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Amanda Scott

AN AFFAIR OF HONOR 9/1984 ISBN:0451131606 Eleanor met the man who had been selected as Aurora's perfect match--the handsome, wealthy Philip Radford, Earl of Huntley. And Eleanor discovered that though she might be old enough to be wise, she was still young enough to fall foolishly, helplessly, and hopelessly in love.

BATH CHARADE 7/1991 ISBN: 0451169948 Miss Carolyn Hardy adored novels of the most romantic sort - and longed for a man to equal their dashing heroes. With her beauty and charm, Carolyn had a swan of suitors to search among. There was the wealthy Brandon Manningford. The rakish Viscount Lyndhurst. The daunting Duke of Cumberland. And most handsome and romantic of all, an actual gypsy prince who called himself only Salas. How eager Carolyn was to find her heart's desire. How willing she was to risk danger to do it. How angry she was at her guardian, the elegant Sydney Saint-Denis, for trying to keep her in check. And how little did she realize how much more startling and wonderful true love could be than romantic fiction.

THE BATH ECCENTRIC'S SON 2/1992 ISBN:0451171705 After losing her family estate to her distant cousin Jarvis, Nell flees to Bath to escape Jarvis' marriage offer and meets a rake who wants to be saved from ruin by marrying her. Now she's caught between a ruthless scoundrel who's stolen her birthright and a shameless libertine who's stolen her heart.

THE BATH QUADRILLE 1/1991 ISBN: 0451168755 Lovely Lady Sybilla Calverton refused to show her rage when she spied her husband, the devastatingly attractive Earl of Ramsbury, in the arms of notorious Lady Fanny Mandeville. Instead Sybilla chose to show the errant Earl that she, too, could wander beyond the bounds of wedlock, in the close company of the elegant Sydney Saint-Denis. The spirited Sybilla and the masterful Ramsbury were in a contest to surpass each other in scandal - with their unyielding pride at stake, and nothing to lose but their undying love...

THE BATTLING BLUESTOCKING 7/1985 ISBN:0451136608 Sir Brian Gregory was wealthy, vastly powerful, dazzlingly brilliant, handsome and thoroughly charming. Which made Miss Jessica Sutton-Drew nervous.. Jessica had resolved to have nothing to do with this perilously perfect man. She had to armor herself against his entreaties-even if it meant betraying her heart ....

THE BAWDY BRIDE 9/1995 ISBN: 0786001828 An arranged marriage has just made Anne Davies the bride of Lord Michael St. Ledgers - a man she scarcely knows. Accompanying her new husband to The Priory, his ancestral estate, she finds herself embroiled in a world of intrigue and adventure. Who is responsible for the mysterious events there - including the suspicious death of St. Ledger's brother, the duke? Are Anne's near-fatal brushes with fate the random events they seem, or is there something more sinister going on at her new home? And is the man she married the perfect gentleman she's tempted to love, or something darker and far more dangerous?

DANGEROUS ANGELS 1/1997 ISBN: 0786003537 A carriage accident leaves Miss Charlotte Tarrant clinging to the side of a cliff, holding on for dear life. In one terrifying instant, her safe, pampered world is gone. Until Le Renardeau - the Fox cub - becomes her unlikely savior. Looking like the very devil himself, the notorious spy came to Cornwall to uncover a conspiracy to assassinate the Duke of Wellington. But her timely rescue doesn't come without a price. After saving her life, her mysterious rescuer vanishes into the dawn, leaving Charlotte behind feeling a powerful sense of loss. Until the fateful day she meets an enigmatic aristocrat named Sir Anthony Foxearth...

DANGEROUS GAMES 6/1996 ISBN: 0786002700 When Nicholas Barrington, eldest son of the Earl of Ulcombe, first met Melissa Seacourt, he suspected something was amiss. The desperation he sensed beneath her well-bred beauty haunted him. He didn't realize how desperate Melissa really was...until he found her again at a Newmarket gambling club - being auctioned off by her father to the highest bidder. So, for a mere twenty thousand guineas, Nick bought himself a wife. But their troubles were just beginning. With a villain hot on their heels, and a fortune - and their lives - hanging in the balance, Nick and Melissa would soon gamble everything on the most dangerous and irresistible game of all: their growing love.

DANGEROUS ILLUSIONS 6/1994 ISBN: 078600018X After the bloody Battle of Waterloo, a dashing lord pretends to be a beautiful lady's unseen fiancé. Turmoil results when the hot-headed lady discovers the deception.

THE DAUNTLESS MISS WINGRAVE 8/1989 ISBN:0451161459 Miss Emily Wingrave thought she knew exactly what she was getting into when she set out to defy the Earl of Meriden. She was well aware that Meriden was as willful as he was wealthy and as arrogant as he was attractive. For her part, Emily was as brave as she was beautiful and as firm of purpose as she was tender in years. She vowed she would stop the infuriating earl from playing the tyrant over her sister's impoverished family and trying to play havoc with her heart. But when she engaged the maddening Meriden in a tug-of-war of wits and wills, she found he had strengths he had kept under wraps-and she had a weakness that was hard to conceal...

