion. Only when she was bound to him in wedlock did she discover his violent side...the side of him that led to his violent demise. Lord Giles Whitton, Clare's childhood friend, was Justin's opposite, gentle and tender. Now he wanted to be much more. But though Giles was the finest man Clare knew, it would take a miracle to wipe out the bitter memories of her marriage...to make her feel anew the sweet heat of desire and all-consuming fire of fulfillment - a miracle called love..

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