THE FICKLE FORTUNE HUNTER 9/1993 ISBN: 0451177312 Miss Felicia Adlam had the awesome task of saving her younger sister Theodosia from the seductions of the London Season and the pitfalls of the Marriage Mart. Not only was Theo breathtakingly beautiful, she also would bring a bountiful dowry to the man who won her as a bride. Therefore, Felicia's guard went up when Lord Edward Crawley came to court this fabulous catch. The impecunious Crawley made no secret that he was fortune hunting - it was as clear as his extraordinary good looks and bad reputation. And somehow Felicia had to find something to throw in this renowned rake's path of conquest - even if it was herself...

THE FORTHRIGHT LADY GILLIAN 11/1992 ISBN:0451173430 Lady Gillian Carnaby was as horrified as the handsome, high-living Marquess of Thorne to read of their engagement in the press. But the sight of Gillian was enough to make the Marquess want her, as a woman if not a wife. Gillian had to outmatch him at the game at which he was a master - the game of love.

THE FUGITIVE HEIRESS 8/1981 ISBN:0451155483 Catheryn Westering should have been happy to marry eminently respectable, utterly devoted Mr. Edmund Caston--and to enjoy a life of totally boring wedded bliss in the English counrtryside. Instead c\Catheryn did what only a headstrong and thoroughly determined young lady would dream of doing. She descended without warning on the London mansion of her very distant cousin, the Earl of Dambrooke--and demanded that he become her guide through the glittering labyrinth of polished manners and perplexing morals of the highest society. All too soon, Catheryn discovered how dangerous it was to put herself in the hands of a man who was as arrogant as he was attractive--and how foolhardy it was to accept the challenge of playing for high stakes in the sophisticated game of love before she had ever learned the rules.

THE INDOMITABLE MISS HARRIS 11/1983 ISBN:0451125622 The immensely wealthy and powerful Marquis of Landover was fiercely determined that his innocent but audacious ward Miss Gillian Harris, should not stray into the scandal that her adventurous spirit courted in the sophisticated circles of Regency London. For her part, Gillian was just as determined to guard her guardian against the designs of the bevy of gold-hungry beauties who had made the Marquis the most sought-after prospective bridegroom in the aristocratic marriage mart. But when this lord who would brook no defiance, and this young lady who would not be restrained, each set out to protect the other from temptation and seduction, one question still remained: Did either have the power to prevent the ultimate folly of falling in love...?

THE KIDNAPPED BRIDE 4/1983 ISBN:0451156064 Beautiful young Sarah Lennox-Matthews was shocked to her core when Darcy Ashton, the dissolute Earl of Moreland, imprisoned her in his carriage and took her with him to his isolated estate. His reason was simple: to marry her for her legacy. And his triumph was total, for to refuse him now would ruin her good name forever.

LADY BRITTANY'S CHOICE 5/1988 ISBN:0451153154 Lady Brittany Leighton was blessed with beauty, pedigree and an engagement to the attractive, attentive Lord Anthony Faringdon. There was no cloud on her future, until she met her fiance's best friend--the darkly handsome, devastatingly charming Marquess of Cheriton.

LADY ESCAPADE 1/1986 ISBN: 0451140427 The Defiant Diana... Enchanting and enticing young Diana Sterling was swept off her feet by the ardent and imperious Count of Andover - and carried by him over the threshold of marriage. But now their heavenly honeymoon was over - and Diana faced the down-to-earth realities of being wed to a lord who demanded to be her master in every way. How different was Andover's brother, the elegant and charming toast of society, Sir Roderick, whom Andover ordered Diana not to see. The cruel curtness of that cold command was all Diana needed to boil with rage and to set the sparks of scandal flying as she played with fire...

LADY HAWK'S FOLLY 1/1985 ISBN:0451133315 Gavin Remington Colporter, the Marquess of Hawkstone, known to intimates simply as Hawk, had swept Lady Mollie Hazeldell off her pedestal as belle of the London season to make her his bride. He then promptly abandoned her to go off to the wars, leaving her alone and infuriated. Now it was four years later, Hawk was returning to the life and the wife he had so cavalierly left behind. But Mollie was no longer a trembling young girl; she was a woman who would let no man treat her as a plaything to be used and set aside at whim. And she was willing to fight to defend her pride--even if it meant struggling against the smiling strength of the masterful marquess and the even more daunting power of love itself...

LADY MERIEL'S DUTY 9/1987 ISBN: 0451149599 Lady Meriel Traherne had grown up on her family estate in her beloved Wales. But now, with her father dead and her elder brother in far-away America, she was duty-bound to go to France to investigate a proper school for her rebellious younger sister. Little did she suspect as she boarded the ship to take her across the channel what a hornet's nest she was about to stir up in a foreign land filled with insidious intrigue. She was prepared even less for the handsome, elegant person of Sir Anthony Davies, who was all she most despised in a fashionable gentlemen, yet who persisted in saving her life and threatening to steal her heart. With no maps to guide her, Meriel was lost in a labyrinth of lies where love was the last thing she could trust...

LORD ABBERLEY'S NEMESIS 8/1986 ISBN:0451144384 Adam Fortescue, the sixth Earl of Abberley, was the scandal of the county. This handsome lord had let his estate go to ruin and his own elegant person show every sign of dissipation as he pursued a life of heedless pleasure in the fastest circles of London society. But now Miss Margaret Caldecourt needed Abberley's help to stop her family's birthright from being stolen by her unscrupulous aunt Annis and unsavory cousin Jordan. And the only way to get that vital aid was to return Abberley to respectability -- whether he wanted it or not. One thing, however, Margaret did not reckon on as she set out to save the earl from his folly: that she could be so foolish as to fall in love with a man whose weakness might well overcome her strength.

LORD GREYFALCON'S REWARD 11/1988 ISBN:0451157141 Playing with Fire... Young and lovely Miss Sylvia Jensen-Graham knew all about the Earl of Greyfalcon. She knew of the reckless gambling that threatened to ruin his estate. She knew of the conquests that made him society's most notorious and successful womanizer. She knew of the riotous living in London that was a world away from her own quiet rural life. Unfortunately, Sylvia discovered that to be forewarned about Greyfalcon's vices was not to be forearmed against his charm. For when this country Miss went to London to save this rake from his own iniquities, it was she who very soon was in need of rescue....

LORD LYFORD'S SECRET 9/1990 ISBN: 0451167147 A bold beauty must defeat the designs of an overbearing nobleman... Lovely Lady Gwenyth Traherne knew that her dearest friend, Miss Pamela Beckley, was far too beautiful for her own good and too vulnerable for her own safety. Thus when Pamela said that her guardian, Lord Marcus Lyford, sought to wed her against her will, Gwenyth came to Pamela's defense. Gwenyth vowed to deny the arrogant Lord Lyford his desire by every means at her considerable command. But when Lyford turned his iron strength and dazzling charm on Gwenyth, she faced a devilish dilemma. How could she defeat this man when it was she who wanted to surrender?

THE MADCAP MARCHIONESS 5/1989 ISBN:0451159632 Beautiful young Lady Adriana Blackburn was used to getting her own way. Unfortunately, so was the Marquess of Chalford, who was now legally her lord and master.

MISTRESS OF THE HUNT 2/1987 ISBN:0451147065 Proud and beautiful Lady Philippa Raynard-Wakefield did all she could to make one thing clear to the elegant suitors seeking to capture her hand. Her brief youthful marriage to an elderly lord had left the young widow with a deep distaste for wedlock, and she would never fall into that snare again. The Viscount Rochford got her message instantly. He did not hesitate in turning his attention elsewhere, which should have made Philippa happy indeed. Instead, as Philippa watched this handsome, hard-riding lord head after other quarry, this lady fleeing a pack of fortune hunters turned into a most unladylike as breakneck a chase as was ever run on the wild, wild fields of love...

RAVENWOOD'S LADY 3/1984 ISBN:0451153170 As daughter to the Duke of Malmsbury, Cicely knew her duty. She had to obey her father's command to wed the only man who could assure the family's future position and prosperity. Unfortunately, that man was the Viscount Ravenwood. Ravenwood was no stranger to Cicely. She knew her all too well as the arrogant, conceited, totally infuriating male who had been her natural enemy since their childhood days.


MISTLETOE KITTENS 11/1999 ISBN: 0821763032 Includes Ferguson's "Beneath the Kitten Bough," Lansdowne's "The Christmas Kitten," and Scott's "A Place by the Fire."


HIS BLUSHING BRIDE 5/2001 ISBN: 0821768158 Anthology featuring Elena Greene's "The Wedding Wager", Alice Holdon's "A Picture Perfect Romance", and Regina Scott's "The June Conspiracy".

Regina Scott

THE BLUESTOCKING ON HIS KNEE 5/1999 ISBN: 0821762095 Wealthy heiress Eugennia Welch thought herself perfectly content, living alone with her treasured books. So why, pray, did she find herself wishing for companionship--male companionship at that? Then, as if in answer to her prayer, Kevin Whattling strode into her drawing room, announcing his intention of marrying her. And once the handsome suitor began to court her, Eugennia soon understood the charms of proper romance...even though she suspected Kevin loved her fortune more than he did her. Dashing Kevin knew that marriage to an heiress was all that stood between him and Debtor's Prison. Soon, however, he found Eugennia's reserved demeanor masked an enchanting young woman who took a childlike delight in shopping with him for fripperies, and a womanly fascination in waltzing in his arms. He never expected to find love with Eugennia. Until he lost his heart to her...

CATCH OF THE SEASON 11/1999 ISBN: 0821763903 The beautiful and strong-willed Allison Munroe has long awaited her Season in London. Vowing to show her family, who believes her high spirits are signs of immaturity, that she can be just as demure as the next young debutante, Allison will let nothing ruin her coming out ball…including the arrival of her sister’s brother-in-law, the infuriating Geoffrey Pentercast. Yet instead of behaving like the less-than-proper boy she remembers from her childhood, Geoffrey seems to have become a gentleman! But with the charming and distinguished Marquis courting her, how could she even be tempted to choose the rash--but very thrilling--Geoffrey? Geoffrey Pentercast thought he would never have to witness his own dear Allison displaying herself like a prize mare in front of a host of crotchety suitors--all possessing more wealth and class than he. It was no surprise to Geoffrey that Allison was indeed the catch of the season. But he was not about to let his lack in finances and social graces deter him from winning the only lady he’d ever loved…even when he learns he has a most formidable opponent. Determined to prove he can be as respectable and gallant as the Marquis DeGuis, a bitter rivalry ensues. Yet Geoffrey and the Marquis soon discover that their efforts to woo Allison are all in vain. For only true love will win this duel of hearts…

A DANGEROUS DALLIANCE 5/2000 ISBN: 0821766090 David Tenant, a Boston-bred master of fine leatherwork, has just unexpectedly inherited the rather sizable English estate of Brentfield Court--and a conniving widow in the process. For Lady Sylvia Tenant is determined to control the fortune of her late husband…even if that means bringing home her seventeen-year-old niece Priscilla in hopes that the new earl will woo her. But David has eyes only for Priscilla’s art teacher and guardian, the lovely Miss Hannah Alexander…When Hannah, who eschewed marriage for the life of a painter and tutor, is required to escort a pupil to Brentfield, she meets the kind-hearted Lord Tenant. In private, she sketches his portrait so that she will always have a remembrance of the handsome man she can never have. But when she agrees to aid David in his search for missing art heirlooms, she enters into a partnership as perilous to her life as it is to her heart…

THE INCOMPARABLE MISS COMPTON 8/2001 ISBN: 082176991X Tired of being beholden to relatives, Sarah Compton jumped at the chance to gain a life of her own--even if, in exchange, she had to guide her beautiful, headstrong cousin through the Seasons and into a successful marriage. But Sarah never expected that her unconventional ways would attract the eminently proper Lord Malcolm Breckonridge--and challenge her heart in surprising ways. To augment his fast-rising political career, Malcolm wanted a bride who would surpass the most exacting standards. But from the moment he encountered the passionately intelligent, straightforward Miss Compton, he discovered his sudden desire for her was casting doubt on all he believed in. Now, between misunderstanding and near-scandal, he and Sarah would have to break their own rules to embrace a perfect true love that would last forever.

THE IRREDEEMABLE MISS RENFIELD 12/2001 ISBN: 0821769928 With her older sisters miserable in their carefully arranged marriages to wealthy, titled gentlemen, Miss Cleopatra Renfield has vowed to wed only for love, passion, and thrilling excitement. Her family has proposed an arranged match to Leslie Petersborough, Marquis of Hastings, which simply will not do. But the mischievous miss has a daring plan to convince her family that Les Petersborough is really a rogue--and that she is unmarriageable. All she has to do is persuade Les to help. Always ready for merriment and certainly not ready to settle down, Les thinks Cleo's plan sounds terribly amusing. Her scheme? He is to lead her into the life of a libertine in the hope that her family will call off the nuptials. Soon Cleo has cut her hair, joined in a horse race, and danced the waltz. The ton is abuzz, Les is amused, and Cleo? She has succeeded all too well, for her reputation is in danger...but so is her heart.

THE JUNE CONSPIRACY short story in HIS BLUSHING BRIDE 5/2001 ISBN:0821768158.

LORD BORIN'S SECRET LOVE 5/2002 ISBN: 0821772791 Katherine Collings has never been more distressed. With no means and few prospects, she is financially beholden to her stepsister, Constance, who stands to inherit a large fortune--if she marries before she turns twenty. Fearing for her own future, Katherine decides to play matchmaker, and begins to spy on Alexander Wescott, Lord Borin, the object of her stepsister's devoted affection. A man of the world, Alex has always been more interested in becoming a spy than in taking a wife. So imagine his shock when he discovers that someone has been spying on him! Determined to prove his talent for subterfuge, he makes it his mission to track down the culprit. But he's puzzled when the trail of clues leads him straight to the Collings' household…and delighted when it leads him into the arms of beautiful Katherine.

THE MARQUIS' KISS 10/2000 ISBN: 0821767054 Thomas, the decorous Marquis de Guis, is considered the catch of the season. Only he knows that two of his brides-to-be have cried off when he sealed the bargain with a kiss. Now, bent on marriage but certain he can never conquer a lady's lips, this all-too-proper paragon has chosen a miss he's sure cannot reject him--impoverished, eccentric Margaret Munroe. But the lord will find there's more to learn along the road to love and matrimony than the perfect kiss. They don't call her an Original for nothing. Lovely, lively Margaret flouts convention by racing her horses and working ceaselessly to help fallen women. She cannot believe the rich and reserved Thomas--whose sea-blue eyes dizzy her with desire--truly cares for her. Yet he seems quite besotted…except for a steadfast refusal to kiss her. How can she entice him into the impassioned love she hopes--nay, intends!--to be theirs for eternity?

A PLACE BY THE FIRE short story in MISTLETOE KITTENS 11/1999 0821763032

PERFECTION 10/2003 ISBN: 0821776867 When Celia Rider's inheritance is stolen, she immediately suspects her irresponsible pea-goose of a stepmother, Patrice. Determined to uncover the truth, Celia poses as a governess to Patrice's neglected son, hoping to glean some clues. As rumors abound regarding Celia's sudden disappearance, the devastatingly attractive and unflappable Brandon Pellidore takes this unsettling family matter into his own hands...Brandon soon suspects that the drab garments of a governess disguise none other than the utterly bewitching Celia. Unmasking the beauty, he engages her in a daring plan to catch a thief. Yet as passion grows, Brandon must confess to Celia the dark legacy that has earned him his dubious reputation, and the terrible choice that loving him demands. Undaunted, Celia vows to follow her heart, no matter how painful the journey. For only then can she claim the man-and the love-that is nothing short of perfection...

STARSTRUCK 6/2003 ISBN: 0821774859 Cassie Bentbrooke has no interest in the ton. The daughter of a noted astronomer, she is content with studying the heavens through her father's telescopes-especially since his academic success has not provided much by way of wealth. But Cassie's ward Liza Kearney longs for the magic of one Season.and Cassie is determined to give it to her. Easier said than done. For Cassie's brother has returned from the Continent to claim his inheritance, and handle the meager purse strings. And privateer Devon Sebastien has arrived in London with his own agenda-recovering the jewels his uncle hid in the Bentbrooke home during the Terror. Fulfilling Liza's dreams may be possible, but Cassie soon realizes that guarding her own heart from a certain devilishly handsome Frenchman may not be-and that love will blaze a trail through her life brighter than any comet in the dark night sky. RR@H's Novel Thoughts

SWEETER THAN CANDY short story in A MATCH FOR MOTHER 4/1999 ISBN: 0821761854

THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS 12/1998 ISBN: 0821760734 Genevieve Munroe was the toast of the town until her father's death left the family destitute. Now she's hoping for one last happy Yuletide at Wenwood Abbey, and a season of peace with their ever-feuding neighbors, the Pentercasts. But Gen's good will is strained when Squire Alan Pentercast, the object of her secret tendre since childhood years, proposes a bold wager: if he can contrive to send her; on each day of Christmas, the exact gift celebrated in the old song (without spending a penny!) he will claim her as his bride. Such arrogant folly...! In no time at all the peace of a country Christmas--and Genevieve's heart--is turned upside down by birds and rings, drummers and pipers, and a generous helping of old scandal and new intrigue, before the romantic and insistent Alan can draw Gen beneath the mistletoe...

THE UNFLAPPABLE MISS FAIRCHILD 3/1998 ISBN: 0821758721 From outrageous wagers to somersaults in the Park, Chas Prestwick delighted in shocking the ton. After all, as the younger brother of an earl, he had nothing to lose. Only Miss Anne Fairchild, whom fate seemed bent on thrusting in his path, was unruffled by his escapades--even when a chance encounter made her his passenger in a wild carriage race to Kew Gardens. But Chas, entranced by her beauty, was far from complaining! Except that this angel, whose good sense rescued him from scrape after scrape, might be on the hunt for a titled bridegroom--which made him no catch at all...From pompous to vain, the most unsuitable suitors courted Anne Fairchild. Tolerant of all foibles, unschooled in flirtation, she was the despair of her family. Worst of all, only Chas Prestwick's dazzling smile could bring a blush to her demure cheek--and Anne's match-making aunts soon made clear their preference for a more lordly and less dashing husband. But beneath Anne's polite exterior, her heart beat only for the handsome rakehell who made her long to trade in a life of propriety--for one that promised to a love filled with unpredictable delight...

UTTERLY DEVOTED 8/2002 ISBN: 0821772821 Thanks to the kind ministrations of her dearest friend, spirited Eloise Watkin has been transformed into the perfect lady--radiant, alluring, and ever-so-slightly mysterious. Now she has a coterie of ardent admirers and every hope of making a splendid match…unless, that is, someone finds out about a certain scandalous episode in her past. But wicked Jareth Darby, the shameless rogue who led her astray, is safely out of the country, or so Eloise thinks, until he suddenly turns up--as impossibly handsome as ever--and intent on renewing their acquaintance. Jareth Darby cannot resist the deal proffered by his upstanding brother: an estate and the fortune to maintain it will be his if he can gain the forgiveness of every woman he's ever wronged! Jareth sets out to charm each one of them and meets with his usual success, until he approaches Eloise Watkin. All grown up and damnably beautiful, the green-eyed minx makes it perfectly clear that Jareth will have to earn every ounce of her clemency But what Jareth doesn't foresee is that the day will come when he'll want far more from Eloise than her pardon…he'll want her love.

Margaret SeBastian

THE AWAKENING OF LORD DALBY 1979 ISBN:0445044470 When the new Earl of Dalby took proud possession of the great estate of Beaumanor, he was under the illusion that he was total master of these vast holdings. Naturally when he discovered that a young lady named Penelope Sandringham, along with her mischievous younger twin sisters, had invaded his property, Dalby treated the trespassers with the harshness that they deserved. It was hate at first sight when the angry Earl confronted the unrepentant Penelope-and a devilish dilemma for both of them as each vowed to be the last to admit that their fiercely contested field of battle had been insidiously infiltrated by light-footed love.

BOW STREET BRANGLE 8/1977 ISBN:0445040408 Emily refused to listen to Denning, the man she loved, when he insisted that their betrothal be broken before Emily became the laughing stock of Regency society. Emily refused to listen to stern General Beresford, who declared that while Denning might be most amusing, he was also entirely unsuitable. Emily refused to listen to the rumors about Denning's "other life" among the lowlifes of London...his secret past and his scandalous present...his mysterious activities and unknown intrigues...Emily listened to one voice only---that of her own imperious, imprudent and imperiled heart.

BOW STREET GENTLEMAN 6/1977 ISBN:0445032316 A Most Unsuitable Suitor. At first lovely Emily Thorpe took the handsome Mr. Charles Denning to be a thief. Next she suspected this mysterious stranger to be a murderer. But soon she was sure he was guilty of an even graver sin: Mr. Denning was not a gentleman. Even worse, by now Emily was captive of a love that all right-thinking Regency society would condemn, and even Mr. Denning saw fit to reject. Faced with aristocratic prejudice on one hand, and a man's unbending pride on the other, Emily had only her wit, her wiles, and her headstrong heart to conquer both, in the most totally captivating Regency Romance of the year!

BYWAY TO LOVE 5/1980 ISBN:0449500446 Lovely young Sophie Sandringham knew whom she wanted to wed--Oliver Grantford, her childhood sweetheart. Happily, Oliver shared her desire. One obstacle stood in their path: Oliver's father, whose threat to strip Oliver of funds and future prospects stopped Oliver in his tracks--and spurred Sophie into action. With her twin sister Sarah, Sophie stole out of London on a mission to turn an aristocratic ogre into a doting father-in-law only to have her journey take a devilish turn with consequences no one could have predicted.

THE COURTSHIP OF COLONEL CROWNE 1/1978 ISBN:0445043512 He came, he saw, he was conquered. Though from old in years, Colonel Hugh Crowne was a veteran of the bloody wars against Napoleon. Now peace had come, and Colonel Crowne had come home to England to enjoy the rewards due him as a gallant officer and wealthy lord. Little did he suspect that his campaign of amorous conquest would carry him into conflict with an adversary who shattered his defenses and put his heart to rout, an opponent who refused to be taken by storm and who answered his most determined assaults with rapier wit and cannonades of prickly pride. Her name was Miss Julia Seaton, and she was a foe worthy of the most dashing gentleman's steel.

DILEMMA IN DUET 11/1979 ISBN:0449500039 It was difficult to say who was the more beautiful and enchanting--Sophie Sandringham or her sister Sarah. In fact, it was quite impossible. For Sophie and Sarah were as lovely a pair of identical twins as ever baffled their suitors, bewildered Regency society, and wreaked havoc with the rules of romance in a game of delightful deception that could win them their hearts' desires...Or else leave them playing double solitaire forever...

HER KNIGHT ON A BARGE 1979 ISBN:0445043997

THE HONORABLE MISS CLARENDON 1975 ISBN: 0515036048 Young Miss Cynthia Clarendon may have fallen upon difficult times--but never could she forget the aristocratic heritage of her distinguished family name. Even when she became governess to a family whose wealth could not buy them a title, she refused to bow her lovely head or humble her stubborn pride. How then could a mere gentleman's servant, no matter how handsome and charming and resourceful, make her heart beat too quickly for comfort, and her mind dance with impossible dreams?

A KEEPER FOR LORD LINFORD 2/1982 ISBN:0449502716 When Lady Gordon's lovely daughter, Ancilla made up her mind, it was most difficult to change it. And that spirited female had decided that young Lord Linford was an incompetent, graceless fool. As for Lord Linford, he had decided that Ancilla was a strange and enigmatic female, and promised himself to ignore her existence. But both of them had reckoned without the rascally and dashing Captain Wildish, who would stop at nothing to marry an heiress. When he decided to marry Ancilla, Lord Linford made some plans of his own...

LORD DEDRINGHAM'S DIVORCE 7/1978 ISBN:0445042486 When the wealthy and profligate Lord Dedringham and the young and beautiful Lady Caroline Colville wed, they both knew exactly what they wanted. Dedringham wanted a wife to share his name but not his life, and not stand in the path of the pleasures he passionately pursued. Caroline wanted a title worthy of her ambition, and a fortune to maintain her in the style to which she wished to become accustomed. Their agreement was complete, their marriage contract signed, their future seemed unclouded - until separately, secretly, shamefully, they both broke their most solemn vow. They fell in love with each other - and plunged headlong toward disaster

LORD ORLANDO'S PROTÉGÉE 5/1977 ISBN:0425034089 Elinor Stapleton was an actress in a provincial touring company--until a rake she had spurned trumped up a charge that landed her in gaol! Despite his distaste for the theater, Lord Orlando Gorth stepped in to make amends for his dasterdly friend.

MEG MILLER 3/1981 ISBN: 0425031918 She's a saucy baggage, forward wench, certainly not a lady! And dashing Adrian Rounceford is determined to have her on his own lighthearted terms! Little does he know that the "Peg Mannering" he had abducted is none other than Meg Miller, heiress disguised as shopgirl, now hopelessly compromised for life. Unless the Rounceford cousins can persuade her to marry one of them. "Never!" declared Meg...until Lord Marcus takes up the challenge of this damsel he can't resist!

MISS KEATING'S TEMPTATION 12/1981 ISBN:0449502260 Obtaining a voucher to Almack's was about as easy as obtaining an audience with the Queen. And the ladies in charge were about as merciful as dragons. But Miss Keating, whose heart quickened at mere thought of attending, managed a bit of fancy footwork and maneuvered her way in. Once there, she found herself the victim of a curious scandal. She also discovered Lord Blayde in the process, which was well worth her disgrace...

MISS LETTY 10/1977 ISBN:0445040874

MY LORD RAKEHELL 4/1977 ISBN:0445086114 When Tony Quarnell, the notorious Marquis of Montreat, otherwise known as Lord Rakehell among London's dashing young bucks and ladies of easy virtue, first met Elizabeth Brown, he saw her as an easy conquest, hardly worth the taking. When she first confronted this proud aristocrat, she thought him quite the most despicably arrogant, obnoxiously overbearing, and unfortunately attractive man she had ever encountered. He vowed to have her without further ado. She vowed to give him the surprise of his life.

THE PLIGHT OF PAMELA POLLWORTH 12/1980 ISBN:0449501191 For want of a cook true love was stirred. Actually, it was for a French chef that the lovely and honorable Pamela Pollworth was hunting. Since her family had moved to London they would be deeply embarrassed if they did not have a French chef in residence. that is why Pamela decided to call upon the Duke of Pevensey.

THE POOR RELATION 5/1978 ISBN:0445042222 Neither of these gentlemen had ever meet a young lady like Sophia, who believed that a woman's proper place was in the driver's seat, as she set out to teach the both of them some manners, and to learn in whose arms happiness lay...

THAT SAVAGE YANKEE SQUIRE! 1/1978 ISBN:0445041471 Never had Miss Fanny Aldingham encountered such a thoroughly unsettling and totally infuriating male as Jonathan Cooper!

THE YOUNG LADY FROM ALTON-ST. PANCRAS 12/1977 ISBN:0445041293 Miss Margette Milbank clearly had a long way to go to satisfy her mother's hopes for a dazzling match for Margette, and Margette's own mischievous desire to deflate the pomp and pomposity of London society. After all, who was Margette but a country Miss without wealth, rank, title or the artificial beauty favored by the aristocratic elite? As the blue-blooded ladies and hot-blooded gentlemen of the Regency swiftly learned, Margette was a young lady with a mind and a plan uniquely her the female eyebrows began to rise, handsome heads began to turn, and one by one the most sought-after hands and most arrogant hearts in the realm were offered to this bold creature who wanted only the best and knew the best way to get it...

Maura Seger

THE LADY AND THE LAIRD 6/1992 ISBN: 0373287275 Katlin Sinclair thought she had inherited a ancient Scottish castle. But Innishfarm was as nightmare: empty larders, runaway livestock, absent servants, even a resident ghost. Worst of all was her neighbor, Laird Angus Wyndham. The Sinclairs and Wyndhams had feuded for generations, and Katlin and Angus continued the tradition... When Angus met Katlin, she seemed fit only for London society. Yet, the courageous and headstrong woman soon had him in a quandary. Should he chase her from his family's rightful home -- or take her in his arms and never let her go?

Annemarie Selinko

DESIRÉE 1/1953 ISBN: 0688014488 Désirée Clary was a practical, shrewd girl form Marseilles when she met the shabby young gentleman with the electrifying dreams of empire. His name was Napoleon Bonaparte, and soon they were engaged to be married. But Napoleon's ambitions could be satisfied only by a woman as uninhibited and seductive as Josephine. He brook with Désirée, and lovesick, she fled the salons of Paris for her provincial home. Soon she met a huge, virile soldier who immediately fell in love with her. This man--the Count Bernadotte--became Désirée's husband and later Kind of Sweden. But even as Sweden's Queen, Désirée could not forget Napoleon. Finally, she caused a notorious international scandal by fleeing to the French emperor in Paris.

Anya Seton

MY THEODOSIA 3/1941 ISBN: 0449230341 She could have any man she wanted. But her father found Joseph Alston the best suited for his plans. So with unquestioning faith in his judgment, Theo left her Richmond Hill home to marry the wealthy and influential southern gentleman. Joseph was enchanted by the impetuous Theo and could forgive anything she did. But her new family wasn't as willing to accept her Yankee ways. For the first time in her life, Theo felt alone. Alone with a man she didn't really love. The once gay Theo longed for someone to relieve the boredom and isolation of her new life. Then dashing young Captain Meriwether Lewis appeared on the scene, and she began to see everything in a different light . . .

Ana Seymour

IRISH GYPSY 8/2002 ISBN: 051513385X Eamon Riordan had never been so angry -- or so intrigued. Mere hours after his horse was stolen, he happened upon a young gypsy girl with flame-colored hair and icy blue eyes. Quite obviously, she was the thief-a charge she never denied. She just picked up a rock...and aimed for his head...Seven years later, Eamon once again crosses paths with the bold, beautiful lass when she is hired to tutor his clever young nephew. He is sure she obtained the position under false pretenses. After all, what would a wild-spirited gypsy know of sums and schoolbooks? But despite his misgivings, Eamon can't deny that he's falling under her spell--even as it becomes very clear that she has something to hide...

Janette Seymour

EMMIE'S LOVE 1/1981 ISBN: 0671831291 Emmie Dashwood was left only one family treasure: magnificent, innocent beauty. She was sold as a wife to an aged Canadian general, a crony of her libertine grandfather who engineered wanton orgies from his sickbed. . . Taken as a prize of flesh, time and time again, by American Indians, French fur trappers, Irish soldiers, and upperclass Englishmen who dared her to tell. . Hounded for life by Snakey, the "gentleman" slave trader who lost her at the moment he almost had her. . . Man after man craved careless pleasures from her, but only one man ever truly cared. . . Nathan Grant, a sea captain whose love for her survived the battle's clamor on an angry sea, sailing from America to England and back again, always wanting, always waiting, never for a moment surrendering a deep desire for. . . Emmie's love.

PURITY'S ECSTASY 2/1978 ISBN:0671819437 Once the ruggedly handsome Mark Landless rescued her from the horrors of the French Revolution, found her a place in England's highest aristocracy, and claimed her trembling heart as his own. Now he was held captive by Mediterranean pirates - and only Purity could set him free! But the villainous masked pirate, El Diablo, had other plans as did the sultry Azziza, the Corsair queen of the Mediterranean. Though their treachery and debauchery threatened unending peril for Purity, she would gladly risk their worst - to be reunited with the one man whose touch set her world asunder and her soul aflame!

PURITY'S PASSION 12/1977 ISBN: 0671810367 She was Purity, a maddeningly beautiful woman who wanted to save herself for the one man she had always loved, the man who rescued her from the horror of the French Revolution, who found her a place in England's highest aristocracy...

PURITY'S SHAME 6/1978 ISBN: 0671821245 The fervour that blazed across the pages of Purity's Passion and Purity's Ecstasy now sweeps Purity to the consummate moment of her star-crossed destiny. From a French Chateau to a mansion on the Potomac, through the crime-ridden slums and reeking jails of regency London to the splendours of a royal coronation, from the arms of one lustful deceiver to the next, she follows her dreams of undying love - ever seeking her beloved Mark Landless, who desires her above all else in the world!

Miranda Seymour

COUNT MANFRED 1976 ISBN: 0091263700 Sweeping from Newgate Abbey, deep in the English countryside, through a Europe reeling from the Napoleonic rampage, to Greece, fighting to free itself from the Turks, here is the story of Lucy Emerton's desperate struggle to rescue Lord Byron's soul from the clutches of Lord Ruthven, a man as utterly malign as he is mysterious.

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